Hugh Freeze: “Thou shalt not call an escort service…”

Hugh Freeze
August01/ 2017

Hugh Freeze: “Thou shalt not call an escort service…” on your school’s cellphone.

It has always been easy – and trite – to compare Sports and Politics.

Both are highly competitive… involving large emotionally-charged partisan “fan bases”… who will immediately gravitate to whichever version of TRUTH fits their agenda… steadfastly defending that convenient TRUTH against vicious assault by their scurrilous opponents armed with their own fantasied version of unassailable TRUTH.

There are only Two Types of Big Time College coaches and/or “politicians”…

(1)  Yours… and

(2) All those no-count,  lyin’, cheatin’ sons o’ bitches,

Into this TRUTH arena today we have former Ol’ Miss Football Coach Hugh Freeze… and US Senator John McCain.

I grabbed that juicy story on Dimple The Nitwit in Charlotte; so I am graciously letting AgentPierce discuss John McCain. He is going to later this week.


How closely have you followed the tabloidy soap opera involving Ol’ Miss Football?  I suspect not all that closely.

“We” have that gloriously raging dumpster fire not-so-affectionately labeled UNCCH’s The Great Unpleasantness (TGU), a.k.a “Greatest Eligibility Scam in NCAA History”.  It is difficult to muster interest in anyone else’s “raging dumpster fires” be it Louisville, Ol’ Miss or whoever.

“Raging dumpster fires” involving Power Five Football / Basketball programs are like “grandchildren”. Everyone has them, but no one else’s are quite as “special” as yours.

I pride myself on nicknames and obtuse analogies. This one “dumpster fires” to “grandchildren” is an immediate all-time favorite.

Quick Summation of Ol’ Miss Mess… Ol’ Miss Football emerged out of decades old SEC mediocrity 5-6 years ago when an unknown former high school coach – Hugh Freeze – had a couple of OMG recruiting classes. “Overnight” Freeze’s Rebels were beating Alabama.

No way THAT happens without “rampant cheating” of course…. Booster slush funds et al all the standard SEC “it ain’t cheating unless you get caught” crap.

EVERYBODY knew Hugh was cheating.  It was only a matter of times before it would go KABOOM.

Hugh got caught when one of his NFL-bound 5-star recruits bragged on national TV about “his sweet deal” at Ol’ Miss. Uh Oh!

One of Hugh’s weak defenses was “I’m not cheating but the guy here before me did…” Uh Oh. That guy – Houston Nutt – took offense at that. He hired lawyers to dig up dirt on Hugh.  They did pretty quickly.

Blind Side

Hugh Freeze had been Michael Oher’s coach at Briercrest Christian Academy in Memphis. Michael Oher of The Blind Side movie fame where Sandra Bullock was the hottie blond soccer mom and Tim NcGraw was her hubby who owned a bunch of Taco Bells.

Hugh Freeze built his reputation as a scripture-quoting Super Christian. That worked well for him with recruits’ mammas… until he got under the “take no prisoners” microscope of SEC Football.

Houston Nutt’s lawyers found phone records of scripture-quoting Hugh calling an escort service on his Ol’ Miss cellphone. Uh On!

Will these goobers EVER learn how computer / cellphone data can be traced?  No. They will never learn.

Hugh’s “oops, it was a misdial” excuse lasted less than hour before Ol’Miss fired him.

The immediate supposition being that there were A LOT of “oops misdials” and worse about to be revealed that Ol’ Miss officials knew about but hid; because, as we note above, Hugh was beating Alabama with some regularityGodfather

Universities not releasing supposedly public information on naughty coaches is akin to mobsters “taking the 5th”.

“Damn right, I’m guilty as I can be; but you can’t prove it… Ha Ha Ha!”

The world now has two camps.

(1) Oh Goody… another sex scandal at a Power Five sports program. With all the usual references and jokes about all of Rick Pitino’s sordid sex scandals… and, of course, Bobby Petrino crap too.

(2) Hugh Freeze is THE MOST Godly Man I Know camp. The Blind Side family – the Touhys – stand steadfastly by Hugh despite reports coming out about some kinky stuff Hugh was doing at Briercrest Christian Academy prior to Ol’ Miss.

(Both Houston Nutt and Bobby Petrino coached at Arkansas for those of you keeping score.)

Are you thinking…. “BobLee, doesn’t pretty EVERY college coach grab a Bible and start quoting scripture when “the video” / “call records” / “madam / pimp “ goes public?   Yes… pretty much all of’em do.

It is the first ploy their lawyer recommends after “Coach, you probably oughta wipe the lipstick stain off your shirt collar”.

Does it matter what scripture? Not at all.   No one pays attention knowing it is always the first ploy.

While the caught coach is quoting scripture, his lawyers are working feverishly to convince his very angry former-cheerleader -now mid-40-ish wife to “stand by him” in exchange for an iron-clad deal that she GETS EVERYTHING including the Lake House and all the jet skis.

Every SEC FB/MBB coach, and most ACC ones, all have “Lake Houses” with lots of jet skis. … Don’t know why. “Famous rappers” have lots of watches and gold chains with their initials in diamonds.

Why do dey do dat…quote scripture when they get caught? Because it always works with a segment of their obscenely naïve fan base.

It NEVER works with anyone outside their own fan base even when/if the guy actually is innocent and truly IS “a Godly man”. THAT will happen some day… maybe.

Are there ANY truly “Godly men” in Big Time College Sports (or politics?) ?  Probably… maybe… who knows?  Diogenes might wear out a lot of sandals looking for one.

Are there favorite scriptures they all use when caught literally and figuratively “with their pants down”?

Pretty much anything containing the words “forgiveness”… “remorse” … and “I swear she said she was 18”.

Will anything ever change with this crap?

Just as soon as human nature changes. That hasn’t happened in 5,000 years of recorded history but nothing last forever… does it?

When YOUR COACH gets caught and starts quoting scripture, YOU will believe him and aggressively defend him too. That is human nature too.

Which is why it is so much fun to write about it…


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