Standing in line at Ted Drewes

Ted Drewes
May29/ 2017

Every city and town in America has it’s much beloved “ice cream store”… and barbecue joint… and, in the case of my hometown Kinston NC, it’s beloved Confederate gunboat shipwreck.

In St. Louis that ice cream store ‘ne “frozen custard parlour” is Ted Drewes.

Yesterday, Sunday, was unseasonably warm in St. Louis so the Lovely & Talented Grace (L&TG) was standing in line to buy “a concrete” – Ted Drewes signature item. Just in front of her was a Midwest FFamilyamily of Four – right off of a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover.

Mom, Dad, son and daughter were each thumbing their iphones and excitedly telling each other “read this one… and this one…”

“Excuse me” asked L&TG. “What is going on?”

Immediately all four held out their Iphone 7 plus screens for her to see, and in unison exclaimed “IT’S HIM!”

L&TG’s eyes got big as pie plates. She was speechless. Staring back at her were four roguish images of the man L&TG had known all her life as “Uncle BobLee”. “That… that’s my Uncle BobLee!!”

It was the family’s turn to gape. When everyone had recomposed, the family – from nearby Kirkwood – were so impressed to meet “BobLee’s niece” that they treated her to her concrete.

“Mom and Dad, Lily and Jack will NEVER believe this” L&TG thought as she drove home with her Ted Drewes concrete.

Just one such story happening all across the Greater St. Louis SMSA… all up and down The Big River from Memphis to Moline. With their beloved “Birds” in a late May swoon, Cardinals Nation was in need of “a hero”… had Stan The Man heard their prayers and delivered… Stan always delivered.

BobLee’s two most recent Redbird Rants have hit Cardinals Nation like a Big Mac blast into Busch Stadium’s leftfield upper deck… a/k/a Big Mac Land.

Redbird Rants2

MLB and those incessant charity/cause uniforms…

“…Mark my words. There’s a big brouhaha acoming if MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL keep doing these league-wide charity/cause promotions. What’s seems “worthy” to some ain’t gonna seem “worthy” to somebodies else…”


BobLee on Brockmire

.”…so I have this image of Lauren Shehadi and Joe Buck standing at urinals in a run-down gas station outside Morristown.”


117 miles upriver in the town of Hannibal MO a spectral figure dressed all in white rocked on the porch of the Clemens house. As he watched the loaded barges moving their goods to Memphis, New Orleans and beyond… he pondered… Mark Twain

“I wonder if the marvelousness of this new fellow – this BobLee – has been greatly exaggerated. They say he’s a bit of a wordsmith. I’d best be keeping my eye on him.”

And in the distance a barge pilot cried out “Mark – Twain” as he checked the channel depths of The Mighty Mississippi.

A New Day dawns in Fly-Over Country… in the shadow of The Arch.




Folks:  I am NOT going anywhere literally or figuratively.  I will still be RIGHT HERE (1) jousting with all the same windmills and (2) pummeling all the same dead horses… (3) pointing out all the emperors parading about in no clothes…

…. when this preliminary smoke clears with this new St. Louis gig, the only change will be my audiobook listening might suffer… from three books/week down to two.  Only so many hours in a day even in a Legend’s day.  I will be serving two audiences – Here and St Louis – each with their own priorities.  St. Louis Cardinals fans don’t care about TGU… and you don’t care about Kolten Wong’s elbow.  I’ll care about both.  I’m a big boy… I can handle both.

Ever mindful of the sage advice of George Armstrong Custer  on that Montana prairie in June 26, 1876 – “Take no prisoners!”


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