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Big Deal
May28/ 2017

BobLee’s Really Big Deal  … I was going to title this one – The Art of The Deal – figuring if Brer Kennel was snooping around it would give him apoplexy.  But I decided that would be unkind.


Since we last met here, a LOT of stuff has happened. Some of it you know about if you kept up with the comments on Dean Not A Deity and over 10,000 of you did.

10,000 is a LOT for an independent “wise guy with a website”.  Us rogues don’t have Big Media shilling for us. We just scratch and claw and somehow get along… for going on 20 YEARS. One incredible column after another and one day there’s over 2,000 of’em. Go figger.

Did Carolina Marry A Stripper is still #1 but this one and Pretty DownEast Women are neck/neck for #2. Thanks to all 10,000+ of you.

The highlight of the Dean Not A Deity column was both “That Damn Dan” and “Whistleblower” being worried about my safety over “you know where”. Bless their hearts. Did ya know that “Whistleblower” has moved out-of-state – not actually in WITSEC but it’s makes a better story to say that.

At their suggestion, I “kept my head on a swivel” and did make a visit to “Dean’s Wonderful World of Make-Believe” on Thursday. Prince Albert arranged Sanctary at a Sanctuary. I wore a Downeast Wood Ducks ballcap as a disguise. I not only returned safely but did NOT have the detached retina I got on my last visit “over there”.

BTW… with my latest glasses prescription… my corrected vision is BETTER than it was before the detachment. Only “how come” I can figure is having an Ordained Minister as a son-in-law comes with “miraculous benefits”. Who knew?

The above is NOT the BIG DEAL… The Big Deal is:

Over the years, I have been approached periodically about joining other website organizations. Keeping BLSays as an independent site, but “contributing” to other sites.

In 95% of cases it was either “HELL NO” or “Are you kidding me?” As hard as it may be for you to believe – I “don’t play well with others”. Probably why I like Jack Reacher books so much.

A few I did consider but one thing or another didn’t feel right. PLUS there is always “about The $$$” but actually that wasn’t the fly in the ointment. … ANYWAY…

Ten Days ago… The Offer I Could Not Refuse was presented and I Did Not Refuse It.

Redbird Rants2

Effective last Wednesday yours truly is the newest “contributor” to Redbird Rants – a leading fansite for St. Louis Cardinals Nation. It is a division of FANSIDED which is owned by Time/SportsIllustrated.

ClydesdaleNothing in writing but the possibility of a Clydesdale pony named Internet Legend was hinted at.  Wouldn’t THAT be cool

Raise your hand if you thought I might join John Skipper’s embattled Bristol CT operation. You know Skippy went to UNCCH don’t you? I don’t see any hands raised out there.

You know UNC… that embattled Southern Ivy that is now telling the NCAA…

“whatever we said before doesn’t matter because our latest high-priced lawyers cost more than those other ones… and these guys want us to obfuscate and stutter and stammer and prattle on until everyone is sick and tired of this crap and just gives up… so here we go…”

Why Redbird Rants? Obviously, I have salient thoughts about “my Cardinals”. Being 823 miles from The Arch I offer a different perspective from the locals.

When I say GAME SIX to you people, you say “Huh?”. When I say GAME SIX to Cardinals fans they all have a personal David Freese anecdote.

Help me remember that with 11 World Championships, no one refers to The St. Louis Cardinals as “a sleeping giant”. Bwhahahaha…

MILLIONS in CardinalsNation up and down The Big River are in for a treat. CNR, who grew up a clubhouse boy for The Gashouse Gang, has already warned’em BobLee is in The House.

There IS a “board monkey” faction within such a MONSTER fan base but I don’t forsee a problem. Pro fans are passionate but, other than with “the hated Cubs”, the “hated rivals” aspect does not dominate the fan base’s every waking thought… like it can do in some collegiate environments that will remain nameless!

Second-guessing the owner – the GM – and the manager are every day issues. Two consecutive losses and it ls time to “clean house”. Owner Bill DeWitt’s unwillingness to offer more than $50,000,000 to an 18 y/o Cuban wunderkind last week created some discord.  I was, of course, the calm voice of reason in the storm.

I have five “incredibly insightful columns” up on the RR site already. The link will always be here on BLSays columns for those who care to “check’em out”. The columns will all have a Cardinals connection but they will still be about abject Human Foolishness like these are.

This Pretty Big Deal will have a very positive impact on this Ye Olde Website. The FANSIDED guys are for-real SEO experts which I have looked for for quite some time.

Implementing their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques will be a big help to my ultimate objective here.Thelma Louise

STOP America (& Earth) from going “Thelma & Louise”. Or, at least, go hurtling over the cliff with a big YEEEE HAA.


BTW… AgentPierce got VERY jealous over the SUPER SUCCESS of Dean Not Deity and has HIT A HOMER in his latest incredible opus. When it comes to pissing off large groups of humanoids, Pierce has few peers.

Here is Redbird Rants … Check it out. The Home Page as well as My Archives.

My Incredible Columns – LINK  …….   Other Redbird Rants Stuff (LINK)



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Welcome to the dark side BL. We’ve been waiting for you. I can’t believe I’ve gotten 4 columns behind. That should eliminate the last vestige of work ethic I possess. Good. I look forward to seeing your columns about the Cards. I have a treasured coworker/lifelong Cardinals fan who I’m certain would find you a hoot.

Robert Kennel
Robert Kennel

BL, assuming you have integrity, you should split that $5 from NCSU’68 with me. I’m back because of your RedBird announcement which only you knew would be announced before 1 June while ’68 was probably counting on some Baseball NCAA controversy after 1June.
Actually read the Agent Pierce column and understood the alt right sympathies exposed in there. I just refuse to believe that BL and AP can exist in the same mind ?

Robert Kennel
Robert Kennel

Dear BL. I’m back, because you are back in the arena where we first met. Sincere congratulations on your RedBird schtick !! Good news on your eyeballs as well. That’s a prescious gift that we too often take for granted. I’ve been reading if not responding because I really do like you as a down-east valued friend, We can joust between New Bern and Kinston values as well as State-Carolina and Cards-Dodgers (you did notice Dodgers took 2 of 3 last week ?). We’ll see what happens in the 4-game series in St Louis this week. Of course you have… Read more »


Game six either means two out and two strikes, or Ray Allen hits a buzzer-beating three, depending on where your fandom lies. There are Texas ties to both. 😉

In all seriousness, congratulations!


At 7AM this fine morning over eggs, country sausage, hash browns and coffee at Grumpy’s in MHC (almost da beach) Brer Hubert and I discussed several issues of the day. Like for instance PDEW’s and what we’d do with the current 1997 models roaming AB & EI this year and finally concluding the math was not in our favor anymore. About the same odds as hitting a 95 mph fastball EVER. OK I must admit this sorry discussion was not up there with your RR’s but WTH it was interesting theory. Congratulations. I know it will be fun for you… Read more »


Good news….BL Was up early for church and randomly clicked here. Glad you are getting the national recognition so befitting you…which is what I think that DJT once said, so be careful. Also glad that you FINALLY understand the sanctity of the color RED. Now, when you visit your doting fans on you weekly trip to St. Louis in your soon to be acquired corporate Jet, TGUUY1, you can wear the sacred color. I MUST also comment on the small white round ball that requires 18 players and a crew of visually challenged individuals dressed in black…I WILL give credit… Read more »