Watching Baseball is My Happy Place

May20/ 2017

St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball is my happy place. If it is yours too we’re going to have some fun.

I’m “the new guy” at Redbird Rants but I’m far from new to the St. Louis Cardinals. In the weeks and months to come you will learn more about me than you can imagine.  It’s the curse of those of us who “open a vein and let our blood drip on the page”  to paraphrase old-timey sportswriter “Red” Smith.

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As the bio behind my by-line above reveals… although living in Raleigh NC – 823 miles from “the shadow of The Arch;” I watched 154 Cardinals games last season and all but six innings so far this season via  …Dude, you need A LIFE!

I “have a life” in a country and a world irreparably divided by all sorts of in-civil differences. Those differences are not going to heal in my lifetime.  They are probably going to get worse.

St Louis Cardinals Baseball is “My Happy Place”.  For 2.5-3 hours for 162+ days I just “enjoy baseball.” Those other 21 hours per day are not nearly as much fun although I am blessed with good health, a loving family and a cadre of good friends.

I prefer “my Cardinals” win every game. I am old enough to have watched Stan The Man (Stan Musial) and heard Dizzy Dean calling The Game of The Week with Pee Wee Reese.   I know best case scenario “my Cardinals” will lose 60 games…. if that’s all, they will likely be NL champs.

When “our Cards” win I whoop CARDS WIN CARDS WIN.  When “our Cards” lose I mutter “aww crap.” In both cases I’m usually fast asleep within twenty minutes. My self-worth is NOT tied to Brett Cecil or Jonathan Broxton serving up gopher balls.  Good thing, huh?

I’m out here in the hinterlands but very proud to be a part of CardinalNation. I get goosebumps over “The Arch,” and those beautiful “Birds On The Bat” unis …and my vivid memories of GAME SIX.

If you do too…. We are going to share some laughs and maybe a few nostalgic memories in the days to come. GO CARDINALS!


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