Larry Fedora’s Brass Ring Season…. PLUS

Brass Ring
September05/ 2016

Is Larry Fedora’s Brass Ring Season already imperiled? Does the ascending career of “the barber’s son from College Station” now come down to October 1st on the hallowed greensward of Doak-Campbell Stdium?

NOTE: Trudge thru this early silly crap. There is an OMG re: The Great Unpleasantness waiting for yoBearded Fedorau down below…

Will that outcome on October 1 determine if Larry Fedora becomes a Top Tier Coach at a For Real Football School ….. or simply a well-paid pretender at one of innumerable “sleeping giants”.

Was “Larry losing it” on the sidelines Saturday…. coupled with his bungling of Beckman-gate evidence of a frantic desire to impress The Big Boys of College Football?


A prominent UNC Insider asked me this weekend why Fedora hasn’t seemed to “catch on” with the UNC fan base.  He noted several reasons including UNCCH’s 65% coed ratio… the overt “Liberal thing”… the “aluminum thing”… TGU… “the Times”… et al.

IF that is the case… I credit “the times” with all the other factors being part of it.  I mean no aspersions to Fedora at all; but, like The Butcher, he doesn’t know – or much care – how many Choos in Choo Choo.  Unlike Basketball, UNC FB is no truly ambitious coach’s “dream job”.  That can be said for 75% of ACC FB gigs.  They are “nice prom dates” but you don’t marry them.


Could a questionable official’s call on a lineman downfield be the nail lost in a shoe that …. and …. and …. and …. and determines the forseeable future of a man… a program… an embattled institution… a backfence rivalry… at least two Power 5 conferences… yea verily perhaps the future of College Football As We Know It ??? …. OK… maybe not quite that significant. …. I need to switch to decaff for my 2nd cup. Ya think?

Did Saturday’s albeit respectable loss to Georgia – the 2nd in two years, on Opening Day, on national TV, to “an SEC power” – coupled with a bowl game rout by a Big 12 power – tell the Powers That Be in College Football’s Pantheon that Larry Fedora is simply a very good coach …. at the AAA level.

BUT NOT a man capable of handling the reins of a Really Big Time Program?

The Miracle of Hattiesburg showed he could win in the hinterlands. His past several years beating up on the whozits of the Cupcake Division of a Basketball Conference showed he can take his’n and beat their’n. When both his’n and their’n are 3-star leftovers after the Big Boys have feasted on the Biggest – Strongest – Fastest. ….. BUT can Larry Fedora go week-after-week-after-week against The Nicks and The Urbans and ….. prevail?

Is a Big Time Program willing to gamble $5,000,000 per…. when the record shows Larry has yet to Win A Big One? Can Larry fill 100,000 seats six times a Fall when he can’t even fill 60,000 amid the lofty pines?

Fat Cats from LSU, aTm, Baylor, Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State, maybe even Oklahoma could all be on the prowl within the next few weeks.   How many “short lists”, if any, will include Larry Fedora?

Despite UNC’s Blue Zoners willing to throw their trust fund bucks at Indoor Practice Facilities and lockerrooms so blingy they would make a pimp blush…. When a Fedora-led team steps out into the Bright Lights of a Big Stage, history shows they cower…  and come up short.  Scoreboards Don’t Lie.

Will “the barber’s son from College Station” be content to labor forever in the shadows… playing local rivals equally destined (and desperate) for unrequited glories.

When The Football Gods gather to relive Great Moments, neither TA’s knee, Gio’s Punt Return nor Spurrier’s Scoreboard Picture get mentioned. There’s a reason why.

Is “beating State & Duke more often that not” enough for Larry?  That choice – alas – is not Larry’s to make.

But BobLee what about “his long term contract”?  Silly rabbits.  A “long term contract” is no more an obstacle to a Real Football School’s Fat Cat than “eligibility” was for UNC MBBers for twenty years. If they want him… they will come and take him. ….. The question is:

Q:  Will a For Real Football School WANT Larry Fedora?

A:  Not until he proves he can look into the Brightest of Light…. and not blink.

October 1 in Doak-Campbell is Fedora’s only remaining chance in the forseeable future to prove he can do THAT.

Stay tuned.



I promised you a heretofore not widely-known factoid about The Great Unpleasantness i.e. TGU….

Anyone reading this considers him / her / it’s self an expert on all things TGU. OK, you can’t spell Nygang’oro correctly but you are solidly dug-in on whichever side you are aligned with. You know what you know and you know that must be The Truth because you know it…. BUT did you know that:

UNCCH’s AfAm paper-class scam was NOT created… as a jock eligibility scam.

WHAT you scream! Heresy! Sacrilege! Off with the head of the Internet Infidel…. CHILL all you trigger-happy knee-jerking lynch mobbers.

I said “was not created for” that specific purpose. Certainly it WAS EMPLOYED extensively as a (dumb or simply lazy) jock eligibility scam for most of those 20+ years… and whatever “rot in the fiery pits of Hell” restitution is due for that malfeasance is indeed due and payable…

The AfAm paper classes were created because two members of the UNC Board of Trustees in the late 80s had wayward sons who were wastrel louts teetering on the brink of academic dismissal from their daddies’ hallowed alma mater. The willing victims of way too much Fraternal frivolity….

The AfAm paper classes were instituted at the insistence of two UNC Trustees’ to save their loutish sons’ sorry asses with undeserved credits.

Now… within a year or so, news of the bogus courses became common knowledge and were quickly employed by the notorious duo of Deborah Crowder and Burgess Swain for Dean’s less academically-inclined student-athletes…. and the rest will be a part of Damn Dan Kane’s obituary and the grist for countless scandal mills for eternity and beyond.



Paul FinebaumI assume you all have heard about ESPN’s latest jack-booted thuggery. Last week Paul Finebaum – the face of  ESPN’s SEC Network – dared to question the legitimacy of Colin Kaepernick’s Star Spangled martydom. Finebaum dared comment on-air whether police brutality against blacks was as epidemic in America as Kaepernick claimed.


WHAMMO! …. ESPN’s radical left-wing zealot CEO John Skipper (UNC’75) immediately dispatched his John Skipper ESPNjack- booted enforcers to Finebaum’s SEC studio in Charlotte …. and within 48 hours a humbled contrite Paul Finebaum mouthed an on-air apology for his sacrilege.  …. while blinking in Morse Code – Skipper threatened my family.

Let no one dare to question ESPN’s (and John Skipper’s) savage mockery of freedom of speech and journalistic integrity. This sort of unmitigated crap will increase exponentially in the weeks / months to come.




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