Kickoff 2016

September02/ 2016

KickoffBig Time Football 2016 kicks off this weekend…. Simultaneously with the final 60 days of the latest Most Important Election in Our Nation’s History.  Dwelling on #2 is like watching a Doomsday clock ticking down.

I don’t mean to demean the OMG importance of “Another Football Season” or “Another Critical Election”. Both over-flowing with muey partisan huffing and puffing… chest-thumping… cries of THEY’RE CHEATING… rampant hypocrisy… “they’re all a buncha ______”… etc etc etc.

Turning to the hypocrisy waste dump of BT College Football to escape Politics… is like using meth to lose weight.  There’s gotta be a better alternative. …. bonsai trees? …. a salt-water aquarium? …. yoga?

When I discourse on how “watching a Cardinals’ baseball game” is my 3-hour escape from “all the other crap”…. so certainly is Football in America both Big Time College and The NFL. When The Kaepernick Kaper mingles those two… a nation teeters on The Abyss.

It is human nature to enjoy watching “competition” with a defined winner and loser whether it is a game / a book / a movie or whatever…. We enjoy projecting ourselves into that faux-combat and rooting for our definition of “the good guys”.

If our choice of “good guys” do prevail… we take immediate vicarious pride in that. If not, we either distance ourselves from their ignominous plight… or make excuses on their behalf and gird our loins for the next opportunity to, hopefully, prevail.

In “America” nothing quite matches that like Big Time Football. The physical stages are so much larger than other sports plus the shorter length of the season is such that “every game is critical”.

One of the hosts of reasons I prefer Baseball is I know from the get-go that “my team” will lose at least 60 games. Losing “a game” is not devastating because there is another one tomorrow… and the next day. Now it is September and each baseball game gains added importance for teams “still in contention”.

Being a player or fan of teams no longer “in contention” is a circumstance to be avoided if possible but ultimately is unavoidable. Being “mathmatically eliminated” is a fate we all face in various ways well beyond sports. I can look in the mirror and realize I have been “mathematically eliminated” from being a MLB shortstop… or the next Chuck Norris… or… or.

On Labor Day Weekend, no one’s dearly beloved is mathematically eliminated… YET.   Every fan base boasts that every school but us… cheats.   The love affair with the back-up QB begins at halftime.  Not to mention those dreams of Christmas In Shreveport.

For Football teams and their fans with even a whiff of a chance at “a dream season”, each week’s contest is CRITICAL. FansMaybe one loss does not spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R but “one” means “two” is possible or even “three” or “four”. For “fans” of politics (and there actually are such sad souls) theirs is a One Game Season.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) I was surfing my Twitter feed and saw one from StateFanNation already bleating about “we’ll still have more fans in C-F than “those cheaters” over at UNC….” Yawn. Here we go again… and again… and again.

I “get” the on-going frustration over TGU because it is still and forever more an open-file…. But the “aluminum thing” is so worn out. Whats next? UNC board monkeys countering with “tractor / amphibious jokes”? Aaaaiiieee!

Battling board monkeys will always and forever duel one another on the most base level imaginable. It is who they are. It is what they do. I suppose I should take comfort in that oh-so-predictable aspect of human nature.


As has become my custom over the past several years… I will suppress my loathing of the ever-increasing hideous hypocrisy of Big Time College Football both locally and nationally (and my even greater loathing of all things ESPN.) and simply enjoy the on-field drama each weekend…

I have no plans for any in-stadia experiences this Fall. But I respect the right of the rest of you to delight in doing so. Do we need an Amendment (or at least a t-shirt) guaranteeing you that right?

This Opening Weekend certainly has more than its share of “Big Match-ups”. It actually may be The Greatest Opening Weekend in The HISTORY of College Football. What would BTCF be without Hyperbole?

Do I need to assemble all our families’ big-screens and not-so-big screens into one Command Center where I can work remotes with both hands to not miss any action?   If I do “miss any action”…. So what? OK, I will settle for one screen and one remote.

The bigger issue for me is “my Cardinals” play Saturday afternoon on requiring me to leave “cable” for Switching back/forth from to cable requires two other remotes…. a total of three remotes ??? And you thought YOU had problems.

I “almost” contacted Bre’r Kennel last night to learn where, if anywhere, his Wolfpack were viewable in their inter-divisionable battle with William&Mary. I finally figured out it was on that computer TV thingy.  There was some techno-issue with buffering of the cable feed on ACCN and what little I watched the video and audio were annoyingly out of sync.

Have I mentioned that UNCCH notorious gasbag – Gene Nichol – was fired as Prez of W&M for a lengthy list of really stoopid crap?  You all do know that, right?

Congrats to “da Pack” for now being only five W’s short of bowl-eligibility.  We can expect tweets until 5:30 Sat night touting that State (and Wake Forest) has won one more game than UNCheats? If The Fedorians do beat UGA, that line of snark will go dormant for a few weeks… to be replaced by 24/7 implications that the “paper classes” are still going on. They aren’t, but there ARE other areas of vulnerability “over there”.

Fedora’s Football Factory (FFF) must now deal with a fickle fan base that has gotten a taste of “big time” success. Dupicating / exceeding last year’s “almost dream season” is a given expectation… especially if Larry is hell-bent to grab his career brass ring. I believe he is so inclined but I have no “inside info” to back that up.

A USAToday report says his (Fedora’s) overt-bungling of Beckman-Gate has already hurt him with both Texas AM and Baylor “officials”. Uh Oh!

I hope you live/die State fans will not be offended that I cannot name a single player on this year’s NCSU team. Is there still “a Plumlee” around? Oops, wrong local program. I can name “maybe” three players from FFF. I’m sure I will get acquainted with various “student-athletes” as Fall progresses especially the ones who get arrested for whatever. … or who want to be Kaepernick wannabees. Expect “those copycats” to emerge for sure.   FWIW…. I keep forgetting the Democratic VP nominee too.

With so many “playoff contenders” playing legitimate opponents in Week One, there are certain to be some shattered dreams aplenty across the fruited plains. That will mean multiple “hot seats” for the HCs of those once vanquished “playoff contenders”.


I posed a question in that last column:

If Franklin Street Loonies DEMAND of Chancellor Chihuahua that UNC stop playing The National Anthem at sports events.  How would the UNCCH powers that be – Chihuahua / BOT / Fat Cats – respond?

ABCers’ answer to that is a given. Me? I would have a field day enjoying the FUROR that would create. You know I do so enjoy FURORs and CHAOS.




  • GoPacker Reply
    9 months ago

    The Russian National Anthem is probably preferred in Kenan anyway.

    • BobLee Reply
      9 months ago

      That is an easy MISconception. The Chapel Hill community and certainly the UNC Faculty overflows with radical left-wing lunatics – HOWEVER – Kenan Stadium crowds have ALWAYS been very positive in regards to National Anthem behavior – appreciation of fly-overs – and recognition of ROTC and other military personnel. I do understand how that might surprise anyone who broadbrushes UNC fans by the well-deserved reputation of the local lunatic faction.

      • Doug Reply
        9 months ago

        Like that BLS is not a “safe space” for comments better suited for partisan echo chambers, aka message boards. There is plenty to criticize on how the university has mishandled and employed situational ethics prior to and since 2010. Both ABC detractors and blind UNC pride are equally insidious infections. But “they” don’t seem to hang around here for very long. 😀

        • BobLee Reply
          9 months ago

          I try… 😎

  • WHeyward Johnson Reply
    9 months ago

    A new term for “those people” from the “Urban Dictionary”

    September 2
    Here’s Your Word of the Day…

    porch dog

    A person who frequently attacks others in speech or writing, but who poses no intellectual threat whatsoever. The motivation of this type of person can usually be accurately construed as a desire to be obnoxious and offensive.

    Origin: The phrase “porch dog” is used to refer to dogs that sit on front porches and bark (vigorously and fruitlessly) at passersby, but who pose no physical threat.

    Yeah, that guy has a scathing response to just about everyone who posts in this forum. He’s a real porch dog.

    • BobLee Reply
      9 months ago


  • NCSU68Grad Reply
    9 months ago

    How do I drive thee crazy? Let me count the ways….or the whatever they are. SMILE 🙂

    The CK comparison is NOT fair….I don’t have a spare Million bucks to give to NCSU to prove that I am True Red. If I did, I would have a prime motor home parking spot and be in the Vaughn, rather than Section 26.

    I personally did NOT hear UNC mentioned last night at CF. Our OWN Mr. Finley had a good night and we did not have to scramble under Vaughn Towers to wait out a Thunder Boomer.

    I would add that our “OTHER” AD, Mr. Purcell, Exec Director of the WPC presented Dr. Woodson’s AD with a check for about $11,700,000 or so. THAT money is NOT used for coach’s salaries, but is used for Scholly’s. We would have MORE athletes taking advantage of that save the Legislature’s little skullduggery in that the Athletes have to PAY Out of State Tuition if they are NOT NC residents. But, at least the Wolfpack Club is supporting Academics….and MOST attend class….so it is NOT wasted. We are NOT feathering the nests of the coaches. The WPC also raises money for capital projects. The Snoopy Blimp building and the Reynolds Coliseum remodeling are examples of that. Are YOU going to the grand opening? BK will be there….as will I.

    YES, we did beef up some weight rooms and add in more USB (high capacity for iPads) charging stations. Smoothie machines? Don’t know.

    You are the supreme deleter……and if my veboseness goes too far, then delete me. My corporate lawyers used to pull my presentations and scrub my PC. They laughed at my jokes and also my “fill in” slides as well as the audience….but said they could not allow my tongue in cheek humor to be part of the published record. We had one Environmental Field rep that put a zinger in a clean-up report and we lost a liability appeal case due to his “frivolity”. THAT really cramped my style….but I would go off the reservation a bit and then look for the suits coming to defile my hard drive. My Clinton White House Voice Mail Greeting is still a classic and even, after retirement, I get comments about it.

    Your comments about the potential relocation of The Hat are fascinating. How will the UNC Fans take this? Will they march on Franklin Street and call for the resignation of the little blue Smurfette? Will they burn a light blue effigy with suitable UNC Logo accessories at the old Well?

    As one fan said, we did MUCH better than Coach G did last year in HIS preseason Cup Cake opening.

    Political trivia for you (and others that made it this far)….Have you NOTICED that the Pat McC spot – NC Teacher’s Pay Averages $50K has THREE footnotes. N&O; Charlotte Observer; & WRAL. WOW….Jimmy G. must be fuming. Laura (new TG hair style) Leslie hemmed and hawed and never really was able to EXPOSE it. Pat McC skoffed, on air, at one of the MSM’s questions….”We had several independent Accounting Firms research this and the data is solid. NC Teachers are making more and they will continue to make more….”. Nothing like footnoting the hand that is trying to pull a big Julie maneuver on you….

    What will the colors be in the ATL stadium tomorrow night. I’m betting about 75% RED….how much Aluminum?

    Final footnote….my best (statistically significant) estimate was that there was about 90% or so crowd at CF last night….despite the weather and the holiday weekend. Maybe 85% at the minimum. With the CLEAR BAG rule, there seemed to be less fans imbibing…..our Season Ticket Booklets have one page of Tickets; one page of parking passes; and about 10 pages (double sided) of RULES for entry, conduct, potty useage, etc. In addition, Bobby’s staff included a Clear Tote so that we complied with the NEW rules. Will the Loft Pines Kenan do such?

    • BobLee Reply
      9 months ago

      As we have discussed numerous times over the years, I have no problems with your verbose style of posting. If effective communication of a particular message was your intent, then succinctness might be more effective, but hey …. Yes, your “style” does bother some but I tell them to simply scroll over your posts. The Good Lord invented the Scroll Down Feature for a reason.
      All of life’s minor irritants should be so easily resolved. Of course I do have an advantage over the rest of this audience. I have those Navaho code-breakers on retainer. So far they are thru the first three paragraphs of this one.

  • Bob Kennel Reply
    9 months ago

    BL, surprisingly good game and good weather at Carter-Finley last night. W&M have a good offense (line, QB, receiver, and runner). State ‘s defense hung tight. State’s offense could be very good. Except for several bonehead plays and fears of weather, it would have been a just about perfect night. With your Kinston buddy in front of us. I kept wishing you had not self- imposed your live-game ban.
    Delayed going to Kennel’s Beach today because eye of Hermine directly above us now
    Will go in morning. Elaine and Jennie with knee and foot surgeries both say Hi.
    Interesting politics as well. All I’m going to say here 😉😞😠😂

    • BobLee Reply
      9 months ago

      Still trying to get Kid to contact Jennie re: USA Gymnastics. Never shoulda told her Jennie was your sister. 🙂 … Figured you ordered your tics for ACC Championship Game by halftime last night. I see UNC v UGA as a pick’em.

  • Colonel Batguano Reply
    9 months ago

    You’ll have to hear “aluminum” about 1,000 more times before you can match the number of times I’ve heard “amphibious.” 😉 On a far more serious topic, please install an “ignore” feature with your fancy new site software so I can deploy it on “you know who.” It is not hyperbole to say that just the thought of having to scroll past his “egocentric, unreadable rants to nowhere” sometimes prevents me from coming here to enjoy your site.

    • BobLee Reply
      9 months ago

      Aluminum versus Amphibious … TOUCHE! Point made. 🙂 …
      JUST SKIP OVER HIM! Hey, he’s one of “you people”. Think of him as The Colin Kaepernick of Commentors i.e. He has “a right”. I consider him “my Paul Finebaum caller”. Our own “Ernest T. Bass”. A bit of eccentricity never hurts. FWIW… you are not alone in your frustration. “He” really drives Albert crazy. 🙂

  • Doug Reply
    9 months ago

    Calling Triangle football BTCF is a stretch at least in the last 50 years or more. Dave Doreen telling Pack how tough the Bil & Mary’s Tribe will be, is like Hitler telling his SS troopers preparing to invade France how tough it will be to defeat the French Army and march into Paris.

    Meanwhile, twixt-and-tween the shifting dunes stretching from Myrtle Beach to Duck, reporters getting rained on in goofy looking storm gear whilst standing ankle deep in the surf are telling us about Hermine and how treacherous conditions are and advising is mere mortals to not venture out “there” while standing right smack dab in the middle of where they’re telling you to stay away from. I’ve never, ever, wished for a 20′ wave to to wipe one of those idiots out. 😎 Not ME!!

    • BobLee Reply
      9 months ago

      So not a big fan of Jim Cantori (sp?) Huh? Many on Franklin Street are convinced their Sleeping Giant has opened one eye!

  • Wes88 Reply
    9 months ago

    I’m going out on a limb and saying UNC-Charlotte can forget Christmas In Shreveport. OUCH!

    • BobLee Reply
      9 months ago

      OUCH is right! Being the “14” in a 70-14 does not impress bowl scouts. But AppState still has a chance.

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