BLS: One Sword of Damocles “Lifted” from UNCCH…

Sword Damocles
June16/ 2016

UNC Old WellONE of Damocles’ Two Swords was lifted today from o’er the still haughty head of “that branch of The UNC system located in Chapel Hill” a/k/a UNC-CH. 

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (try to say THAT with a mouthful of saltine crackers!) has lifted its lingering probation over the beleaguered Chapel Hill institution.

While this news is certainly disappointing to both hard-core and casual AnybodyButCarolina (ABC) zealots, it was not surprising.

This “lifting” is NOT saying that UNCCH did not “do what it did”.

It IS saying that SACSCC is convinced that UNCCH is NOT “doing what it did” any longer….. and has no intentions of ever doing “what it did” again….. or at least not being caught if it does.

Today’s ruling also does NOT prevent any ABCer with an Internet connection or a loud voice from continuing to yell or type “UNCheats”…. “Swahili”…. or any other word or phrase association with The Great Unpleasantness.

Every ABCer has that “Inalienable Right” until (1) Hell Freezes Over; or (2) Ol’ Roy can whistle The Colonel Bogie March from Bridge Over The River Kwai while riding a unicycle.

FYI: This Inalienable Right To NEVER Let It Go is known as The I’m Amphibious Rule because…. well, you know why.

Had the now-lifted probation NOT been lifted and/or harsher sanctions been imposed, UNCCH would have been academically castrated down to Chapel Hill Community College.

That would have meant new letterhead, new business cards and a complete new campus-wide signage program. Needless to say everyone in Chapel Hill except the local printers and signage companies are rejoicing today.

re: That Other Sword….

Today’s news has absolutely NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to whatever The NCAA might or might not do or not do about The Great Unpleasantness….

Or what day “pigs might fly” and that finally be resolved.

ABCers’ hopes and dreams of rafters and banners coming down is still “on the table” and as likely or not as those dreams have ever been. Likewise possibilities of NCAA imposed sanctions on recruiting, post-season play, TV appearances and whether The Rat will ever reopen. All those possibilities are still “out there”.

UNCCH’s ability to continue recruiting “student-athletes” as obviously unprepared to do college-level academic work as the other Power Five schools are doing is not affected.  Hopefully they will not be quite like the ones Baylor was recruiting.

That afore-mentioned Inalienable Right of ABCers will remain inalienable when/if The NCAA Ruling ever comes down too.

That Damn Dan Kane will probably write an article about the above ruling today.…. and Dan will be cussed again by everyone in Chapel Hill because he did.Pretty Spellings

There IS an Unconfirmed Rumor circulating that a key provision in today’s “lifting” is that Margaret Spellings must be declared UNC System President For Life and anyone protesting her in any way must “eat a bug”.   That is still Unconfirmed….




Accrediting agency lifts probation for UNC

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — One of the lingering shadows from the academic scandal at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill lifted Thursday when Chancellor Carol L. Folt notified the campus community that UNC had fulfilled the terms of a one-year probation imposed by he Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

SACS, UNC’s regional accrediting body, asked university leaders to demonstrate over the past 12 months that changes implemented as a result of that scandal were working.

SACS’ review came after a report that found that UNC student-athletes were steered towards no-show classes by academic counselors for a period of 18 years from 1993 to 2011. Investigators found 169 student-athletes whose grades in such classes kept them eligible to play. Of the 169, 123 were football players, 15 were men’s basketball players, eight were women’s basketball players and 26 played in one of the Olympic sports.




FYI:  It only took “my buddy” Art less than twelve hours to taunt ABCers – “go bay at the moon” – over this announcement.  LINK.


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