WRAL Attack Dog “goes rabid”

Attack Dog
June15/ 2016

Last night (Tues) we cross-posted a Quirky News column here on BobLeeSays from AgentPierce.  It concerns an especially provocative social media situation involving a Triangle-area media personality…. and her views on The Orlando Tragedy.

WRAL Attack Dog Blames “those Crazy MFers with guns”.

It most definitely qualifies as “news” and is “incredibly insightful” for sure.

After “sleeping on it” I decided to remove the column itself from this site other than for this Teaser.  The full column in all it’s provocative glory is “going en fuego” over on AgentPierceSaid.   Thru AgentPierce and a buddy of his – The Daily Haymaker – the story has “gone national”.

By removing it here but “teasing you” about it I might have upped your curiosity factor.  If so…. simply

click this link and it will take you lickety-split to it.

Keeping “this site” non-political is impossible.  Impossible and impractical.  Politics has invaded every cell of the American cultural body and oozes from every pore and orifice.   That, of course, is the fault of the ubiquitous “they” because pretty much everything is “the ubiquitous they’s” fault.

If the above has not thoroughly confused you; reread it several more times until it has ….. thoroughly confused you.


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