….What Course Others May Take.

What Course Others
May04/ 2016

Patrick HenryParaphrasing Patrick Henry:  “I know not… what course others may take; but as for me …..” come November

I WILL be voting for the only available option preventing Hillary Clinton – and her cohorts – from “taking over America”.  That sole option, as of today, being Donald Trump.

Igniting the Yellowstone Caldera to blow it’s top is a more feasible Plan B than John Kasich (oops, forget that one!).  An 11th Hour Bozo Joe Biden Nomination, alas, still merits The Trump Option.

Some / many of you will steadfastly refuse to even consider “The Trump Option”.   Your choice, as I exercise mine… albeit reluctantly.

I appreciate your vociferous bone-deep dislike for Donald Trump for a whole host of understandable reasons.   I am familiar with The Top Ten Reasons many abhor Trump.  I will not debate to convince you otherwise.

Heck, Donald Trump is soooo outrageous that even though half the crap attributed to/about him are “liberal lies”, it is darn near impossible to tell “which half”.  Ouch!

Maybe if I type this in ALLCAPS it will convince you?  I see folks try that on the Internet all the time…. naaah.

Some of you did not vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 for One Reason – he is “a member of a cult” (??) being a Mormon.   Donald Trump is not a Mormon but he is certainly a bunch of other things quite “non-presidential”.   As un-presidential as Barack Obama.  As unpresidential as the quite diabolical Hillary Clinton too.Hillary Clinton

FWIW:  I have always considered Hillary Clinton much more diabolically evil than her amoral husband; but not nearly as “savvy smart”.  A frightening combination.

Being “presidential” and being in any way, shape, form or fashion representing the personal qualities you or I might assume exist in our political leaders has become as obsolete as “pay phones”.

As a result of many of you “staying home” in 2012; America has endured four more years of tyrannical reign by a Muslim-sympathizing, race-baiting, pathologically lying Socialist demagogue.  America may never recover from The Obama Regime at least not in my lifetime.  Certainly NOT if followed by The Clinton Gang.

If you do exercise your right to Not Vote in November because _________.  So be it.

Move to Costa Rica or New Zealand or simply “bitch 24/7” on Facebook and Twitter as The Great American Experiment expires after 250 years.  A relatively short duration as Great Civilizations go.

If enough of you do go that route:
Hillary Clinton WILL become POTUS…. the Supreme Court WILL become overwhelmingly radical Left-wing for decades to come…. and Congress / Senate could likewise become overwhelmingly radical Left-wing.

America’s descent to Hell in a Hand-basket will accelerate to warp-speed.  The sacrifices of GIs on Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima, Washington’s troops at Valley Forge et al having simply prolonged the inevitable.

IF that worst-case scenario does happen…. you will “blame” a laundry list of factors including, but not limited to, “the media” …. the GOPe…. talk radio…. God’s Wrath…. “bread & circus”…. “politicians” en masse…. millennials…. your clueless fellow Americans…. HB2…. fluoride in our drinking water…. the Luminati and/or The Free Masons…. and Eve taking a bite of that forbidden apple way back when. If I have omitted your favorite reason, feel free to insert it.

I have not been a “Trumpet” a/k/a “Trump supporter” nor have I been a vocal opponent of those who are.  In an ideal scenario I would have preferred Ted Cruz but “ideal scenarios” are always a myth.  I always knew I would vote for whoever among The 17 survived the primary gauntlet.

I am a vocal opponent / enemy of “Liberalism” especially as practiced by Hillary Clinton and her mob o’minions.

I view “Liberals” as a more direct toxic threat to The Survival of America than any other ideological socio-cultural faction on the planet including Radical Islam.

Alas, I really really dislike “the Republican Establishment” as represented by Boehner, McConnell, Rove, Graham, McCain et al.   I wish “a pox” on all of them and the horses they ride.

I did not “support” Bob Dole or the odious John McCain in 2008 but rather voted AGAINST the alternative.  My vote…. my yard signs…. my insignificant financial contributions and my serving as a precinct volunteer were not enough to prevent Barack Obama from taking over this country the past eight years.

My personal statement / vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton in November may not “swing” this election either. …. “Writing-in” some yahoo to “make some statement” never works and never will; but some of you will go that route because some of you always do.

I do have my little website “bully pulpit” from which to beseech and cajole.  I shall be beseeching and cajoling in the months to come.

MAYBE, if elected, Donald Trump will discard his current outrageous over-the-top insult-comic bombast persona for a calmer more rational leadership demeanor?  Maybe not.

MAYBE, if elected, Donald Trump will surround himself with “rational” reasonable individuals who will keep the nation’s  trains running on time…. fortify our nation’s defenses…. and provide a somewhat stable environment for the on-going daily economic commerce that we all depend upon in caring for our families.  Maybe not.

Trump can play “The Imperial Donald” to satiate his enormous ego while those aforementioned rational, reasonable staffers do what we think rational reasonable staffers should do.

The upcoming Trump vs Clinton Battle Royal Cage-Match War will be unlike any definition of UNMITIGATED CHAOS any of us could imagine.

If you still expect The Clinton Gang to “play fair” you really are terminally naïve.  At least, with Trump, don’t expect him to “play fair” either.   THAT will be a nice change from the (failed) GOP pacifist strategies of Dole / McCain / Romney days.

The militant belligerent, obscene “Left” will be overtly militant, belligerent, obscene and scary-as-hell threatening because “that’s what rattlesnakes do”.

Their “media wing” will discard any iota of faux-objectivity in favor of a daily Shock & Awe assault on The Trump Campaign and on “us”.   If you thought “The Drive-bys” / MSM were disgusting before…. You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet.

The BLM street gangs…. the LGBTQ Gender-Terrorists…. the Climate Crazies…. et al will be unrelenting in their take-no-prisoners attacks over the next six months.  Those whack-jobs “live for” political guerilla warfare.

Fall of RomeThe fabric and foundations of America may already be too frayed and corrupted to survive what’s to come.  If you don’t recognize DOOMED as a for-real option, you need to brush up on European History of the 1930s.

Or the Fall of Rome or Babylon or Azteca.


As for that laundry list of reasons for “all this” noted above…. I’m going with:

Eve eating the Apple of The Tree of The Knowledge of Good & Evil.

It always seems to get back to THAT.  Damn you Eve!



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