Who is Bankrolling The Gender Terrorists ??

LGBT mob
May05/ 2016

Surely you have wondered – in this current Global War on HB2 – exactly WHO is “bankrolling” the LGBTQ – a/k/a “Gender Terrorists”?

They are well-funded …. and they are as “ruthless” as ISIS in achieving their primary objective of…

….creating Total Chaos across all phases of American society and culture.

It’s not about “Human Rights” as much as it is about “Wholesale Cultural Anarchy”.

Here is your answer…..


Click on The Picture / Title for full article….

Who is Funding the Bathroom Wars?


Here’s a thought…. If Muslims came out in support of HB2 (which they likely do considering The Koran’s strong views on Homosexuality)…. Who would Obama pander to – the LGBTQ …. or his Muslim buddies ???



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