Boeheim: “It ain’t cheating if I say ……”

Jim Boeheim
April01/ 2016

There is a old saying among SEC Football mobsters…. “It ain’t cheating unless you get caught.”  Now one of the Two Final Four “Perps” – Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim adds his twist to that ….

“It ain’t cheating if I say it ain’t….”

Ol’ Roy is probably jealous.  Wishing he had said that ….

For The Record…. UNC Holocaust-deniers think “what Syracuse did was Awwwful …. and Syracuse’s own Holocaust-deniers think “what UNC did was Awwwful.   And so it goes.



Jim Boeheim has an interesting interpretation of ‘cheating’

By Chris Bahr Apr 1, 2016 at 6:15a ET

The Syracuse Orange have come a long way in the past few weeks –€“ all the way to the Final Four in a tournament many still aren’t convinced they Jim Boeheimdeserved to be a part of.

But think back even further, back to when head coach Jim Boeheim was suspended for nine games this season for a list of infractions that caused the university to self-impose a postseason ban last season and the NCAA to put the program on five years of probation.

Lesson learned, right? Not exactly. As illustrated by his comments Thursday (via USA Today), Boeheim still doesn’t seem completely remorseful or even completely aware of what his program did wrong:

“It’s something I regret,” Boeheim said. “I’m not happy about that. I don’t think we gained any competitive advantage at any time in this whole case that we’ve been through for 10 years. I think it weighed on us for 10 years and affected recruiting for 10 years. That’s just part of the punishment.

“But when they say ‘cheating,’ that’s not true. Rules being broken is a lot different. Cheating to me is intentionally doing something, like you wanted to get this recruit so you arranged a job for him, or you went to see him when you shouldn’t. You called him when you shouldn’t to gain an edge in recruiting to get a really good player. That’s cheating.”

For the record, Syracuse’s violations included Boeheim failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance and monitor his staff, impermissible benefits for two basketball players and problems with the school’s drug testing policy.


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