Mixed Bag is the new….

Mixed Bag
January12/ 2016

Mixed BagMixed Bag is the new name for what used to be Rimshots – a potpouri of “stuff”.   Why a change?  Because I am an inveterate tinkerer forever compelled to change things that don’t need changing.  Drives Blondie crazy.


Larry Fedora wins FCA’s COY….
Can I assume that Larry Fedora winning the FCA COY Award was roundly pooh-poohed wherever 2 or more ABCers gather to pooh-pooh ANYTHING remotely positive about UNC-CH? …. Kudos to Coach Fedora who I believe is quite sincere about his faith.  His personal testimony is more than the standard “memorize a Bible verse to impress recruits’ mammas” variety.   Such a feature is certainly commendable except to ABC atheists and to Ricky Gervais and Quentin Tarantino.  Chapel Hill, of course, has a motley bunch of “progressive” anti-God types.  Wonder how they feel about Larry being so honored?


Mary Who …..
Saturday night Blondie and I were dinnering with Mr/Mrs “My Accountant” and Mr/Mrs “Our Car Guy” at a Triangle-area Mexican Eatery.   This particular Dos Gloppo has a wonderful “Choo Choo connection” to a Dos Taquitoscertain celebrity “Whistleblower”.  The wonderful Trivial connection lost a bit of punch when none of the Mr/Mrs’ had ever heard of said “Whistleblower”.
….. Reminding me of The Hickory Rotary Club where only four of 110 attendees had heard of Jennifer The Tutor.   It is VERY comforting to know people who “have real lives” beyond the navel we contemplate here so often.
….. Somewhat related – Today (Tues) I am lunching with a secondary TGU celebrity at Breadman’s in Chapel Hill.   No, not “my buddy Art”.  Actually I have not seen/spoke to MB Art since July.
….. Also somewhat related – re: celebrities…. I know the late David Bowie did not invent “the knife”; that he was a world-famous rock star; but I have no clue of any song he is known for.


Phyrne Fisher and….Miss Fisher's
If you didn’t read that recent Quirky about Miss Fisher (and John Milton), it’s your loss.   Especially Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries would be quite a addition to your Life in general.   Everything about that Netflix show is exceptional.   I bet your Life could benefit from more “exceptional”.


ACC Basketball….
Continuing my trends of recent years, I am not following ACC Basketball this year beyond a passing glance at scores.   Duke still has “a Plumlee”.  State has “a Cat” and UNC has “a Paige”. …. I’m going to assume Coach Gott’s “honeymoon” is pretty much over except, of course, with BK who, bless his Lupine heart, supported Les, Herb, and Sid to the bitter end.


Reading Westerns….
I’ve called a temporary hiatus on listening to audiobooks about rogue spec ops guys who save The WoShawgorld from IslamoFascists.   A very good one is the Jericho Quinn series by Mark Cameron.   Jericho is very Mitch Rapp.  ….. I’m into the Western genre now…. Louis L’amour and a lesser known writer named Dusty Rhodes.   All of Dusty’s stories are 10-hour long scripts for Gunsmoke or Bonanza.   Read a good’un recently about renown Western dentist/ gambler/ gunfighter Doc Holliday (NOT that Chuck assistant) …. right before I had some oral surgery which was probably not a good idea.  …. Dentists in general have an “image issue” with many people.  “Oral Surgeons” REALLY have “that same issue” BIG TIME.


Cornea Transplant….

UPDATE…. My Cornea Transplant was Successful…

Dr Carlson & The Duke Eye Guys were Terrific…
Speaking of surgeons…. How many fellas do you know having their second cornea transplant this week?  One more than you thought you knew.   Yep, I am going under the golden scalpel of quite renown Duke Cornea Guy – Dr Alan Carlson.   Dr Carlson has been my “#1 Eye Guy” for three years.   According to his official bio, Dr Carlson has performed over Alan Carlson50,000 cornea procedures.   I ran the math on that.  It comes out to something like 36/day – 6 days/week for 87 years.   He doesn’t look a day over maybe 55 or so; but who am I to question “a renown Duke eye surgeon”.  Maybe Pete Gaudet did some of those ??
…. I have had several “procedures” at Duke Eye Center.  Everyone I’ve dealt with has been super nice and very professional especially Tina The Technician from Burlington.   During the pre-op, a minimum of five attendants will ask “which eye” which I find quite reassuring.
…. If “a cornea transplant” sounds kind of scary, it sort of is, but so is riding down Franklin Street with a Rush Is Right bumper sticker on anything “not a Prius”.  I’m pretty sure there has NEVER been a Rush Is Right bumper sticker on a Prius.


Podcasts…Podcast Guy
Mixed Bag is not the only change.  I’ve also changed the wildly popular new feature – BobLee’s Podcasts.   Every Podcast now also contains the written script so you can Listen or Read or Both.  Maybe someday I‘ll add a video with one of those “signing people” so semi-literate hearing-impaired BL fans can enjoy the insightful columns too. ….. Maybe a Norwegian version for our fan club in Oslo?


NC State Football ….
Speaking of NCSU Athletics, I see DD has hired the OffCoor from Boise State.   Boise has a certain “cache” so that might calm down the emerging DD discontent crowd until at least mid-September.  See where former Chuck OC – Noel Mazzone – left UCLA for Auburn.   Hardly a week goes by that a former Chuck something doesn’t go somewhere. …. Meanwhile The Huxtables hold off on “that new wallpaper” for their guest room. ….. Wonder how that massive charging station installation in The Wendell is coming along? ….. Q:  Why did I put the NC State piece way down towards the end?   A: So Kennel would have to read everything else to get to the only part he cares about.


Twitter for BobLee….
If you already “do Twitter” you really should add this website to your Twitter feed.   It is THE BEST way to be notified of each new colunn.   Adding us to your Facebook “Likes” is also a great back-up resource.  …. How To Add Us to your Twitter / Facebook is clearly explained on our Home Page.  If you can’t figure it out, you probably don’t do Twitter or Facebook. ….. If you don’t “Twitter or Facebook” don’t start now.


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