Scandal In A One Team Town!

January10/ 2016

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Scandal In A One-Team Town!


Three People Can Keep A Secret – if Two of them are dead!  …OR

If all Three are loyal fans of the same college sports team.

PodcastGuyXX…. Jimbo Fisher’s Divorce Scandal BLEW UP here and anywhere it appeared.  It contains all the elements for “an Internet KABOOM”

Sexual Shenanigans ….. a high profile celebrity with an iconic First Name – How many Jimbos do you know? ….. embarrassment for a polarizing sports program ….. even Plural Paramours ….

All that was missing was the ubiquitous “sex tape” of Candi and one/both Plural Paramours.  …. And, apparently, it was “a long term thing”.

The situation within the Fishers marriage could happen anywhere.   Infidelity is a latent possibility in every marriage…. THEN throw in High Profile Celebrity element – the 24/7 stress to avoid failure that feeds that Celebrity …. the Lifestyle that $5,000,000/year makes possible.

AND There is The Where Factor ?  Tallahassee is the state capitol of Florida.  AND the Epicenter of  SeminoleNation.  I betcha Jimbo Fisher is more recognizable to more citizens of Tallahassee than whoever Florida’s current governor is.

Candi Fisher is likewise a celebrity around town.  That cover of Tallahassee Woman indicates she does not shy away from celebrity.  A celebrity status that does not lend itself to multiple paramours over a long term in a relatively small town.

The Jameis Winston rape allegation exposed how Tallahassee officials go out of their way to protect Florida State Sports Celebrities. ….. a reality not uncommon in One Team College Towns …..  Towns like Tuscaloosa, Athens, Lawrence, Clemson,

….. and like Chapel Hill…. Legend has it Dean Smith had an arrangement with law enforcement to call him before any player was “booked”.

In Columbia Missouri “they say” Everyone knew Michael Sam was gay but no one in a city of 100,000 said anything for six months.

Such “circle the wagon privacy” would be impossible say in a Raleigh where hated rival fans populate every cul-de-sac and lurk behind every potted palm ready to EXPOSE even the possibility of an indiscretion.

They say Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.  OR… all Three are loyal fans of the same team….   …. Til Next Time.

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