Jimbo & Candi Fisher Divorce Scandal

January04/ 2016

Juggernaut Coach… Candi The Cougar… a Florida Gator with “a long thing”… and Paramour #2 – a buff boytoy who dabbles in marketing.

YOWSA… This one has it all.


DISCLAIMER:  I DO NOT know Jimbo Fisher or Candi Fisher or any of the characters meJimbo Candi Fisherntioned in these accounts.   I have not followed this story at all.

Nor am I familiar with the website gossipextra.com nor its owner – one Jose Lambiet.   Lambiet also writes for The Miami Herald which would have credibility EXCEPT The Miami Herald is owned by The McClatchey Corp…. Yes, the same “journalistic goon squad” that owns Raleigh’s notorious N&O and royally botched both Duke Lacrosse and RielleWho?  Uh Oh!

I remind you of The Rule re: Anything you read about a sports celebrity  Also known as The ABCers vs UNCers Rule.

(1)    If you are predisposed to “like” the individual and/or the sports organization he is associated with…. you will  dismiss ANY/ALL negative news about said individual despite “hard evidence”.
(2)   If you are predisposed to “dislike” the individual and/or the sports organization he is associated with…. you will salivate to a fairthewell over any/all negative news about said individual…. and scour the ‘net for more.

Following the above Rule read on at your discretion.

Yes, “Candi” IS her real name and the phrase “buff boytoy” is used.  You might guess where all this is going.  Albert, you have been warned.

Candi Fisher




FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher, wife Candi divorce

Coach Jimbo Fisher and Candi Fisher divorce after 22 years of marriage

Case was resolved quickly after Coach Fisher’s camp announced intention to depose former UF player Taylor Jacobs

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Jimbo and Candi Fisher Orlando Sentinel
[email protected]

A judge in Tallahassee has finalized the divorce of Florida State University football coach Jimbo Fisher and Candi Fisher.

Jimbo Fisher, 50, had filed for divorce July 31, and the case was made final Dec. 10. The petition mentioned that the couple had been separated since May with no chance of reconciliation.

The divorce settlement was reached relatively fast, considering that the Fishers have two young children after 22 years of marriage and his salary this year is $5 million.

And while the settlement is confidential, Leon County property records show Coach Fisher, whose Seminoles are playing in the Peach Bowl on New Year’s Eve, got to keep the marital home, a $1 million mansion in the city’s Gold Eagle Golf & Country Club.

Gossip Extra was told that Candi Fisher, 46, is renting a home nearby.Taylor Jacobs

The case began rushing toward resolution in October, when Coach Fisher’s camp filed his intention to depose as a witness former University of Florida star wide receiver Taylor Jacobs, a Tallahassee native who moved back after five years in the NFL.

Jacobs was never deposed because the case started moving fast. (gee, I wonder why ??)

Candi Fisher didn’t respond to a request for comment left on her cellphone. Jimbo Fisher’s home phone isn’t accepting messages. And Jacobs didn’t return calls.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/ent-columns-blogs/jose-lambiet/article52299875.html#storylink=cpy


EXCLUSIVE — Jimbo Fisher Divorce: SECOND MAN Named as Alleged Paramour of FSU Football Coach’s Hot Wife!


TALLAHASSEE — Good thing Florida State University‘s football season ended on New Year’s Eve.
Head coach Jimbo Fisher has some life straightening to do after the collapse of his apparently crowded, 22-year marriage.

A SECOND alleged paramour of the coach’s wife surfaced in his just-finalized divorce file!

And this buff boytoy (oh my!) is even younger, and more embarrassing for Jimbo than our exclusive revelations last week that former University of Florida receiver Taylor Jacobs was alleged to have had an affair with Jimbo’s missus.

Leon County court documents exclusively obtained by Gossip Extra show 46-year-old Candi Fisher agreed to a settlement deal believed to pay her upward of $3.4 million plus child support for Fishers’ two young boys on the day after she was to be deposed by Jimbo’s lawyer about Jacobs and the other alleged fling.

Owen LongThe second man was identified as Owen Long, 27, a well-known Tallahassee figure and a former FSU tennis star and women’s tennis team manager (oh boy!).

Long now dabbles in marketing (huh?) and teaches youth tennis at Golden Eagle Country Club in Tallahassee.

“Jimbo became fully aware last year that his wife was stepping out on him with a former UF player,” an FSU football source told Gossip Extra. “It’s when Jimbo was checking out certain things pertaining to Candi and the UF guy that this other character turned up.

It appears that Candi’s fling with Jacobs was a long term thing. The thing with Long was a shorter relationship.” (am I the only one who thinks that plays to a racial stereotype ?!)

FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher with then-wife Candi, last year at a Tallahassee function (kidz1stFund.com photo)
Candi was scheduled to be deposed in the case on Dec. 9, according to court records.

Among the topics that John T. Christiansen, Jimbo’s West Palm Beach lawyer, wanted to discuss with Candi were her finances, the divorce papers show.

She was also asked her to bring: “Any and all text messages and/or emails to and/or from Taylor Jacobs and/or Owen Long from June 1, 2013.” Christiansen also wanted emails and text message from any third party to Candi referring to Jacobs and Long.

Candi didn’t have to show up for the deposition with her emails and text messages because a day later, on Dec. 10, the case was settled.

The divorce papers show Candi first hired a divorce attorney in Oct. 2014. She left the Fishers’ marital home in April 2015.

Jimbo filed for divorce in early July, shortly after he found out about Long.

Tallahassee charity circuit archives show Long was Candi’s guest at a Kidz 1st Fund fundraiser she organized Nov. 14, 2014 in downtown Tallahassee.

The non-profit was created by Jimbo and Candi to raise awareness about Fanconi anemia, a rare form of anemia.
When reached on his cellphone today, Long hung up after he was told his name surfaced in Jimbo Fisher’s divorce file.   In a profile by Tallahassee Magazine, which made Long its Top Single for August,…

Long ( a/k/a The 2nd Paramour / buff boytoy with the shorter thing) said he likes women who are active. I’m always on the move and enjoy living a fast-paced lifestyle,” (Oh for Heaven Sakes!) he told the magazine.

Last week, Gossip Extra told you about Candi’s alleged affair with football star Jacobs, a Tallahassee native who ended up playing for arch-rival Florida Gators before embarking on an NFL career that ended in 2007.

Christiansen, Jimbo’s lawyer, declined comment about his filings.   “I never comment on any of my cases,” he said.

Candi’s lawyer isn’t returning calls.


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