Carol Folt “…. willingly inherited a mess”

Carol Folt
August10/ 2015

In this Sunday interview in The N&O; UNC Chancellor Carol Folt discusses The Great Unpleasantness and her role within it during her tenure.   Every reader will zero in on whatever word or phrase tickles their fancy but certainly Madame Folt’s reluctance to acknowledge the validity of comments attributed to Roy Williams and Larry Fedora assuring one/all that “no further harm will come to us” is significant.

She does not address her relationship with the bulldozing tactics of “influential boosters” a/k/a Fat Cats.   I would like to hear her thoughts about “them”.

While I remain a cynic regarding Madame Folt, I give her credit for the forthrightness in this interview.



UNC chancellor Folt understands the athletic challenge

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58wolf kennel
58wolf kennel
5 years ago

Well written interview. Folt does seem to understand the nature of TGU but doesn’t have a path to solution. Doesn’t address the influence of her bosses (the fat cats) or her influence on her AD or coaches (what do you tell recruit’s?).
Glad I’m not in her shoes. She should listen carefully to Prof Reed when he returns.
Appreciate Chancellor Woodson even more. Chuckle at some of “Doug’s” comments on the “Taj Mahal” column. I truly think State is doing the right thing out of familiarity with the past 25 years and confidence in the leadership that I know :+))

5 years ago
Reply to  58wolf kennel

“Doug” thinks no matter the tight internal controls are and well intentioned the leadership is, every organization is at risk from one or two rogue characters. A Tweet, a leaked Instagram or Snap Chat photo, an agent, runner, insider or outsider can cause a chain reaction of great unpleasantness. Sometimes the damage control is worse than the damager.

5 years ago

Agreed. One could cherry pick the entire interview. Every sentence, verb, and pronoun. No need to hone in on specific points of interest.

Oh…ok…the concern for teasing part did pull at my heartstrings.

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