John Edwards Was Right.

March05/ 2015

If a blind hog can find a acorn maybe a disgraced, philandering, lying scumbag Democrat politician can coin a phrase that “sums it up”.

Not exactly the way John Edwards meant it but, face it, there certainly are “Two Americas”.

The “Two Americas” that Rielle’s Boy Toy brayed about were (1) The America that Edwards himself lived in of the arrogantly mega-wealthy with its conspicuous consumption….. (2) The America that Edwards courted with its easily bamboozled, low information voters voluntarily shackled to the welfare plantation.

Borrowing Johnny’s term – Two Americas – I offer you (1) “the one I live in”, and probably many of you do too; versus (2) whatever “place” liberals inhabit with its unisex restrooms where only the Imperial Police have guns.

Those Two Americas have no overlap that I can see. I guess inhabitants of both Americas inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxde, but maybe “they” don’t even do that.

I am at a time in my life that I do not have to interact with liberals on a daily basis. I don’t have to share a workplace with’em like many of you probably have to.

When I am out & about I probably deal with some but they don’t flaunt it so I’m not forced to tolerate their lunacy. Yes, I do have a handful of liberal acquaintances but we have very defined rules about discussing anything “political”.

This is 2015, that restricts our conversational topics to a very “short list”. Even as innocuous a subject as “the weather” can quickly morph into their screed about “global warming” or “climate change” or whatever they decide to call it this week.

Maybe you like to debate liberals on social media. Maybe you like to slam your hand in car doors or drink sour milk. I don’t.

I view liberals like Purple Cows. “…… I’d rather see one than be one.” Given the option, I prefer not to even “see one”.

My business in “The America I live in” is to observe these wacked-out nitwits and report back to you on what I have seen. That frees you from having to go down to Jones Street to observe a Bully Barber mini-mob Hoot ‘n Hate….. or going over to Chapel Hill (brrrr scary!) and watching a Gene Nichol set his hair on fire and “spew”….. or seeing a dozen sad sack junior liberals in a weak protest “something” de-jour. …… I wear a HAZ-MAT suit when I go to these things.

INSERT obligatory reminder that John Edwards and Gene Nichol were co-conspirators in the NOW SHUT DOWN Poverty Center Scam. Asked “what did that thing ever do?” Edwards giggled and said “Ask Gene” and then giggled again.

I’ve never visited North Korea or any of the ‘Stans. I doubt I ever will visit those. I see some documentary about those places. It’s a world I can only imagine.

I read / hear something that Sheila Jackson-Lee or Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden spews and it’s as alien to anything I can imagine as what a North Korean dictator or an Al Sharpton thinks about anything. Alls I know for sure is none of those people like me or people like me very much at all. To be fair, I’m quite non-fond of them too.

Imagine standing in line at the DMV and you realize its Sheila Jackson-Lee in front of you. You can bet she has the wrong forms with her and she will harangue the poor clerk and cause a scene. It would make for a great column though. BobLee says “All of Life is column fodder and show prep.”

NEVER FORGET…. Somebody (in That America) voted for these “people”. OK, some of those voters were dead, some imaginary and some voted multiple times…. but thats a whole ‘nother issue.

I hear ISIS beheaders and Valerie Jarrett and they sound the same. If I found myself seated next to Eric Holder on a long flight, what would we talk about? I certainly would not be discourteous or pick a fight with him.

There was talk of arranging a lunch with me and Bully Barber. A Barber “insider” proposed it, I said fine…. and nothing ever came of it. Other than “Rev Barber, who were the two old hippies dry-humpin’ in the corner of Tillis’ office?” what could we talk about? Would he wear his fancy Hoot ‘n Hate costume to Golden Corral?

The closest I come to visiting “their world” is, of course, the occasional visit to Chapel Hill. I do that often enough that I know the border guards and the folks who stamp my passport at the Glen Lenox guard house. His/her name is “Pat”. No surprise there, huh?

Did you know that when paying for your latte at a Chapel Hill Starbucks, if you say “I HATE The Koch Brothers” you get a free macaroon. You think I’m making that up, don’t you? Try it next time circumstances force you to be in Chapel Hill. I think Caribou Coffee does it too.

I got confused once and tried “Art Pope’s mamma wears combat boots” and the sales clerk said he/she agreed, but that was NOT the correct password….. no macaroon.

“Those people in That America” hate the word Pope so much that they refer to that guy in The Vatican as “that guy in The Vatican”. They take their hating very seriously over there in “That America”.

Speaking of religious groups…. I know liberals Love Muslims – and Hate Jews (at least the ones in Israel. I think they still like the rich ones in New York, but who knows?). How do they feel about Catholics? I need a scorecard.

Last October, just before the election I was driving thru a Chapel Hill neighborhood and saw one lonely little TILLIS For SENATE yard sign. A week later I took a friend by to see it. He didn’t believe it. Not only was the Tillis sign gone but the house had burned to the ground.

A beady-eyed neighbor with a Prius in his driveway said “musta been lightning…. and that the homeowner has “gone back to wherever he came from. His kind ain’t welcome ‘round here.” YIKES!

If Rudy is wrong and Obama does indeed Love America….. It is definitely not The America I live in. Hows about you?

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