Bloviating Gasbags Have Rights Too.

March03/ 2015

One of BobLee’s greatestl headlines read “God Loves Beavers Too” after Oregon State defeated UNC in the CWS Finals in 2006.

I was reminded of that recently as the UNC Board of Governors did away with the infamous poverty center at UNCCH. Thereby incurring even more of the vengeful wrath of the quite notorious Gene “Don’t You Know WHO I AM” Nichol.

Allowing that God and Gene Nichol are likely not that well acquainted, it is important that we all recognize that….. Bloviating Gasbags (i.e. Gene Nichol) have Rights too.

No, I have not fallen and hit my head and babbling incoherently in support of Gene Nichol. “Supporting Gene Nichol” is on the level of supporting phlegm or toe fungus. Yes, he does have supporters in Chapel Hill…. many of whom also have toe fungus.

There are Priuses putt-putting down Franklin Street right now with their back bumpers covered in bumperstickers declaring “I Support Phlegm, Toe Fungus and Gene Nichol. Not necessarily in that order.”

NOTE: Have you ever noticed the ratio of bumperstickers to bumpers in Chapel Hill? I swear its at least 30 to 1 in favor of adhesive strips advocating every sort of oddball cause and perversion you can imagine. I saw a rusted-out VW bus on Rosemary Street a few years ago, it’s back window totally covered in bumperstickers declaring “I (heart) Bumperstickers”. ….. Very strange buncha folks over there.

Back to Notorious Gene Nichol and the inalienable rights of bloviating gasbags.

Many of you of the Non-Goofy Liberal Persuasion were delighted to read about Gene’s quite bogus povery center scam being shut down. You were so delighted you ALMOST said something positive about The UNC Board of Governors. Almost but not quite.

In a list of Most UNAppreciated Boards of Anything, The UNC BOG traditionally ranks with ACC Basketball Referees AND The Joe Biden For President Steering Committee.

Could it be because the 32 appointees to the UNC BOG make so much $$$$ for their time on the board? Nope. Can’t be that. They don’t get paid at all. They do get “travel expenses” when they attend monthly meetings. The same “travel expenses” any mouth-breathing slug of a state employee receives.

The UNC BOG is un-liked (1) because the three letters U-N-C are in its name. People thinks its just UNC-CH and that makes A LOT of folks “see red” no pun intended. And (2) they, the current board, didn’t come in with a big ol’ broom and make a clean sweep of every pusillanimous liberal weasel slithering around any/all of the 17 campuses.

Not only was “a clean sweep of liberal weasels” not legally allowed, it’s not even what you should want. And that brings us to “the rights” of bloviating gasbags such as Gene Nichol and his yucky ilk.

Gene Nichol may not have the right to create bogus poverty centers for the sole purpose of providing hisself a bully pulpit from which to bloviate; but he DOES have a clear right to bloviate. The UNC BOG has not taken away Gene Nichol’s right to be Gene Nichol…. despite what Gene is bellowing.

NOTE: I’ve checked around and, believe it or not (and most of you probably won’t), Nichol is considered an EXCELLENT classroom instructor in the two classes he teaches for $200,000/year at UNC Law School. Apparently he keeps his rabid socialist politics out of those two classes. Bully for Gene.

It is my considered opinion as “a guy with his own website” that every college campus needs a few Gene Nichol-types slithering around. UNCCH certainly has no trouble meeting its quota of slithery Gene Nichol-types.

Of course, I also believe that for every slithery Gene Nichol-type there oughta be a Mike Adams-type to balance the ideological scales.

With that paragraph I just sent what few UNC-CH readers I have into epileptic seizure. Mike Adams is pretty much the only professor among 17 campuses of the UNC System that anyone can name that openly espouses to be of the Conservative persuasion. Mike is a Criminal Justice professor at UNC-Wilmington and a columnist for various “crazy right-wing” websites…. like this one.

I once asked Mike if he always eats alone in the UNC-W faculty dining room. He smiled and said “Pretty much unless my wife joins me. I kinda like it that way. Ever watched a crazy left-wing loonie eat? It’s not pretty.” ….. I have and I agreed.

All the Gene Nichol crazies currently screaming Free Gene Nichol as if he was Nelson Mandela or Willie The Orca don’t give a damn about Mike Adams’ right to free speech. The UNC-W nutjobs (and they are clearly a strong #2 to UNC-CH in quantity of nutjobs among the 17 campuses) have been “out to get” Mike Adams for decades and multiple lawsuits. In any battle between Mike Adams and a campus crazy; the smart money is always on Mike. He chews up those loonies like so many Skittles.

If Academia was still what you once thought it was back-in-the-day, it would offer a full spectrum of thought and opinion on its campus. That silly notion got kyboshed about twenty years ago.

I can’t really blame the Lefties though. In any open forum of ideas, they ALWAYS lose. The only way they prevail is by denying a voice to dissenting opinions to their own. When you consider the lunacy of their ideas, it’s easy to see why.

Any college that offered a fair choice of socio-cultural thought within its campus would have a helluva time attracting any Gene Nichol-types. Gene is “a bully”. Gene Nichol-types around the country at Harvard, Berkley, Wisconsin, etc all tend to be “bullies”. They run from a fair fight like cockroaches scurrying along a baseboard when you turn on your kitchen light.


Delight that Nichol’s poverty center has been shut down. “Poverty” is no better or worse because Gene doesn’t have his soapbox any longer. But do not demand that Gene Nichol be fired just because he is a radical spittle-spewing liberal who really really despises people like me and most of you. Heck, in that sense he is no different than Jim Goodmon except Jim has A LOT more money than Gene does.

If Gene should choose to go haunt another campus, that would be OK though.

UPDATE: I have appointed myself as a one-agent Search Committee to find the next President of The UNC System. You will be pleased to learn, I mighta found him……. or her!.

No, I can’t give you his/her name yet. Nope, it’s not Art Pope or a Koch Brother. My choice is one that even UNCers will have a hard time hating other than it would be my choice and hopefully the choice of The Board. UNCers will “hate that” of course. Gene Nichol for sure will hate it. ☺

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