Look Out BOG. Emeritus Meezie Is Pissed!

March05/ 2015

Just when you thought the UNC BOG could not possibly get any more beleaguered, the constipated Franklin Street Loonies have brought out their Big Gun – “The Meez”.

Yep…. James “Emeritus” Moeser with his vaunted PhD in Organ is hoppin’ mad about the BOG canning Tom Ross and shutting down poor poor poor Gene Nichol’s little poverty clubhouse. A Hoppin’ Mad James Moeser….. Buckle Down Winsocket! Can this possibly get any more HILARIOUS?

Never bet against “more HILARIOUS” from Chapel Hill ….. where Reality is on the Endangered Concept list.

We haven’t heard much from “The Meez” since he hired and fired Matt Doherty then hired Butch Davis then declared that the crazy muslim driving thru the Pit was “not a terrorist”.

His achievement resume for eight years as UNC Chancy was: (1) personally organized 38 candlelight vigils and (2) ……….. .

The Meez on a dais with “Call Me Dickie” at a press conference was a fearsome site indeed. ……. NOT. Think Beavis & Butthead.

As he so often does…… BobLee had maybe the best line ever for this Pointy-headed Buffoon. UNC was in Omaha for the CWS in either 2006 or 2007 and Meezie shows up. He was Grand Poobah at The Univ of Nebraska before he landed in Chapel Hill so he knew where Omaha was.

During his reign as UNC’s Chancellor from 2000-2008 Meezie never figured out that Virginia was Up and South Carolina was Down. He once asked Molly Broad and she didn’t know either. Meezie and Molly were quite the Dynamic Duo back then. I digress.

Anyway, he was in Omaha supporting the Heels. The TV camera was looking for Roy and caught Meezie by mistake. The goofy loon was, to quote BobLee, “clapping like a gay seal”. That description stuck to him like flypaper. BobLee’s imitation of Meezie clapping is hilarious.

So now Emeritus Meezie who “claps like a gay seal” is all atwitter that the eeeeevil Board of Governors is about to do to the University of The People what Rome did to Carthage after the Second Punic Wars…..

… Tear down the city and salt the fields !!
… Yea verily The Barbarians are at The Old Well !!
… Man the ramparts !!
… We must repel these hooligans !!

I am going out on a limb here and bet the James Moeser Name Recognition Factor is just about as far-flung as Gene Nichol’s. In other words “a six-mile radius from the intersection of Franklin & Columbia Streets”. That’s not very far-flung for those of you in Rio Linda.

If folks in Hickory and Fayetteville had never heard of Jennifer The Tutor or Mary Willingham I GUARANTEE you they have never heard of this babbling bozo.

Here’s Meezie’s full rant – LINK.

My favorite part has to be at the end when he claims UNC is somehow responsible “for Charlotte” ???? Huh? Does he mean he and Tom Ross and Gene Nichol and Matt Doherty and Butch Davis and Dickie?

Does he mean the failing NASCAR Hall of Fame or all the strip clubs or that UNC gave all those streets in Myers Park / South Charlotte the same names so even lifelong residents get lost. Meezie was not specific, just that because of UNC “we have Charlotte”.

In defense of this current UNC BOG…. not a single one of’em had anything to do with hiring this chucklehead back in 2000.

Somebody find out how much the tax-payers of North Carolina are still paying this twit. Whats the going rate for an Emeritus w/ a PhD in Organ?

“…… we have Charlotte” ?????????

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