Barack Hussein Mandela…. huh?

December13/ 2014

Obama rushing licketty-split to link himself historically to Nelson Mandela was as predictable as every other jack-booted mis-step in this sicko SNL skit known as The Obamination of America.

Mandela spends 26 years in prison….. Obama gets an unplayable lie on the 15th fairway at Congressional CC. !?!?

Sure I can see the obvious parallels of these two men overcoming unfair obstacles in their lives….. can’t you?

Oops: Obama and “lie” in the same sentence. That pesky Freudian gremlin again….

I am not a student of the Life of Nelson Mandela. I don’t pretend to understand South African politics any more than I understand Northern Ireland… or Palestinians vs Israelis.

Defending “apartheid” is akin to trying to minimize The Holocaust as “it probably seemed a good idea at the time”. Or “Charles Manson had really good leadership skills”. Lets go with Apartheid = NOT “a good thing”.

Spending 26 years in prison rather than denounce his political beliefs is pretty heady stuff. Whether Mandela was a terrorist or “a freedom-fighter” is, as with all such semantical distinctions, left to documentarians and rabid partisans of opposing camps. I assume Mandela’s South African prison confines did not have shuffleboard or macramé classes.

So we have Nelson Mandela in a South African prison for 20+ years….. and Barack Obama skipping merrily along the Affirmative Action red carpet and sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s pew for 20+ years. Again…. interesting comparisons of each man’s burdens.

Mandela goes to prison….. Obama goes to Harvard and Columbia. Well, we assume he goes there despite no transcript evidence. Obama’s college transcripts, Bill Clinton’s medical records, Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm files….. am I the only one who sees a reoccurring habit of Democrats misplacing incriminating paper trails. Ahhhh heck…. just coincidences I’m sure.

People tried to kill Mandela….. People recruited Obama to front their cause because “finally, we have us a clean and articulate black man”. Joe Biden’s description, not mine.

Wait….. I have found similarities between Nelson and Barack…..

Both are on-record with volumes of rhetoric about how awful America is and how they want to see The US Constitution and The American Way overthrown by whatever means possible. Uh oh.

And….. Both were backed financially by overt Communist factions….

Both are/were outspoken “critics” of Israel.

Did you know what an outspoken enemy of America, Mandela was? No? Oh you must be watching and reading the current media Love-fest for him. Mandela never hid his dislike for America. The liberal media has chosen to do so however.

Google Nelson Mandela’s opinions about America. Go ahead…. I dare you.

Whats next for Barack Rewrites History (with the help of his media sycophants)?
When Castro “buys the farm” will Barack don a beret and branish an AK-47 to be Che Guevara of South Chicago? Che Obama ? Michelle as Evita Peron? Hey, why not Barack & Michelle as Jay-Z & Beyonce. Who? Never mind.

Barack Obama…. The Man Who Would Be King…. or Mandela….. or Martyr….. or Messiah…. or ______ ???

Remember friends & neighbors: The two easiest groups to bamboozle are (1) those who know nothing and (2) those who think they know everything. Combine those two groups and you have 94.8% of ObamaNation. Think about that.

And you are still subscribing to / watching / listening to overtly liberal media because …………. ?

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