WWKCD – “Miss Kitty” vs UNC’s Sugar Babes

November21/ 2014

Dean Katherine “Kitty” Carmichael was bigger than life to UNC students back in The 60s. She was The Church Lady long before there was Saturday Night Live. “Kitty” was Dean of Women at UNCCH in the halcyon days of the 60-70s. I never met her; but I think I would have liked Kitty Carmichael A LOT.

In 1968 Miss Kitty headed a Blue Ribbon Committee to study “Visitation” – Rules Governing Coeds Visiting In Men’s Dorms. One rule involved “must keep the dorm room door open wide enough to insert a matchbook”. A matchbook? Its 2014, No need for matches because UNC doesn’t allow smoking on campus. Today we learn that…..

Over 300 Carolina Girls are whoring out as “Sugar Babes” to dirty old men (DOMs) to cover the costs of “going to college”. Oh My!

As soon as I saw the reports about the Sugar Babes I knew I HAD to do a WWKCD: What Would Kitty Carmichael Do column. I go to Google and immediately proclaimed “Eureka”. There was a column about Kitty.

I clicked on it. It was a column I WROTE almost exactly two years ago when UNCCH was embroiled in the Gay Dorm Kerfluffle. LINK…. What does it say when I’m googling my own material and didn’t recall writing it? Where ARE my car keys?

All the gory salaciously prurient details about Sugar Babes can be found in these reports from Carolina Plott Hound. Go ahead and go read’em ‘cause I know you can’t wait to. Here are the LINKS. I’ll wait for you before going on.

The Daily Tar Heel on UNC “Sugar Babes” – LINK

ECU Sugar Babe Speaks – LINK

OK, what you think? How many of you also clicked on that website where the Sugar Babes and the DOMs hook up? Just out of curiosity, right? Like how you just read Playboy for the articles on stereos and humidors, right?

Be honest. What you found most interesting is Carolina has so many more Sugar Babes coed-sluts than either Duke or State.

Carolina guys are bragging – “We have MORE coed sluts than you (Wuffs) do”.
State folks are bragging “We have LESS coed sluts than you (UNC) do.”
ECU folks are convinced “Our coed sluts can command a higher hourly rate.”

NOTE: BobLee tells me that State folks will work Johnny Swofford into this somehow. BobLee is usually right about such things.

Are Carolina Girls choosing to become Sugar Babes because the rapidly disappearing Carolina male student population has become “Justin Biebered”. Somehow its become the In Thing at UNC to be Gay or be androgenous enough that you can pass for Gay. This despite the FACT that only NINE student signed up for that aforementioned Gay Dorm.

Methinks the whole Gay Thing at UNC is more a tribute to how the Gay gang has intimidated Chapel Hill’s notorious “knee jerking” PC-loonies. Enough about Gays….. lets get back to the coed sluts-for-rent. Lets get back to Kitty Carmichael.

Kitty once said If God were satisfied with Adam, why did he make Eve so different?

The list of “Kitty Carmichael said” is longer than Sam Perkins’ wingspan. Here’s a LINK to The Wit & Wisdom of Kitty Carmichael.

Kitty Carmichael may have been THE smartest person to ever be in a leadership position at UNCCH. By today’s standards that is like saying “the tallest midget in a room of very short midgets”. No the midget reference is not a Carol Folt joke. Carol Folt IS a joke. Yes, that would include Kindly Ol’ Bill Friday. I bet Kindly Ol’ Bill would agree with me about Kitty Carmichael.

Kitty Carmichael was not “Special” because she espoused what now seems out-moded views on Women In Society. Her views were appropriate for that time and place and part of the Societal Evolution of America. I bet Kitty Carmichael would have recognized the inevitability of societal evolution and been a Beacon of Rational Thought as she dealt with those ever-changing mores.

Kitty Carmichael was One Special Lady because, unlike every other so-called “leader” at UNC – Kitty Carmichael DID NOT TAKE HERSELF SERIOUSLY. Hey Tiny Little Carol (From Dartmouth)….. are you paying attention?

Again, I never met her but from everything I’ve read about her and by her…. She took her responsibility as Dean of Women VERY seriously. Her guiding principle was In Loco Parentis – “in place of the parent”.

Parents sent their precious daughters to UNC and by golly Miss Kitty did her best to see that their experience while at UNC better prepared them to become fully-functional adults.

Today UNC has been coedified to where over 65% of the undergraduate population sits down to pee. That compares to Kitty’s time of the 60s when less that 20% did so. I don’t know how the Justin Biebers pee.

IF Carolina or any of the institutions noted in the Sugar Babes reports actually had officials of the ilk of Katherine “Kitty” Carmichael their campuses would probably still have Sugar Babes and Lesbians and Tranys and Bis and whatever that Morehead Scholar nitwit (Haley Koch) was that became a “porn star” before Duke’s “porn star” became “a porn star”.

Even wise leaders of the caliber of Kitty Carmichaels can’t “change the course of raging rivers” or stop elements of society from “doing a Thelma & Louise” if that’s what they are determined to do. But maybe they slow it down just a bit.

Maybe their message gets to a handful or a few handfuls. Maybe their message gets to Your Daughter or Your Grandaughter.

When you read about Sugar Babes and such; once you get beyond your own initial prurient titillation…. it’s all about Your Child….. If not, it should be.

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