McClatchy’s Latest Who: MayorWho Did What?

March28/ 2014

In the context of “this week” and “in North Carolina”; where were you when you heard: The FBI Have Arrested Charlotte’s Mayor Cannon!. The story “broke” around 2:30 PM on Wednesday.

Within 90 minutes, those whizbang newshounds at McClatchy’s Charlotte Observer had a lengthy on-line article quoting dozens of semi-prominent Charlotteans / Mecklenburgerites documenting dozens of instances of “Heck, we all knew Patrick was crooked as a dog’s hind leg.” YIKES!

They KNEW, and McClatchy editors knew ! Another RielleWho !!

A quick bit of background:
Both The Charlotte Observer and Raleigh’s News & Observer are owned by Sacramento-based McClatchy Corp. The McClatchy Corp is on-record as a significant contributor to a bevy of liberal / Democratic candidates and causes. They have been doing so for decades. Quite openly in fact.

McClatchy’s newspapers “lean-Left” to such an extreme degree it’s a wonder they don’t fall over. Well, actually they do “fall on their faces” quite often in their desperate efforts to protect their candidates and officials “of choice”. Charlotte’s former Mayor Patrick Cannon was accorded such “protection”….. UNTIL around 3:30 PM on Wednesday.

Did you really think those whizbang newshounds at The CharlObser assembled all that information from scratch in 90 minutes? …… Did you also believe RobRielleWho Christensen had no clue that Johnny Edwards and Rielle Hunter were well “you know what they were doing.”

McClatchy’s Motto: What our readers don’t know about “our guys” won’t hurt….. “our guys”.

McClatchy’s whizbang, award-winning, political historian, columnist, journo-hack and newshound extraordinaire Rob Christensen was freakin’ EMBEDDED in John Edwards’ ill-fated presidential campaign from DayOne. That means Robbie was soooo close to Mr Two Americas that if John-boy stopped abruptly Rob’s nose went up his…… well, you get the picture. Rob was very very close to John Edwards.

Very very close….. but Rob Christensen and his employer The News & Observer did not report on John & Rielle until TWO WEEKS after it had been Front Page above-the-fold news in every fishwrapper in North America. The lengths to which Rob, The N&O and McClatchy went to protect Home Boy Johnny violated every precept and tenet of Journalism. Holy Woodward & Bernstein, Batman!

To be “fair” to The N&O / McClatchy, they had already sunk lower than a snake’s belly in their disgustingly vile reporting of The Duke Lacrosse Scandal with their infamous “honor student and single mother of two…..” hatchet-job on the “rich white boys”. To sink even lower to protect “their boy John” (or their boy Patrick) was not that much of a stretch for’em.

And now….. we learn McClatchy reporters had oodles, oodles and more oodles of documented evidence that Mayor Patrick Cannon was quite the scallywag. Patrick had quite a trail of toilet paper stuck to the heel of his Eye-talian loafers. Patrick was such a scallywag, he might even be “a rascal”. Lordy, he might even qualify for “low-down dirty bird” status.

…… all documented in a Charlotte Observer file in a McClatchy-owned computer.. A file that they never intended to tell the innocent citizens of Charlotte Mecklenburg about…… unless Patrick Cannon was already “dead meat” and it no longer mattered.

As of around 2:00 PM Wednesday last, the Feebs slapped a toe tag on Mayor Patrick’s career and VOILA…. that Cannon Is A Crook file at The Charlotte Observer magically opened and look what all crawled out !!!!

Both of North Carolina’s McClatchy-owned newspapers are sucking swampwater financially. “Downsizing” has been de-rigeur for over five years. They both are running bare-bones operations with multi-tasking the order of the day. Rumors has it, what few reporters they still employ have to supply their own styrofoam coffee cups and their own little PRESS signs to stick in their fedoras when they are “birdogging” a lead. …… OK, maybe I’ve seen Citizen Kane too many times.

If it hadn’t been for all that ooey-gooey mess over at UNC-CH who knows if either fishwrapper would still be publishing. Dan Kane has been their “rainmaker” for going on five years now.

I imagine a scenario where the monthly light bill comes due in either the N&O and or CharlObserv HQ and an Editor yells “Hey Dan, regurgitate another article on all that crap over in Chapel Hill. We need to sell a buncha papers really quick or the newsroom “goes dark”.” ….. “Yessir boss, I’ll have you another one in a jiffy.” ….. “Oh, and tell your buddies on the political desk to float some goofball rumor about Tillis or McCrory.” ….. “Will do.”

All the while they have a file full of spiders and snakes on (former) Mayor Patrick Cannon. A file they never intended to open…. until the Feebs frog-marched Patrick out of City Hall Wednesday afternoon….. and Patrick Cannon didn’t matter any more. The same way they did with Johnny Boy.

Am I the only one wondering what McClatchy might have had on Anthony Foxx?
Am I the only one wondering about “the real truth on the Democ Convention”?
Am I the only one wondering about……. what else McClatchy’s newspapers have on “their guys” that they never intend to tell us?

But But But AgentPierce….. what about unfavorable reporting McClatchy papers DID run on Jim Black, QueenMary Easley, Dumplin Perdue & BuzzyAir, Edwards’ “Compound”, Ruffin Poole, the Mess(es) at NCDem HQ et al? I am sooooo glad you asked.

Every one of “those stories” was originally researched and “broken” by a REAL reporter named Don Carrington with The Carolina Journal.

Oh My! We can’t trust McClatchy at all, can we? McClatchyWHO?

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