Why I Won’t Talk About Mayor Pat The Perp

March26/ 2014

I was at a local Panera’s with Eric My Website Guy when my email went to WILDFIRE mode. Ten emails within five minutes containing the three words “Charlotte Mayor Arrested”. I reckon you’ve heard, huh?

Eric and I concluded our business. It had been another fifteen minutes and I had another dozen emails about “it”. I got up-to-speed thinking Not ANOTHER One…. and quickly decided what I would do about “it” – Not Much. And here’s why…..

I’m not “good” at quickly coming up with sharp-pointed zingers. I’m VERY good at quickly coming up with sharp-pointed zingers….. very quickly and with very sharp points. It’s a “skill / gift” I have that comes in quite handy in my line of work.

My line of work – as explained at the top of this page – being to lampoon the bejebbers out of liberals. Or, in most cases, simply report what liberals actually do and let that truth do the lampooning by itself.

I did a column last week on how bone-deep, washed-in-the-blood STOOPID Sheila Jackson Lee (Tx-D) proves to be nearbout every time she opens her mouth. Is my pointing out, using her own words, how bone-deep stoopid AfAm Congresswoman Lee (D) is, a RACIST comment?

BTW: Sheila had some major YEEHAA comments about that missing plane. But this is not another “how stoopid is Sheila Jackson Lee (D)” column. Been there, done that one. This is the column I’m not doing on Mayor Pat The Perp.

It’s 2014 and I’m a crazy right-wing guy. Of course it is RACIST by liberal media standards. Do I care? Nope.

I’ve been doing “this” for a while and have been called every name in the liberal epithet handbook and a few names not even in their epithet book. It comes with the territory and is one of the reasons I caution most of you not to try doing what I do. It can be disconcerting for amateurs.

Let me, and other veteran right-wing commandos, say what needs to be said. You read it and pass it on to other like-minds. Your passing it on helps more than you know. The Conservative “bark patrol” is our best weapon against the left-wing “mainstream media”.

So the City of Charlotte and The Great State of Mecklenburg and, to a collateral degree, the State of North Carolina gets WHAMMOED today as Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon (D) gets perp-walked by the FeeBs (FeeBs is LEO lingo for J. Edgar’s guys – aka The FBI)

Whats left of the NC Dems scramble to disassociate themselves from Patrick The Perp (PTP)…. and OF COURSE somehow shift blame for PTP’s multiple felonies on to me… you… Pat McCrory… Rush… Sarah Palin…. “W”…. Vlad Putin…. Franklin Graham…. Global Warming…. and “Naomi” – a flight attendant for Malaysian Airlines.

Their back-up plan will be what’s now known as the UNC-CH Fan Gambit aka: EDI – “Everybody Does It”. Good luck with that NCDems. It ain’t working all that well for the folks in Chapel Hill.

In other words, what Lib/Dem ALWAYS do when one of’em gets caught. We’ve ALL been through this drill sooooo many times. Hellfire, if we just limit “how many times” to similar cases involving AfAm mayors we quickly run out of fingers and toes.

Jefferson Nagin Barry Ballance Kilpatrick

Am I the only one who immediately thought….. Did Patrick The Perp hide his “cold cash” bribe money in his freezer like that other dude down in Louisiana did. No, not Mayor “Chocolate” Nagin (D), the other one – William Jefferson (D). This “Mr Jefferson” is currently doing 13 years at a Fed Graybar Hilton for his “misunderstanding”.

Mayor “Chocolate” Nagin (D) was the Lib’s hero of Katrina for screwing up the evacuation of NOLA with the school bus fiasco. He was found guilty of 20 counts of bribery & corruption last month. Have we gotten a final count on Patrick The Perp’s charges. Is 20 the total Patrick needs to beat?

What was Marion Barry’s (D) total? DC’s Mayor Marion was the first Big Time Crooked AfAm Mayor (Since Reconstruction).

Will Patrick use the same lawyer that Frank Ballance (D) used a few years ago? Not sure I’d use him, Pat.

Thanks to Reader geek for remembering Crooked Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (D). No offense intended for originally omitting Kwame.

Should there be a National Registry of Corrupt AfAm Elected Officials?
Phooey, I guess that’s a RACIST suggestion. My bad!

It would be a Hoot if one of these “urban metro areas” elected a Democrat dude named say William Arrested. Every time he did anything the headline would be Mayor Arrested _____ . Might save everybody some time, huh?

So any hoo. This has been my explanation of why I’m not going to say too much about Charlotte Mayor Patrick The Perp (D). I hope you understand.

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