Eight Years Ago Today…..

March17/ 2014

A Day that will live forever in infamy, so long as The News & Observer is running a printing press or a website. March 18, 2006 – The Duke Lacrosse team had a party at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd and THE most embarrassing Journalistic Nightmare began….. where where YOU when you first read or heard about those terrible “rich white boys” and “the honor student and single mother of two” and some clown named Nifong ?

Its been eight years today….. and we’re still waiting for an apology from The N&O.

The Duke Lacrosse Scandal…… Never Forget the damage that an irresponsible, self-righteous, agenda-blinded media can do to a community and to its citizens. Never Forget.

Reminding the good citizens who visit this website about what damage a self-righteous agenda-blinded media can do is an annual tradition here….. and will be so as long as this website exists or until The N&O issues a formal apology indicting each ink-stained weasel that participated in the most infamous journalistic embarrassment in modern times. The latter ain’t ever gonna happen.

The News & Observer should always be hard-wired to The Duke Lacrosse Scandal every bit as much so as Mikey Nifong….. Crystal Mangum…… Jesse Jackson’s promise….. The Gang of 88….. Richard “Throw’em Under The Bus” Brodhead….. and that phrase “honor student and single mother of two”.

Here is a good time-line archive……. LINK.


Oh….. and Johnny Edwards’ Sugar Mamma “Bunny” Mellon died yesterday at 101. Wonder if Johnny (or Rielle) is mentioned in Bunny’s will?

John Edwards’ news on the 8th anniversary of Duke Lacrosse Scandal. Reminder of ANOTHER embarrassment perpetrated by The News & Observer and award-winning newshound – Rob “RielleWho” Christensen.


The very same newspaper that (1) reports so eloquently on BullyBill Barber’s Hoot & Hates…. and (2) covers the NC General Assembly and the McCrory Administration….. with the same self-righteous irresponsible agenda-blinded passion. Yep, that same newspaper. Think about that EVERY TIME you pick up that newspaper or open its website. NEVER FORGET!

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