Ol’ Roy Sticks Air Jordan In His Mouth

March17/ 2014

So Ol’ Roy is now an Official Shill For Lord Obama.  No one really believes this loose-lipped huckleberry has a clue what he was endorsing (ObamaCare) or was doing anything other than dutifully reading a script he was handed.  We all get that, however….. he is now forever tainted for his actions.

I once had a conversation with Erskine Bowles when he was Prez of The UNC System.   Ersky and I analyzed his support base.  It was pretty small.   Ol’ Roy’s is even smaller….. especially now.  Roy Williams appeared Monday in an embarrassing TV commercial flimflamming the gullible to sign up for ObamaCare.  LINK.

Roy Williams is certainly “allowed” to have any socio-political views and opinions he chooses.   So am I.  So are you.  So is Jim Goodmon and so is BullyBilly Barber.  That said, how many of you’ans think Roy has a clue who NC’s two Senators are…. or that he could name the Mayor of Chapel Hill?   Roy Williams knows as much about ObamaCare as he does Chinese Arithmetic.  Even Nancy Pelosi knows more about it.   OUCH!

Roy Williams is the quint-essential Low Information shill preaching to the Low Information Gimme-free stuff crowd of Carrboro (and Asheville).   As I watched Roy prattle his lines I remembered those Ron Burgundy Dodge truck commercials.

Roy Williams has been called many things.  “Renaissance Man” has never been one of’em.   His basketball program and “golf” are the extent of his conversational orbits.   Get beyond that and ORW starts nodding off or simply gets up and wanders off.

The only books he reads are the ones Art Chansky writes about Dean. …. and those all have lots of pictures.

On the subject of his basketball program, you’d best stick to what happens in Dean’s Dome.   Issues such as who his star players are chumming around with or ANYTHING about their academic progress is far afield from ORW’s sphere of knowledge or concern …… Fats Thomas or Julius Nyang’oro ????

Does ORW know “basketball”?  Absolutely.  He absolutely deserves his plaque in Springfield.  BUT Ol’ Roy don’t know diddley, squat or jack about health insurance or politics.

The good citizens of North Carolina are suppose to take Roy’s advice about Health Care ?  Who is Roy’s target audience for this?

When Erskine and I analyzed his audience, every Repub in NC (except me) was against him because he was seen as Bill Clinton’s butt boy.  That’s arguably 50+% right there.   Within the UNC System, 16 of the 17 campuses were against him because he was seen as a Chapel Hill guy.   Ergo, The Erskine Bowles constituency was reduced to “Democrats in Chapel Hill.”   Which is 99% of Chapel Hill but dwindled to single digits 10 miles outside Chapel Hill.

How many Wuffs, Devils, Pirates or Deacons you think rushed to sign up for ObamaCare because Roy Freakin’ Williams said to?   Hellfire, 58WuffKennel and his two dozen WuffLiberals immediately UNenrolled after seeing Roy’s commercial.

Tar Heel Conservatives tolerated Dean’s overt LibDem-ness because they gave Dean credit for “really believing that self-righteous faux-intellectual crap”.   Roy just mouthed the words someone wrote for him.  A sock-puppet with a goofy grin.

And the freakin’ commercial comes out right after Roy goes 0-fer Greensboro.  Great timing guys!

On the ever-growing list of Dumb Stuff Roy Williams Has Done, I rank this one ahead of throwing out the Presbyterian fan and about even with saying “friggin’ in the press conference.   Not having time to meet with Jim Martin over a four-month period is in a class of its own.

UVA’s Tony Bennett publicly reaffirms his Christian faith (LINK) ….. and UNC’s Roy shills for Obama.  There you go.  You decide.

When Roy finds out that ObamaCare requires everyone to drink Pepsi instead of Coke, Roy’s not gonna be happy at all.

Carolina fans have suffered so many embarrassments over the past five years, this one almost slipped by.  Almost, but not quite.

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