…. and down the stretch they come!

January08/ 2014

That familiar racetrack call applies to Football for this season.  “…… down the stretch it comes” with only the NFL playoffs left on the buffet line.  I get a bit of anxiety this time each year.  As hypocritically corrupt and culturally insane as the sport truly is I ENJOY THE HECK outta watching it on my HD flat-screen.

Did you know….. that incredible FSU v Auburn game was THE FIRST BCS Championship in which BOTH starting QBs have been directly linked to suspected criminal activity?  Winston for the well publicized alleged rape and Nick Marshall for “stealing” while at Georgia.    …… OK, but other than THAT Mrs Lincoln…..

“The games” are awesome athletic competitions PERIOD.   “But but but” you say as you prepare to fire off all the well-deserved condemnations of the blatantly obvious hypocrisy to which I reply…… “yeah yeah blah blah”…. yawn.

I don’t attend a Bible study to see incredible athletic performances so would I go to a football game to be taught morality and celebrate the innate goodness of my fellow man?

I suspect a lot of NFL and college cheerleaders think Moby Dick is a veneral disease, but I don’t watch’em for their intellect.

Blondie wanted to know which team I was pulling for in FSU v Auburn.  It didn’t matter.  The two teams were identical other than uniform colors.   One was coached by a Jimbo and the other by a Gus.   Same interchangeable “gladiators” performing in front of the same spectators.

That thrilling last five minutes was a perfect ending to a November / December / January of nail-biting humdingers in Big Time College Football.  I can’t imagine more on-field thrills and improbable outcomes.

Football is an insane activity.  Of course there is an incredibly high likelihood for injury and/or death.  No one of sound mind would, should play it.  So… there are way enough people who willingly do and will to insure the game’s ongoing prominent role in American society.   So long as no one in my family or my circle of friends is directly affected, who cares?   Play ball…..

Tuesday morning, the #1 story on every sports website was FSU Wins Thriller Over Auburn.   Do you know what the #2 story was?deeddee-(1)

America’s #1 College Football Cougar – Dee Dee Bonner / McCarron – tweeted “Is that even English?” regarding Jameis  Winston’s ebonically-laced post-game comments.

AJ’s cracker momma took a shot at one of son AJ’s primary rivals questioning his general literacy.  Board monkeys went bananas (Duh!) blasting Dee Dee.  It’s 2014.  I thought we were well beyond that.

Actually Winston’s comments were not that unintelligible by comparison to most.  Could it be I am now conversant in ebonics?

Dee Dee, bless her heart, joins 1,000s of others who just don’t get how “tweeting” works.   Wouldn’t you love to see Dee Dee Bonner explain “tweeting” to Roy Williams?

For decades cynics have pointed out the embarrassing illiteracy of high profile college athletes of the AfAm persuasion.  Where has that gotten us as a spectating public?  Exactly Nowhere.

The overall illiteracy of high profile college athletes of the AfAm persuasion is as glaringly obvious as ever with no clarion call to address the issue….. or even to declare it as “an issue”.

Go ahead and make trite snide jabs at the silly hypocrisy of the term “student athletes”.  Look around to see if anyone cares.  No one does.  At least no one in any position to do anything about it.  Beat that long dead horse all you want.

I’ve moved on.   I turn off the games when they dump the Gatorade.   Dumping the Gatorade, The Wave, and “sideline reporters named Heidi” are all mentioned in Revelations as signs of The End of Days.   Look it up.

Hey….. what was noticeable in Alabama v Oklahoma AND FSU v Auburn?   Give up?   None of those four established juggernauts wore “black helmets” or other “hey semi-literate 17 y/os”; look at our cool unis.   Not saying Larry is wrong.  I’m just saying apparently not all 17 y/o bluechippers use “funky unis” as their #1 pick-a-school criteria.

My Mizzou Tigers held on to beat The Pokes From Stillwater in Dallas and firmly put Gary Pinkel on notice to win at least 11 games EVERY year.

Louisville is going to rehire Bobby Petrino.Yee HAAAA!   And that shocks you WHY?  Please scroll back up the top of this column where we discuss “morality vs winning football”….. situational ethics and all that sorta stuff.  Put aside the “bimbo on the motorcycle” incident, Petrino has more “priors” than Kardashians have sex tapes.  Welcome to the ACC Bobby.


Did ya see where an octogenarian Orangeblood named Red went ballistic over Texas picking Charlie Strong as their new HFC?   Red McCombs is to Texas what Mo Koury was for UNC for so long…… the eternal fat cat that is compelled to speak out when silence might be the preferred response.

Red, a San Antonio mega-deep pocked Tea-sipper, couched his comments in such a way that the wild dogs of the Internet immediately left chewing up Dee Dee Bonner to go bite Red on his ankles.

Was Red against Charlie cause Charlie is a black guy or because Charlie ain’t Nick or Bellichek or Darryl Royal Jr?   When Red owned the Minne Vikings he hired AfAm Dennis Green as his coach… so Red’s “not a racist cred” is pretty strong.  At least Red didn’t use any gay slurs in bashing Charlie.   Has anyone uttered a “gay slur” this week….. yet?

No one has mentioned that Charlie does have somewhat of a Blake-ish reputation for recruiting young men of dubious character.   His recruiting antics while at Florida are legend.   Mack Brown may / may not be as saintly as he is being eulogized, but Charlie Strong sure ain’t no saint.

Does a deep pocketed fat cat like Red McCoombs have “a right” to voice his strong opinions?  Did UNC’s BOTBob and his cronies “have a right” to shove Dickie aside and go to Chicago and kiss The Butcher’s rings and beg him to “come to UNC and awaken the sleeping giant”?  Actually “shoving Dickie aside” was long overdue but……

Do fat cats get rights to express opinions via their fat checks to their booster clubs?   If you were a fat cat would you think you “had that right”?


The NFL playoffs have been nailbiting humdingers too.  I bet this week’s will be too.  I don’t like “games played in really cold weather”.   I know some of you do because of some faux-macho reason that goes back to George Halas and the Decatur Staleys playing Carlisle Institute, but I don’t.


To those who say “The Baseball Hall of Fame “voting is a farce”…. in a country where Joe Biden is beginning his 6th year one heart beat from the front seat of Air Force One, the phrase “voting is a farce” should be used with extreme discretion.


Recall back in late October, I noted I could not name five Triangle-area college basketball players (and that was assuming there is still a Plumlee at Duke).  It is now almost mid-January and I might be able to name six.  I do not feel compelled to increase that number.

With some of our favorite TV series gearing back up (Raylan IS BACK!) I have oodles of other options.  Check out Killer Women on ABC on Tuesday. Oh, by the way….. AT&T Uverse TV is AWESOME.  If available in your neighborhood GET IT.

With PJ finally gone, other than Roy doing or saying something “oh so Roy” I can’t come up with a compelling reason to care about them.   Does that make me a member of Carolina Basketball Anonymous? …… “Hi, my name is BobLee and I don’t care any more.”

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