99% (of you) Have No Clue Who….

January08/ 2014

I e-dialogued recently with an area academic – a retired professor of note. The subject was not “if” but “how far” radically left the academic community is in general. My view, of course, was “waaay far”.

He vigorously pontificated that the oft-lamented assumption is far more myth than fact. I think he also questioned the moon landing and The Holocaust for what that says.

He did make the valid point that “99% of the general public….. has no clue who Gene Nichol is and could care less.” The rest of his pontification was poly-syllabic self-aggrandizing BS with a very heavy use of the personal pronoun “I”; but that sentence is likely true. Ergo, I decided to rethink……

Our debate was as pointless as all such partisan “pissing contests” are. When was the last time an opinion was changed by flatulent filiblustering be it on-line or over brandy in a country club sitting room? My guess is around the time Carthage was debating whether Hannibal should attack Rome via the Alps or by sea.

The realization that elephants get sea-sick decided that question. Bet you didn’t know that. But I liked his point about “who da hell is Gene Nichol and who cares?”

My opponent’s point was even IF academics are radical lefties so what? But I read this comment on Nichol differently.

If it weren’t for this website I bet most of you would not know about “Screamin’ Gene”. Gene is, of course, the flatulent flame throwing nutjob over at UNC Law School who uses his N&O-supplied soapbox to routinely and profanely insult pretty much everyone who doesn’t share The Radical Nichol View. Those everyones include at least 65% of the citizens of NC at last count…. a vast majority of who never see Gene’s toxic journo-bombs because fewer and fewer people bother with The N&O these days.

Gene was also Johnny Edwards’ partner in the Poverty Center scam over at UNC and is now paid $250,000 to keep that flim flam afloat. He was once fired as Dictator of William & Mary University for being a colossal bore and insufferable jack-ass.

Gene is BullyBarber without the ecclesiastical raiments and endearing charm (???). Gene Nichol was embarrassing UNC long before Marvin Austin learned to tweet or PJ met Fats Thomas. Both Marvin and PJ are gone now but ol’ Gene is still ranting and raging and embarrassing “the UNC Brand”. THAT is “who is Gene Nichol”…… So what? Who cares?”

He’s right. Unless Gene Nichol’s leonine head explodes or he sets himself on fire outside the Governor’s Mansion (either of which are not beyond possibility) I’m not going to promote this feckless windbag any longer. Feckless windbags don’t deserve my attention.

In fact, I’m not going to allow this website to contribute to the promotion of any such google-eyed goobers any more. That applies to the snarly little journo-assassins that Jim & Barbara Goodmon have hired to insult “you” and “me” and the thousands of “us” from Murphy To Manteo. And similar little beady-eyed weasels still fogging mirrors for McClatchy’s regional newspapers.

Oh, I’ll still be warning you that WRAL’s Jim Goodmon, and McClatchy’s Orage Quarles and John Drescher are committed to destroying everything you cherish about America. But we won’t be promoting their assorted journo-weasels. That will apply to the likes of Chris Fitzsimons and his wretched little toadies…. and Gerrick Brenner and his snively ilk.

If you haven’t figured out “the left-wing media” by now, you are not likely to ever see a bright light on your handbasket descent to Hell.

If you allow anything you read or hear from that crowd to negatively affect your opinion of any duly-elected public official of the Republican persuasion, then you’re hopeless.

I’ve suggested this before….. visit the offices of The N&O or WRAL or Greensboro’s N&R and ask to meet one of their constipated journo-weasels by name. Just to meet them and look into their beady little eyes. Don’t be rude and don’t start a ruckus, just meet them. Stand in the lobby and just say “hi”.

NOTE: It’s 99% sure that they will NOT come out to meet you so this is all theoretical. Trying telling the security guard you come from Bill Barber bringing’em a plate of macaroons.

If you feel anything other than a chilly shiver of yuckiness then maybe you are already one of the Walking Dead that believe “what I read in the paper ….. what I heard on the local news”. You have your boarding pass for the Handbasket to Hell for America’s future.

The next 10 months are going to be very scary. Goodmon, McClatchy, PBS, CBS, CNN, MSNBC (are they still around?) and their ilk across the country are ratcheting up their attacks as we head to November. As we have seen in the recent past; they employ a Scorched Earth / Take No Prisoners strategy.

Sorry to be so graphic but it is time to make a stand or grab your ankles.


Dennis Rodman is now our unofficial Ambassador to North Korea. I can recall worrying when Jimma Carter, Rev Jesse and Sean Penn were doing that crap. NEVER say “it can’t get any worse than ____” when dealing with looney liberals. ….. Obviously a promo-prelude to a Biden & Rodman ticket in 2016.

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