Slick Billy’s Latest Scam & Before “Nazi” what?

September06/ 2013

“Slick Billy” Barber is pulling one of his old scams AGAIN ….. with his media clowns in his pocket as always.

Speaking of clowns…. what did partisan knuckleheads call one another “Before there were Nazis” ? Philistines ? Etruscans? Tar Heels? Wolfpackers? Then along came that wacky dude in all those You Tube parodies…..

Bless his heart “Slick Billy” Barber is at it again. Actually not again. Slick Billy is never not “at it”. He is the EverReady Slick Billy Bunny of “at it”.

This time Slick Billy is pulling his old “they won’t meet with me” scam. Specifically Governor Pat McCrory won’t grant an audience to Slick Billy….. that Slick Billy intends to turn into a full-blown media circus complete with clowns like Rob Christensen, Laura Leslie, Johnny Frank and Binky among others pouring out of an itty bitty car in the center ring.

RobReilleWho LauraLib “JohnnyReb” Binky

Slick Billy Demands Meeting w/ PatMc – CLICK

Here’s a bit o’ history NEVER reported by those media clowns.
Each of the past two General Assembly “long sessions”, Majority Leaders Thom Tillis and Phil Berger have juggled many schedules to arrange meetings with Slick Billy Barber to allow him to air his litany of grievances in a face-to-face fashion. The meetings get set with all parties agreeing on time / place / attendees / agenda et al.

In each case, Slick Billy (via “his people”) abruptly canceled his scheduled appearances an hour or so out. Every time. It has become positively Pavlovian.

Are these scheduled, then canceled by Billy, meetings in the public record? Yep.
So “the media” knew but never reported them. Yep.
“The media” really is quite corrupt? Yep.

It has never been Billy Barber’s intention to ever sit down and discuss and compromise like grown-ups do. Billy has to control all aspects of the event and be sure he, and his media stooges, can maximize it to benefit his image with his lemming-esque disciples.

Maximizing his “rep” and building his street cred with his mob of terminal malcontents is Slick Billy Barber’s game. His only game.

In his latest bloviation to intimidate Gov McCrory:
Slick Billy is claiming 80% of NC citizens oppose the Voter ID bill.
80% WHOA ….. and a hearty Yeeee Haaa!

How many times must I remind Billy to NEVER use a round number when you make up crap like that. 82.3% is much more dramatic. 35-40% much more accurate, but who carries about ”accurate”. Right Billy? I swear Billy needs to hire me. Don’t you think?

Did Slick Billy’s media stooges actually go with that 80% B***S*** figure? Sure. They go along with ANYTHING Slick Billy tells’em. Where you been the past two months ??


Question: What do Conservatives – Liberals – Democrats – Republicans – The NCAA – the cable company – your local school board – me and DG all have in common?

Answer: Somewhere in the gianormous nuclear waste dump known as “the Internet” each of the above and anyone associated with any of them ….. has been called “Nazis” by them what disagrees with’em. ……surer than who made “little green apples”.

Chapel Hill political gadfly DG Martin is basking in his Andy Warhol spotlight right now via a mini-kerfluffle over his recent oblique employment of said epithet aimed at The McCrory Administration.

My interest in DG Martin’s thoughts is if he exposed the partisan hypocrisy of PBS/NPR. He didn’t. DG “Nazied” in his syndicated column. I thought it lame for any one as erudite as DG Martin to “go there” but it did get him a lot of views for his column.

Darn clever marketing ploy, DG.

As an in-yo-face openly partisan provocateur, I get called “Nazi – racist – homophobe – chauvinist – SOB – blah blah blah” so often I feel neglected if I’m not feelin’ that love by 9:15 each morning. Do what I do or what DG Martin, Barry “The Colonel” Saunders and others do for a month. You’ll get on some knucklehead’s radar and you too will be called “a Nazi”. We all remember our “first time”.

The uniqueness of Nazi is that both sides employ it so often. Bottom-feeders that go Nazi don’t have a clue what it means other than it is insulting because pretty much everyone thinks Nazis are/were really bad guys. Everyone except Aryan Nation scaries and three very old dudes hiding in Buenos Aires still wearing swaztikered underwear.

Bush / Cheney AND Obama / Holder are, of course, “Nazis” ?? Tillis/Berger AND Basnight/Rand …. ditto?? John Swofford, Bud Selig, and the principal at Millard Fillmore Junior High – “Nazis” !!!

Paula Deen, The Kardashians, A-Rod, Johnny Manziel, Flo The Progressive Insurance shill, Guy Fieri ?? Them too ??

To my original point. What did angry knuckleheads call each other BEFORE the pop lexicon gave us “Nazis”? In a pre-Nazi world was there a universal collective noun insult? Your suggestions please….

Subject to your suggestions, I’m going with Philistine. Goliath being their Hitler.

Maybe “You’re a Nazi” is like those juicy conspiracy theories?
50% of the accusations are correct….. but which 50% ?


DEMANDING to meet with The Governor! I shoulda tried that gambit with Dumplin’ Purdue. I hear Bevy made yummy Rice Krispy Treats.

Guvy Dumplin’ and AgentPierce sitting around nibbling on her Treats….
… and calling each other Nazis.

Speaking of “going viral” that last column – I Like Art Pope – did! Hehehehe…..

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