What Say You Chancellor Chihuahua?

September05/ 2013

The headline read “UNC-CH Student Says/Does Something Stoopid”. Certainly nothing unusual about that. It was, after all, a day that ends in “y”. …. I called BobLee to see if it was “PJ” again. He assured me “No, not PJ this time”. …… I checked it out and it has a pretty high “hoot factor”.

A couple of little flatulent snotnoses with bad haircuts and Joe Biden posters in their dorm rooms have decided to re-implement The Speaker Ban Law circa 2013 – Holy Herbert J Aptheker, Batman !! …..

I’m curious what brand-new Chancellor Carol (she’s from DARTMOUTH don’t you know!) might have to say about this. Maybe you’re curious too? ……

A dear friend of mine will read this and give a great big grin. Stoopid senseless crap like this used to fall in his lap to deal with. But not any more. 🙂

The specifics are not the real story here. A student-run committee oversees funding for the plethora of campus student organizations. They get X amount of funds to dole out to these groups so they can bring in outside speakers and other related activities to promote whatever bizarre causes tickles the fancy of these “pretend we’re relevant” junior social activists.

The mind reels at the spectrum of interests that one might find kicking over a rock anywhere in Chapel Hill.

Times are tough in the UNC Funding area lately as you might have heard. After decades of drunken sailor spending, reality has hit the south side of Franklin Street not with a whimper but with a “thud”.

There’s simply not as many tax-payer dollars available to sponsor “Ya Wanna Be A Porn Star” job fairs and “Happy Birthday Fidel Castro” parties and “How to grow pot in your dorm room” demos.

The pie is smaller so slices must be smaller. Long established campus groups with enough legit members to fill up a VW bus might expect fewer dollars than in past years. Makes sense….. probably even to liberals. OK, maybe that’s a stretch.

Nonsense groups composed of three angry tattooed freaks of indeterminant sexual orientation might not get tax-payer funds at all.

(Whatever happened to that little Morehead Scholar twit – Haley Koch – that got herself pepper-sprayed and arrested a few years ago? The one that was majoring in Zulu Sexual Mores or some such?… She was a real piece o’ work)

UPDATE: Confirmed that Haley Koch (aka The Only Morehead Scholar to ever be arrested!) is indeed “a budding Hard-Core Adult Film Actress” under the name of Chloe Camilla. Uncle Mott would be so proud. A proud graduate of Sidwell Friends School in DC…. where Obamas, Gores and Clintons children went.

The UNC Young Republicans fall into the long-established campus organization category. Tightening their belts was expected. Being strangled with that belt was not expected. Their funding request was sliced 70%; essentially preventing them from bringing in any speakers this academic year. ….. which we quickly learned was exactly the objective.

The first official statement on “how come” was bureaucratic double-talk about funding resources…. blah, blah, blah. But junior snotnose little liberals can be counted on to be incredibly stoopid given the slightest opportunity. Enter Liberal Snotnose Punks – Austin Root and Harrison Touby.

Austin Root & Harrison Touby ? …… I mean REALLY! Is this a BRAVO Channel reality show? They could not resist blurting the real reasons why they voted to cut off the Young Repubs at the knees.

Root & Touby don’t like the YRs choice of speakers “because they appear on FoxNews…….” and “….. aren’t real intellectuals”.

Root & Touby implement their own version of The Speaker Ban circa 2013. Somewhere Herbert J. Aptheker weeps…..

You can read all the details on Plott Hound and in this link.

Incidentally, I had lunch with Katie Pavlich last year. She’s sharp as a straight razor…. and prettier than a speckled pup. Both qualities not likely to be found in speakers that might meet Root & Touby’s qualifications.

“Root & Touby” are no more representative of the rank & file UNC-CH undergrad than PJ Hairston is….. but they invariably become poster boys for the institution. “They” are what NC General Assembly members think of when “funding UNC System” comes up. Not to mention what rival alumni love to chortle about when stereotyping “all you UNCers”.

Allocating these funds is a student exercise and not an issue that South Building Administrators should get involved in. But aren’t you kinda curious what New Chancellor Carol Folt might think about this?

Aren’t you curious how “political” Carol Folt is? I am.

Former Chancellors James Moeser and Holden Thorp were both notorious for wearing their Extreme Left-Wing Uber-Liberal bias on their sleeve. They went out of their way to insult Conservatives at every opportunity whether they be General Assembly members, alumni, or students. Will Carol Folt be that openly partisan against 60+% of the state?

The regional media certainly won’t dare ask her. Duh!

Maybe DG Martin could ask her. DG’s liberal politics is well-known but he does have a well-deserved reputation for trying to be a fair journalist. Surely DG recalls ol’ Herbie Aptheker from 1964.

DG, howsabout asking Chancellor Carol her opinion on this latest little dust-up?

Every time there is a student protest over at UNC-CH (which averages about “weekly”) the same dozen or so forlorn little humanoids make up the “crowd” (??) on the steps of South Building. Dirty t-shirts, bad complexions, and sad expressions that scream “I REALLY hated PE in high school!”

I wonder if Root & Touby are UNC-CH “serial protestors”. Always reminds me of the losers from a casting call for a campus production of Big Bang Theory….. without a Penny.

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