Thank You Greg Little and Jennifer

September06/ 2013

Am I not the luckiest Internet Legend there’s ever been.  First Coach Dave’s lash-out (?); and now Greg & JennTheTutor save me AGAIN from having to write about JohnnyThePunk.   At this rate, maybe I’ll never have to….. Yippee.

Following up on Coach Dave’s “lash out”…… if there is ANYTHING easier in this world than sending a certain faction of WuffWorld (and you know who you are…. hehehehe) into deep space, I can’t imagine what it might be.   Waaaay easier than shooting fish in a barrel while falling off a log.

Imply anything that calls into question their self-image as THE pre-imminent fan base in West Raleigh and their wuffy heads start exploding…. Pop, Pop, Pop.

Who says they are “THE pre-imminent fan base in……..”?  They do.  “They” being “a certain faction of Wuff World”, NOT the fully-functioning adult Wuffs with the two opposable thumbs.  Those folks are just fine.   Great folks actually.  It’s the cross-eyed goobers deep in the basement of Wm Neal Reynolds Coliseum that are such fun to poke with a stick.   So fun and soooo predictable.

The Coach Dave & Frau comments about Wuff 2nd half loyalty was, according to The Immortal, a carefully conceived strategy.   The Immortal has a burlap sack full of such amazing theories.   His one on TA McLendon having a 3rd knee is one of my faves.  And the one where Carolina had 46 men on the field blocking for Gio’s punt return is a good one too.  I digress…..

Strategy or not….. two separate issues are in play – (1) The Pass-Out Policy….. and (2) Staying around until 00:00 regardless of game situation or opponent or acts of God or …….

Three years ago – State w/ Russell at QB versus FlaState at The Carter (at night).   We were Lobo & Angel’s guests at a RV with an assortment of reasonably sane Wuffs.  One of whom admitted once having had sex with a domesticated farm animal….. keeping that urban legend alive.    We were in RV City next to Wuff Mountain.

We all poured out at the half for F&B.   The wimmenfolk had had their fill of outdoor Football so they all settled in the a/c-comfy RV village with 4-5 big screen HDs all around us.   Someone needed to chaperone the gals so I volunteered.   The Wuff-boys straggled back inside Carter about mid-way the 3rd Qrt.   Russell led a miracle comeback which I watched in a cool RV while eating ribs and pimento cheese and little cinnamon things.

EVERY Wuff game I’ve ever been invited to (except that one time with The Immortal) has been similar.  Every normal Wuff I know seems very happy with the arrangement.   I assume the cross-eyed goober faction is too; if “being happy” is even in the their knotted-up DNA.   That has never been proven.

Just for fun, I hope Frau and Dave try to do away with the Pass-Out Policy.   Frau might want to wait til Dave wins an ACC ring or two or three before she tries it.   Bobby Purcell’s phone and email will melt-down.    Much worse than the LTR / PSL whatever scam.

Wendell and the Mega-Wuffs don’t care.  They are all comfy in their rock-star suites up on top of Vaughan Towers but the rank & file would revolt.   I’d pay cash money for a front row seat at a for-real Storm The Case Building Riot.

When Dave’s Wuffs play Big Boy Colleges, the Lupine Loyalists will stay as long as the game is competitive and weather conditions are generally tolerable….. rain, heat, cold, et al.  Fan bases are like “water”, all seek their own level of behavior.  Trying to manipulate them with “strategic” suggestions serve only to provide guys like me with column fodder.


So Greg Little did blah blah blah…. $20,000….. blah blah….. and JenniferTheNever-SeenTutor was his bag-girl among other things?

If there is anyone not named Baddour (or Thorp) that is shocked by this breaking news, I don’t know’em.  I know a LOT of people.  Even Steve Logan “knew”.

Ted Bundy killed, what, 20-some coeds?  He could only be executed once.  Little and his fellow Blake-Bunch were all thrown off Butch’s Dream Team.   Butch was fired in humiliating fashion….. and Little Dickie got a bunch of stoopid plaques and a study hall named for him – The That Damn Dickie Baddour Study Hall – on the 3rd floor of The Blue Zone.  Actions had consequences.

If Institutional Control is defined as did the nitwit AD or the terminally naïve Chancellor have a freakin’ clue?  then there was indeed a lack of it”

The Now-Gone Chancellor also didn’t know “if a football is inflated or stuffed” or have an opinion on abolishing the designated hitter.   I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t.

Did The Butcher of Kenan Know?   Jon Sasser will tell us “Butch didn’t know nuthin….. including who John Blake was…...” or Choo Choo for that matter.  Butcher did exactly what BOTBob & Buddies hired him to do…..   The N&O has STILL not interviewed BOTBob, but after three years who’s still counting.  Me.

Alas.  No one has ever found JenniferTheNeverSeenTutor or “Deborah”….. or DB Cooper or Amelia Earhart.   USAToday reports that Jennifer is now married, but apparently no wedding photographer has been identified.

Governor Jim Martin didn’t talk to Roy “because _______” .   I’m sorry.   Discussing that “because” always gets me giggling uncontrollably. ….. hehehehehe.

If the NCAA goons want to come back, their old rooms at the Eastgate Holiday Inn are still available.   And, of course, Fats can set’em all up with “rides” during their stay. ……. whatever.

JFK has been dead fifty years yet a “single bullet theory” cult still exists.   For three + years, that earlier referenced faction of quite obsessed wuffs continues to wake up every single morning consumed with “bringing down UNCheats”.   That passion has filled a sizable void in their lives.   Every ill wind truly does blow some one’s sails.

Had Young Marvin never tweeted, might those impassioned ABC “Seekers of Justice” have discovered a cure for carpal tunnel….. or how to DVR more than two shows at once?  I guess we will never know, will we?

Incidentally…. Young Marvin has been cut by the Giants.  His NFL career Hi-Lite may be slamming Mark Sanchez two weeks ago.  Neither The Bloods nor The Crips have expressed interest as of 7 AM Friday.  But Marv’s place in UNC history is permanently etched.


Our Good Sports show guests this Saturday (10:30 AM) will be:…….TAA DAAA!

“The Fabulous Comparato Twins”
Nicole & Paige.

It was exactly one year ago in Kenan’s Choo Choo Lounge that The Legend of The Fabulous Comparato Twins was born.   We invite you to join Art and Ron and I on WCHL 97.9 FM at 10:30 AM to celebrate with The Fabs.   Then stick around for a game against Middle SomethingOrOther in a likely very hot Kenan Memorial Stadium.   The Fabs and yours truly will be chillin’ in The Choo Choo.

OMG…. The Immortal has just invited me to The Carter for the Richmond game.   He promises to provide me with an air-cooled Kevlar vest.   I’ll probably need it!

Life Is Good!
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