C’mon Pat, make’em work for it.

August18/ 2013

Hey Governor PatMc….. what’s this crap about rewarding some of your campaign puppies with fat guvmint jobs in DHHS? Oh, I “get it” that this crap is done all the time and that Dumplin’ Perdue, Sleazy Easley and even Ol’ Jim Hunt did it A LOT but YOU CAN’T DO IT PAT! The rules are different for you (and Thom and Phil et al) and you better learn that before its too late.

Here’s why it’s different for you……

You are in A WAR Pat. A WAR that none of those aforementioned Democ Governors ever had to fight. It’s a 24/7 WAR and it’s not going to abate one iota as long as you, Thom and Phil have control of the NC General Assembly.

It is a WAR for public perception and this latest stubbed toe with the patronage for puppies is a battle you just lost. If you didn’t see this IED in the middle of the road, then your press relations advisors needs shaking up …… pronto.

This sort of crap is toxic. As toxic as anything not involving an under-age girl or anyone named Trayvon.

I’m sure these fuzzy-cheek pups did yeoman’s work for your campaign. They worked those long campaign hours doing all that campaign “grunt work” because (1) they were true believers…. and (2) hoped that if they backed the winning horse, they would reap some spoils.

These plum positions doing “who da hell knows what” in that murky swamp known as DHHS are those “spoils”.

Again….. done ALL the time when a new administration rides in and displaces the patronage puppies and/or good ol’ boys put in by the “just voted outta town” bunch.

Are your bright-eyed pups a tremendous improvement over the slack-jawed somnambulant affirmative action detritus that Dumplin Perdue stuck in those positions? Of course they are; but that comparison will NEVER be made by your media enemies.

IF it was reported that what you did is small potatoes compared to the decades of patronage waste generated by Perdue-Easley-Hunt over umpteen years, then you might look pretty tame by comparison……. But, I guess you noticed, it will NEVER be reported “that way”.

PAT….. Jim Goodmon (WRAL) and McClatchy (The N&O / Charl Observer) have ONE objective – to totally discredit and destroy you and your administration. The other small time media follow their lead. When they run a salacious headline against you presenting only one side….. it gets picked up and reprinted / retold across the state.

Hellfire Pat. Jim Goodmon created a whole department when you were elected. A department of blood-thirsty journo-vultures to dumpster-dive digging up (or making up) anything they can use to destroy you. Thom, Phil et al.

These are hard-wired weasels who will NEVER cut you the slightest slack or ever retract the worst salacious innuendo about your administration. These are tabloid thugs in cheap suits and bad haircuts who checked their consciences at the door when they signed on with Goodmon….. to Destroy You.

You can’t make’em “not lie” but DAMN ….. At least don’t hand them your head on a platter with crap like “patronage for campaign puppies”.

You handed these campaign puppies their brass rings back in April….. right? Why do you think Goodmon / McClatchy waited until NOW to run with it? Duh…… so they can headline your insensitivity to fuel their contrived “McCrory Hates School Teachers” campaign. You just gave that campaign a turbo-charge.

School is starting and now the teachers’ lounges from Murphy To Manteo will be abuzz with teeth gnashing about a handful of your patronage puppies (fuzzy-cheeks with zilch qualifications) making considerably more than 95% of public school teachers….. for doing “guvmint jobs” (wink, wink). Jobs that they can’t even explain “what they do”.

Jeezzzz. Stapling your tie to your desk blotter woulda been less embarrassing. Every NC public school teacher making less than $80,000 just got bitch-slapped by this Pat.

Sure it’s “only” a handful of puppies but Goodmon / McClatchy et al will make it seem like multitudes. And you can’t do a thing to stop’em.

Sure Dumplin’, Sleazy and Hunt did as bad or much worse….. but that history will never make it in any story.

Your “official statement” in rebuttal was weak Pat. Nothing you could say will do anything but add fuel to the bonfire. Paying these fuzzy-cheeked puppies “big boy dollars” to do whatever is simply how politics works. It’s that sausage factory of politics that every party does….. but only Democrats in NC can get away with.

Only Democrats get media protection and get away with this crap…… unless Carolina Journal’s Don Carrington can catch’em; which he has done so many times. Can you say McQueen Campbell boys and girls?

Personally I wasn’t that thrilled with your “cookies for the scraggly hippies” several weeks ago. I know some on our side liked that one, but I thought it was weak too.

Pat, I really am in your corner. I think you have the best interests of the majority of NC citizens in your heart and mind. I know Barber’s sideshow act was a media-fueled pile o’ crap…… a few thousand terminally constipated malcontents dressed up by “the media”. “The media” that has taken an oath to destroy you.

Pat, these tone-deaf moves are dragging you down big time.

Who are you listening to? Is there “a Karl Rove” blowing up your administration from the inside-out? If your inner-circle lacks anyone politically-savy enough to prevent this sorta crap….. get youself a new inner-circle.

Pat….. Goodmon and McClatchy’s journo-weasels are sorting thru that dumpster behind The Mansion right now. Make’em dig deep for their dirt, Pat. Stop doing their job for’em.

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