“The Graveyard Whistler” Has a Hizzy Fit

August16/ 2013

John Drescher gets paid $400,000 a year by McClatchy/N&O to issue quarterly “graveyard whistles” declaring….. Despite losing more millions of dollars and more thousands of readers, we will continue to trash Republicans so long as Sacramento keeps throwing money down our rat hole.

This week N&O Executive Editor Drescher penned an excoriating hizzy fit harrumph at Governor Pat McCrory. Drescher says McCrory said “… journalists are dumb”. WHOA BOY!

The very fragile liberal ego cannot handle any attack on his/her self-proclaimed “smartness”. Faux-intellectualism being about all they got.

John Drescher is “Gilligan” on the not-so-good ship N&O.
Orage Quarles being “The Skipper”.

Hey Pierce. Q: If Drescher makes $400,000 what does Quarles rake in? A: A LOT more…. while their not-fired-yet worker-bees have to provide their own coffee cups. Trickle-down economics N&O-style.

RobRielleWho is their “award-winning” Jesse/Pat/Tillis-trasher. JohnnyReb Frank is “Rob Wannabee”. Ned Barnett is the once fired/then rehired-for-now Editorial Assassin. The rest of their motley crew consists of a handful of hangers-on dreading each Friday’s furlough list.

“Furlough” is failing newspaper lingo for “go home and don’t come back until we call you… unless you want to keep coming in and work for nothing”.

First off; Drescher’s headline:

Drescher: Gov. McCrory says journalists are dumb

….. is flat out Incorrect. So what? you say. Most headlines in Drescher’s newspaper are incorrect, misleading, slanderous or downright lies. True dat.

What Governor McCrory ACTUALLY said in referring to his economic plan was:

…… “This is too complex for the journalists,” McCrory said to businessmen during a speech Monday in Asheville, according to the Mountain Xpress. “They don’t have economics degrees; they’ve not been in business. I respect them greatly, but you get it.”

The word “dumb” does not appear. Pat never said it. But Truth never stops a McClatchy muckraker. Right John?

Pat’s much more questionable statement was “I respect them (journalists) greatly.” Initiate impeachment ASAP.

Nothing reminds a liberal of all those “wedgies” back in Jr Hi like questioning their intelligence. They immediately respond by throwing out “degrees”. It’s positively pavlovian.

College degrees are the pent-ultimate definer of “smart” to a liberal. Drescher started spouting all the degrees among his not-yet-furloughed gang. One “graduated from SWARTHMORE (oooooh) and worked in micro-biology” ….. and is now toiling on the cheap for a failing newspaper ?? Drescher uses THAT to prove “smart” ???

Drescher never mentioned how many of his gang can “change a tire”….. “program their TV remote”…… “open a bottle of aspirin”…… “spell Thom Tillis’ name correctly”…. or “know the wherabouts of Mike Nifong”…… but they have a bunch of degrees by golly.

Ever clever John employed “a Mayberry reference”. His non-furloughable columnist Barry “The Colonel” Saunders having an exclusive on Sanford & Son references.

Drescher then issued a sledge hammer insult at Catawba University in Salisbury – Pat McCrory’s alma mater. To John Drescher, a degree from Catawba is apparently worth even less than a share of McClatchy stock these days. OUCH.

FWIW Drescher is a graduate of UNC-CH, but since Marvin Austin tweeted three years ago, John’s name has been “Mud” along beautiful Franklin Street. A uber-liberal journalist hated in Chapel Hill ?? That’s gotta be a first.

Drescher took the opportunity to brag that “I oversee a newsroom budget of $12 million dollars”. He failed to mention how much of that budget is written in ever-darker shades of red ink. “Overseeing the N&O newsroom”….. sounds as promising as “running the morgue in Damascus Syria”.

Drescher also neglected to mention the following evidence of “just how smart” he and his motley tabloidists are.

• The N&O described Duke Lacrosse “heroine” Crystal Mangum as “an honor student and single mother of two”. (Note: since then Crystal has dropped 2-3 more babies…. and is currently facing Murder One for offing a baby daddy with a butcher knife…. “honor student”?)
• Despite having “award-winning” political newshound Robbie Christensen IMBEDDED in John Edwards’ campaign, Drescher’s newspaper was TWO WEEKS behind every other media outlet on EARTH in reporting Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter. “Award-winning newshound” indeed!
• Concerned over profiling of Durham criminals, Drescher’s brainiacs decided to not identify “perps” by race or by skin color. Preferring instead to note “he was wearing a do-rag”. (aka the infamous Do-rag Rule)
• Despite being chummy chummy with every warm body in the place; Drescher’s wizards of smarts had no clue that NC Democratic Party HQ was a festering septic tank of sexual harassment. It took “a right-leaning local think tank” to first report that one.
• Mary Easley’s cushy appointment over at NC State ?? Remember THAT Democratic Scandal? Drescher’s high IQ bunch missed that one too. Again, Don Carrington at Carolina Journal broke that one. Don does NOT have a degree in microbiology but he is “an award-winning investigative journalist”.
• Drescher’s newspaper spent a week trashing BILLY GRAHAM for espousing conservative views in a interview. Drescher had his reputation assassins blast Dr Graham’s blatant disregard for separation of church & state……. THEN TeamDrescher got themselves baptized in Reverend “Slick Billy” Barber’s Church of We Hate Republicans…… tithing 50% of their front page to every one of Slick Billy’s vitriolic rants. “Separation of church & state” doesn’t count when Slick Billy is demoguging and John Drescher is kissing his ring.
• OK, what about all those scandals with Dumplin Perdue? Nope, Drescher’s bunch missed those too. Again, Don Carrington who has never attended Swarthmore to our knowledge. Speaking of Dumb, what’s Li’l Dumplin’ up to these days?

Yessiree. Governor McCrory better be careful questioning the “smartness” of John Drescher and his ever-dwindling little newsroom-full of sloppy reporters with lots of degrees.

I’m certainly not enamored with everything Pat McCrory has done or how he’s gone about doing it. He has zigged a few times he shoulda zagged and stubbed his toe more than once. He’s got to get his on-base % up considerably in his next three years. I think he will.

Meanwhile over in their half-empty building on South McDowell Street in Raleigh, “Gilligan” Drescher and “Skipper” Quarles will keep wading in red ink while furloughing more and more employees. Even the “smart ones” with very impressive degrees? Yes, even the “smart ones” with impressive degrees.

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