RIMSHOTS: 04/12/13

May12/ 2013

Its been almost two weeks and “the rings” have not thrown the solar system out of kilter; but I suppose a few words are due.  In the all-important “rivals” category, there was an announcement of some import this past week. ….. a Miami Heat fan redefines “complete idiot”.   A Triangle sports media icon makes a move….. and yours truly completes an epic trek – It’s RIMSHOTS ……

“The Rings” – Larry Fedora decided that being “Ineligible Tri-Champions of the ACC Coastal Division” last Fall merited finger bling for his youngsters….. so his youngsters now have finger bling.  I don’t think even “Eligible” Champions of the Coastal Division merits “rings” but my opinion was neither needed nor asked.

Heck, I think Christmas In Shreveport is ridiculous along with 73% of all “so coach gets a bonus” bowls.

I have a piece of finger bling – 1969 Big 8 Champions / 1970 Orange Bowl.  We (Missouri) went 9-2 with impressive victories over Nebraska, Oklahoma and Michigan.  Our two losses were to Colorado and to Penn State in The Orange Bowl.  It was a heckuva season that I recall fondly when I wear that ring.   But enough about me.

Larry nor BubbaTheRealAD have offered me an explanation nor have I asked.  That was also the case with the cartoonish “foot” helmets.  I know that Coach Fedora was very appreciative that last season’s seniors stayed and made critical positive impact to the successful season. Perhaps “rings” was simply his thank you to them.  Future recruits are also very important to Coach Fedora and for him and his staff (and current players) to flash 2012 Ineigible Tri-Champions ACC Coastal Division might impress some future blue-chipper.

Hey, it coulda been worse.  “Watches for the winning team in the Spring Game” was rejected after very short deliberation.

Nothing that UNC Sports Marketing does has me as its target demographic and that is very smart on their part.

Whenever the UNC AthDept sneezes, between the “Ahhh….” and the “….Choo” NC State’s Brickyard Bunch yells FOUL.   Ergo “the rings” attracted no small amount of their interest…. including, of course, the obligatory “John Swofford Conspiracy”.   Rings for Ineligible Tri-Champions of an ACC Division are not specifically OKed in the ACC bylaws ergo The Swofford Factor.

I was also not consulted in 2001 when one of UNC’s area rivals had a “parade” that also drew snarky comments from area fan bases.

In conclusion….. I think the rings are quite silly, but “quite silly” applies to 87% of what happens every day in American sports.  The Yellowstone Caldera was apparently undisturbed by “the rings” – Thank Goodness!

PS:  The UNC AthDept has also released a video that sorta / kinda obliquely expresses its support of homosexuals….  Again, I haven’t asked but can imagine a great deal of pressure and intimidation was applied by the notorious  LGBTQ gang…. but, hey, it’s Chapel Hill.


Speaking of rivals….. UNC via the aforementioned BubbaTheRealAD announced this week that UNC and USoCarol will play in Charlotte to open the 2015 season.   I, of course, vigorously promoted this obvious concept 6-7 years ago but that was BB (“Before Bubba”).   Many great ideas were never acted upon “BB”.

As long as Steve Spurrier is in Columbia, the Gamecocks will be a top echelon SEC program.  When he leaves they might fall back to mediocre.  Who knows?   UNC v USC in Charlotte is a natural “border war” not unlike Texas – OU.   I doubt I will even consider paying what will likely be premium price for a ticket but I will certainly watch in my Home Theater.   Again, I am not anyone’s target market.

Excellent move Bubba!

Both UNC and NCState have outstanding baseball programs this Spring.   UNC is #1 and NCSU is #5.  Both should get to Omaha but the ever-treacherous regionals must be navigated.

The two excellent programs split two games two weeks ago setting up a likely meeting in Durham in the upcoming ACC tournament which, like the ACC Bkball tournament is pretty meaningless.   Especially to whichever team might lose in that meeting.

ACC Baseball doesn’t bring out the low grade bottom-feeders that slither all about in Football and Basketball.  I really enjoy their absence.

Both programs are built on a core of in-state talent.  I like that too.  Both coaches – Elliot Avent and Mike Fox – are low-key “baseball guys”.  Yet another Big Plus for both.


Regional Sports Media Icon Caulton “Toots” Tudor “retired” several months ago after a bazillion years with The News & Observer.   With The N&O leaking red ink like The Exxon Valdez leaking crude, “retiring” means “was told he could stay on but he would no longer be paid to do so”.   Longtime reporters/columnists who were making decent money have all been sent packing in recent years as the failing newspaper slashes expenses to keep the lights on.

Their terminally fatal condition, according to remaining not-canned-yet weasels – Christensen, Frank, and “Barry”, is “because the GOP controls the NC Gen Assembly” …. of course.

Toots promptly signed on with the local NBC affiliate that has “about a dozen viewers” on a good night.   That only lasted until WRAL signed him for their sports team.  We like Toots so Attaboy Caulton!

The motley remains of The N&O’s sports and news staffs take turns being furloughed which means “stay home without pay for a few weeks”.   Those who do get paid are required to bring their own coffee and supply their own mouse pads.

“Toots’ was unique as both UNC and NCState lunatic fringes were always firmly convinced he was “for them and against us”.   Lunatic fringes have many many “firm convictions”.


Did ya see that picture of the Miami Heat idiot fan “shooting the bird” at a Chicago Bull last week?   To be courtside for a Heat playoff game meant this bimbo’s ticket costs some shmuck $500 easy.miamifan

Turns out she is the widow of some C list Miami-area celebrity whose death she was a person of interest in.

Proving that not all idiot fans are pathtic punks in soiled underwear in their mamma’s basement…… but many are.


Yours truly checked off a bucket list item today (Sunday) – I completed my trek of the entire 30-mile length of the Neuse River Trail – from Falls Lake to Johnston County.   I accomplished this over a two-week period.  The 30-miles required 60 miles of walking as each day was an out & back from the prior day’s end point.

Just me, my audio books, and Mother Nature….. No board monkeys.  No politics.   As I have noted previously, when I am walking I wear no partisan adornment.   I find I get more smiles and polite waves that way.   FWIW, I did my trek WITHOUT “a Sacajawea”.

I celebrated the completion of my epic trek with brunch at the Waffle House in Clayton.


It’s 9 PM Sunday night…. did Sergio EVER hole out on #17 ?   OUCH!

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