Is Rush Done ? ….. Nope. :-)

Rush Done??
May15/ 2013

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May 2013

Over the past 20 years, which blaring headline have you seen most often – “Elvis Is Alive” or “Rush Is Dead”? A close #3 might be “McDonald’s Scuttles McRib”. None of the three ever pans out. Like Old Man River and the Energizer Bunny….. El Rushbo just keeps on keepin’ on and the beady-eyed pointy-teethed libs just keep on fussin’ and fumin’. They’re at it AGAIN….. and its ANOTHER mainstream media misfire. …….

If liberals believed in Christmas, you’d athought it came early for them last week as their media stooges screamed STOP THE PRESSES- Limbaugh Is Toast” and “We Interrupt this program for this special announcement …… RUSH LIMBAUGH IS KAPUT”.

Unless you live under a rock you probably saw/heard some version of: “Ding Dong Rush Is Done! Radio Stations all across the fruited plain are cancelling the eeeeevil Rush Limbaugh. The last roadblock to Lord Obama being declared Emperor For Life has been removed….. Hip Hip Hooray…… we knew he would never last…… blah blah blah. …………. oops, Nope.

Except, of course, like all the other “Rush Is Done” reports over the past 25 years; this one was just another liberal media wish that ain’t true.

That doesn’t mean that Rush-haters Worldwide didn’t turn backflips. They did just as they have done all the other times the ink-stained wretches and dim-bulb info babes have told them versions of the same report. And they will the next time it is reported. And….. as sure as shootin’ – there WILL BE a next time…. and plenty of next times after that.

“When Rush finally does retire after 30-35-40 years behind the Golden Microphone; his jealous critics will sneer – ‘I told you he would never last’. I recall first using this line in 1998 as Rush celebrated his 10th Anniversary as The Most Popular Radio Talk Show In History.

I try to repeat that at each five year anniversary. Since 1988….. that means #25 comes up this August….. and El Rushbo is still Numero Uno. Twenty-five glorious years of concrete colons and daily acid reflux for the beady-eyed bunch.

This latest “Rush Is Done” involves a guy named Lew Dickey who is CEO of a radio conglomerate called Cumulus Media. Cumulus carries Rush in 30+ “major markets” including WABC in New York. Lew Dickey is a notorious corporate raider who bought up a bunch of stations over the past few years and promptly set about “raping them”.

In the corporate-sense, “raping a company” means skimming revenue off the top while slashing expenses (sales staffs, promotions, local on-air talent, etc) and not reinvesting profits for the long-term stability of the entity. Eventually, of course, this practice devastates the entity – in this case the individual radio stations he “raped”. ….. and is now trying to blame it on Rush.

Lew Dickey’s tactics have now caught up to him. This is no surprise to stock analysts who follow the radio industry and are familiar with Dickey’s history. But did create juicy headlines for the “msm” and their bobblehead dolls followers.

Rather than me trying to explain all this, I offer you the following in-depth explanation. It is lengthy but fully explains what your local Rush-hatin’ media stooges didn’t tell you.

CLICK….. Cumulus Media – Suicide Of A Company

None of this matters, of course, to the Rush-haters both within the mainstream media and among the Obamic low-information lemming. But I figured you might like to know.

The result of this latest brouhaha is that Rush’s syndicators will simply not renew their contracts with Dickey’s stations and will move to a competing station in each market. Rush has changed stations in various markets over the years (including in Raleigh several years ago). In EVERY case his millions of listeners always move with him.

A Final Thought: After last November’s election, lib/Dem pundits were quick to “Blame Rush” for the Repub losses on the National scene. IF that were true you’d think “they” would want Rush to keep on “misleading” his millions of listeners….. insuring more Dem victories….. right? But no….. they have intensified their efforts to Shut Down Rush. …… huuuummmm.
600+ stations…..
20,000,000 listeners…..
24 years as #1
Nope, he’ll never last! Hehehehehehe.

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