Limo Liberals Go Loco

March21/ 2013

The Triangle’s Limo Liberal Gang have unleashed a pair of their most bombastic blowhards – Gene Nichol & mad media mogul Jim Goodmon. Both Gene & Jim have set their hair on fire this week (which for Jim is, of course, figuratively!) in rage over eeeeevil Republicans. These two angry magpies in full hoot ‘n holler is always great fun…. made more so when one of the issues being debated is an institution for the certifiably insane. …..

Regular followers of this humble pundit are familiar with both Gene & Jim. Their angry antics are often noted on this site.

Gene Nichol has been an out-of-control train wreck for quite a few years. If anyone is the poster boy for UNC’s nutjob faculty it is this piece o’work. Yes, this “THE Gene Nichol” that partnered with Rielle Hunter’s boy toy – Johnny Edwards – on that Poverty Center Scam run thru the UNC Law School. After that infamous start-up, Gene scurried off to Williamsburg Va for the shortest university CEO reign in recorded academic history.

For reasons even they can’t recall, William & Mary hired Gene as their Prez back in 2005. This raging bull entered that quaint little china shop in Tidewater VA and promptly started demolishing over 250 years of a stellar reputation. Historians may argue over Prez Gene most heinous act ….. was it ripping down the crucifix in the campus chapel….. or bringing the live sex show to campus. Inviting prostitutes and porn actors to the university’s job fair was vintage Gene Nichol….. and quickly led to Gene’s arrogant butt being canned in less than three years.

Matt Doherty lasted longer at UNC than Gene Nichol did at William & Mary. Ouch.

With his aforementioned arrogant tail tucked twixt his legs Gene slithered back to Chapel Hill where he was, of course, promptly rehired at $250,000 to oversee The Gene & Johnny Poverty Center @ UNC Law.

What has The Gene & Johnny Poverty Center ever done you ask? It kept Gene out of poverty by paying him $250,000 to set his hair on fire about every other month….. and further embarrass the much maligned Flagship.

Gene Nichol has done for UNC Law School what Marvin Austin has done for UNC Football. Sent their public reputations deep into the crapper.

If being Crazy Gene at UNC Law was not enough….. the local failing regional newspaper – McClatchy’s News & Observer – cut a deal with this goofy goober to give him his very own soap box whenever he wanted to screech his quite angry screeds. Gene being a perfect fit with The N&O’s Fric & Frac – Rob “Rielle Who” Christensen and Barry “The Colonel” Saunders. The Larry, Moe & Curly of Quite Mad Liberal Magpies. It would be hard to assemble three pompous pseudo-intellectuals who manifest high octane hatred for all things conservative and Republican as much as Rob, Barry and quite mad Gene.

Gene’s latest roilin’ boilin’ bombast calls for his disciples (Gene has disciples ??) to take to the streets to overthrow the eeeevil Republicans. If that sounds a tad extreme, you just don’t know quite mad Gene Nichol. Fortunately it was published in The N&O which severely limits the number of low information lemming Gene might reach.

But that’s not the case with our other Limo Liberal Going Loco this week. Screaming Jimmy Goodmon (aka Mr Barbara Goodmon) has his very own CBS TV affiliate WRAL-TV5 to scream out his high octane hate….. and scream it out Jim did.

Jim’s delusions of him being The Great & Powerful Oz of The Triangle seems to be ever-increasing. What’s next…. Jimbo running down Western Blvd dressed as Napoleon screaming I KNOW BEST ….. I AM JIM GOODMON !!! Sad…. very sad…. but quite hilarious too

Jim Goodmon has done for silver spoon media moguls what Mikey Nifong did for DAs….. become a punch-line…. a verb for a babbling boob who can’t keep his mouth shut.

Jim hates everything conservative / Republican just like Gene but the burr under Jimmy’s saddle this week is Dumplin’ Park formerly known as Dorethea Dix Hospital aka “Dix Hill”.

As Dumplin’ “One & Done” Purdue was totin’ her personal effects out of The Governor’s Mansion in January she tried to pull an 11th hour flim flam on the citizens of North Carolina. The same citizens who had voted her THE Most Unpopular North Carolina Governor Before or Since Reconstruction. Considering her competition included Sleazy Mike Easley you realize just how incompetently unpopular this Lil’ Dumplin’ was.

Dumplin’ cooked up a land scam with her palsy walsys among Raleigh Inside-the-Beltline used-to-be-elites to give them (the City of Raleigh) the Dix Hill property at $.10 on the dollar. The sale was a travesty and the lease apparently illegal but when has travesty and illegal ever stopped a bunch ‘a limo liberals?

Lil’ Dumplin’ and her over-the-hill gang of local limo liberals (including Babs & Jim Goodmon) thought they had pulled another flim flam on the state’s citizenry but the NC General Assembly discovered they were more than a bit sloppy in their 11th hour flim flam.

Jim Goodmon now figures if he screams and jumps up and down a lot and waves his arms and holds his breath until his ears turn red, then he and his left-wing pals can bluff their way thru this one.

Ain’t gonna happen Jimbo. Ain’t gonna happen. Which, of course, means Jimbo will REALLY turn loose his dumpster-divin’ attack dogs Laura Leslie & Mark Binker. Has Jimbo issued the “take no prisoners” edict?

Gene Nichol and Jim Goodmon and Dix Hill – an institution for incarcerating the severely mentally deranged….. sometimes my job is just way too easy.

Stay tuned folks….. this plum foolishness is gonna get A LOT crazier.

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