Dan Forest Frightens Bejebbers Out Of Lib Loonie

November28/ 2012

OhMyGosh….. Lib Loonies are shaking in their Birkenstocks. Newly-elected NC Lt Governor Dan Forest “HOMESCHOOLS” his children, admits he is a CHRISTIAN, and has some “faith-based” concerns about pornography. AND…..

• Dan admits to belonging to several CHRISTIAN (Yikes!) Organizations…. and
• Dan opposes ObamaCare…. and
• Dan supports “conspiracy theories”….. For The Record: So do libs but only THEIR conspiracy theories are legitimate – i.e. “W ordered 9/11…. and Katrina” ???
• Dan opposes pretty much any bizarre social perversions that form the basis for the “belief system” of uber-lib nutjobs like Rob Schofield (that’s him grimacing in the pic) .
• Dan is also “an ARCHITECT” too; which also bothers Schofield a lot for reasons left to our imaginations.

NOTE: I can’t wait to meet Lt Governor Dan. Sounds like “my kinda guy”.

Schofield describes several of Dan’s CHRISTIAN (!!) organizations as “mysterious”. He does stop short of describing Billy Graham as “sinister” and the King James Bible as “a subversive pamphlet” but that’s likely due to column space restrictions.

Just how extreme is North Carolina’s new Lt. Governor?

Rob leaves Billy Graham-bashing to the “pros” at McClatchy’s N&O.

I’m gonna take a wild guess that Rob doesn’t buy “Jonah & The Whale” or “Noah’s Ark”. But do you wonder if Rob, and those of his ilk, celebrate “our Christmas”?

Rob (are all the pseudo-intellectual left-wing journo-nerds in North Carolina named “Rob”?) seems to have real problems with us wacky “Christians” and our extreme beliefs. I can’t speak for Dan but I’m one good Baptist boy who has never handled a rattlesnake, eaten clay, nor spoken in any unknown tongues.

(NOTE: I did hit my thumb with a hammer once and screamed something unintelligible that frightened our cat a lot)

I assume if Rob goes to ballgames or other public events where “prayers” are permitted, he keeps both eyes open and mumbles:

“Obama is my shepherd, I shall not want….”

while us wacky right-wing Jesus-freaks are bowed reverently?

If Rob received a phone call that someone or something he loves (do liberals “love”?) has had an accident and is in critical condition, would he channel Joe Biden to help him thru the ordeal?

If you enjoy a rich, full life with your family & friends, you may not know (or want to know) that hair-shirted squirrels like Rob Schofield are “out there”. They are in both senses of that term. They do exist….. and they are waaaaay out there hanging by their unkept fingernails on the ledge of reality as they define it.

Politics is their religion. Do Political Worshippers have their own holidays. Does Hallmark make a set of cards for them to share with each other? So many questions about “people like Rob Schofield”.

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