Vindictive Dumplin’ Sabotages The State

November30/ 2012

The nation’s most unpopular Governor-ette – Bev “Lil’ Dumplin” Perdue will be booted out of office on her lil’ dumplin keister in just over a month. But not before she can sabotage as much as possible. Going out with the same “class” she showed while in office. A “real piece o’ work” that Lil’ Dumplin.

Remember when Bill Clinton’s gang was leaving the White House as GWB was taking office. Slick Willie’s goons removed all the “w’s” from all the White House keyboards (and Hillary stole the WH silverware!). …… and Slick pardoned all those white collar felons who had bankrolled his campaigns. Classy folks those Clintons.

Yet another Democrat Chief Executive is sticking it to her constituents – North Carolina’s Guv-ette Beverly “Lil’ Dumplin” Perdue is down to her final days so time for her true nature to further reveal itself.

A member of the NC State Supreme Court has announced her intention to retire before the end of the year. Supreme Court Justices are supposedly non-partisan but somehow manage to tout their political affiliation. This one is a raging Democrat.

During her train wreck administration, Dumplin’ had decreed that replacing a SCONC jurist would involve a non-partisan panel of respected jurists to recommend suitable replacements. Sounds like a good plan…. right? It is…. and Dumplin’ had no intention of adhering to it. Her own rule doesn’t apply to her. She is going to appoint her own choice (a Dumplin’ crony) without consulting anyone….. because (like a dog licking itself) “she can”. She is, after all – Govvie Dumplin’.

In addition, this dimwitted conniving lil’ twinkie is trying to run an 11th hour flim flam to give away Dix Hill as well as valuable land around the Art Museum…. all to reward her cronies. Unemployed after mid-January, Dumplicious is hoping some of these rewarded cronies will return the favor….. really soon. Being a flight attendant for Buzzy Air is the only offer she currently has. ….. “coffee, tea or lil’ ol’ Dumplin’?

Dumplin’s train wreck administration has been notorious for its shoddy flim flammery. There are enough Perdue aides under indictment to form their own jailhouse softball team….. and more awaiting hearings. Move over corrupt Illinois – here comes Bev’s North Carolina.

It should be noted that Dumplin’s predecessor Mike “Sleazy” Easley set the ethics bar so low that snakes, slugs and even Dumplins could slither over it. Mike & Mary aka “The Easleys” were NC’s own Bonnie & Clyde wrecking havoc 24/7 for eight years during most of which they were protected by a heavy Democrat legislature run by Mark “The Duke of Dare” Basnight, “Boss Hogg” Tony Rand, and Jim “The Bagman” Black.

(And…. protected by a fawning media led by McClatchy’s N&O / CharlObser and Jimmy Goodmon’s WRAL.)

It was Basnight and Boss Hogg that originally named Lil’ Dumplin “Lil’ Dumplin”. Some say it was for her yummy Rice Krispie Treats. Bev was a convenient “moll” for Basnight-Rand who had earlier installed her as Lt Governor and had a plan to get her in the Guv’s Mansion to rubberstamp their various schemes.

That plan worked four years ago with one slight hitch. Basnight and his cronies lost the General Assembly leaving their Lil’ Dumplin’ with no one to do her heavy lifting. New House Speaker Thom Tillis (R) and Senate Prez Phil Berger (R) didn’t much care for Dumplin’ or her yummy Rice Krispy Treats.

For the past four years this dim-witted Twinkie has run around sticking her widdle footsie in her widdle mouth about once a week….. sometimes twice/week. Her assorted faux pas would fill up The Dean Dome. Speaking of The Dean Dome – Lil’ Dumplin made history there last Spring.

She became the first sitting Governor and first liberal Democrat to ever be publicly booed in Chapel Hill. That may rank as Dumplin’s highest achievement!! Historians had predicted “pigs would fly to hell to ice skate” before the beady-eyed commie anarchists of Chapel Hill would ever turn on their own – but they sure did. That was such a landmark moment that one week later Dumplin’s PR flack announced Dumplin’ would not be seeking re-election.

The epic booing in Chapel Hill coincided with a sinister call from Obama’s White House that they wanted this babbling nitwit GONE! Who knew that Barack doesn’t care for Rice Krispy Treats either. When that’s all a politician-ette has going for her, she’s on thin ice.

Q: How Dumb is Dumplin?
A: Dumplin is soooo dumb that ….she chose Joe Biden as her partner in Democrat Team Jeopardy. They lost to Sheila Jackson Lee & Maxine Waters.

Look for Dumplin’ to do as much damage as she can in her final days. Maybe sugar in the gas tank of the Governor’s limo….. maybe supergluing the desk drawers in the governor’s office. Incoming Governor Pat McCrory (R) is liable to be finding Lil’ Dumplin’s surprises for quite some time.

Slick Willie would probably be proud of Lil’ Dumplin – Bev Perdue.
North Carolina certainly isn’t.

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