Democrats Have INSURMOUNTABLE Lead…..

August22/ 2012

OK, be honest my fellow ultra right-wing extremists. When you read about the poor choice of words by the Missouri Repub Senate candidate…. and the Galilean skinny dipping Repub from Kansas, I bet you figured that we might be gaining on the Democs in terms of quantity of pure abject stoopidity on our side versus their side. Folks…. the Democrats have an INSURMOUNTABLE lead in pure Stoopidity…..

The #2 Democrat on Earth is Joe Biden !!! Do you realize how many feet poor old Todd Akin in Missouri would have to cram in his mouth for how many months to match Bozo Joe before breakfast any morning?

Hellfire, the #1 Democrat – the jug-eared Kenyan – needed Affirmative Action to get out of kindergarten. And his baby mamma is a cross between Moms Mabley and Sapphire Stephens.

The attorney for “Boxes o’ Rocks” have filed a civil suit against Biden for unlawful use of their name for innumerable comparisons.

If incredibly stoopid verbal gaffes were Home Runs….. Biden is Babe Ruth AND Barry Bonds…. Todd Akin is a singles hitter just called up from the minors.

The same goes for that skinny dipping whozit from Kansas. Lets compare him to Anthony Weiner. Which one of those two do you want walking your dog?

As someone quite familiar with both Missouri & Kansas, alls I can say is Quantrill shoulda finished the job when he burned Lawrence to the ground in 1863.

Re: very outspoken people from Missouri….. I married one….. sired another one….. have a bunch as in-laws…. and have enough others in my address book to field two softball teams. They all want to be Mark Twain for some reason. I blame it on the Arch. I’m pretty sure space aliens built that darn thing.

You want to truly understand the Stoopid Mountain that “we” have to climb to even get to compete with “them” in a Dumb & Dumber duel? ….. If this was American Idol For Dummies, Lib Loonies get an automatic pass straight to the Finals while “we” have to get out of the first round prelims in Walla Walla.

Do you really think our two guys this week even merit a seat in THIS nest of Cuckoos? I mean REALLY?

Like I say….. The Democrats Do Have AN INSURMOUNTABLE Lead
….. and its very well deserved.

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