August23/ 2012

It’s predicted in an obscure verse of Revelations after “raining frogs”..  It’s noted in one of Nostradamus’ Quatrains.  There IS a reason that September 1, 2012 is circled and highlighted on the Mayan Calendar. ….. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the beasts of the field seem a bit edgy.  What do they sense is about to happen?….. Oh My Gawd !!!!


WCHL’s GameDay
w/ The Good Sports – Art C & BobLee
(As if UNC Football was not in a confused enough state…. now THIS!)Hark That Sound…. Ya’ll

Beginning Saturday; September 1; two hours prior to kickoff of each Carolina Football game…. WCHL (Flagship of The Tar Heel Sports Network) will throw caution and it’s reputation to chance; turning over it’s audience for an hour to:

“The Good Sports”
Art Chansky & BobLee
Hosted by WCHL’s local legend – Ron Stutts.
Two Hours Prior To Every Carolina Kickoff

Chansky and BobLee ???  Good Lord, have the VilCom suits completely lost their feeble minds?  Well, maybe.  Tune in and hear for yourself.

“We thought about calling it “Fire & Ice” but apparently that name was taken.” noted WCHL honcho Barry Leffler.  “Fire & Brimstone” might have worked considering that both Art & BobLee have somewhat devilish reputation in some circles.  But “The Good Sports” describes these two notorious commentators. Sure, they’re costing us an arm, a leg and a coupla Ron Stutt’s commemorative t-shirts, but nothing is too good for our WCHL listeners.” 

This will NOT be the standard pre-game Xs & Os show.  Before and after Art & BobLee WCHL will offer the usual gameday reports it’s audience has been used to for so many years; but for this second hour it will be “HellZaPoppin”.

BobLee’s contract specifically prohibits him discussing deep-snappers or nickel backs…. but board monkeys and ABCers are always fair game.   “Controversy magnets” also describes these two guys.

WCHL’s legendary morning man – Ron Stutts will serve as show host / referee / ringmaster / adult chaperone.  “In 30 years of radio, I’ve never been the calm rational adult in the studio.  Much less the sane one; but with these two….. Yeeee Haaaa!”   

For Home games the show will air live from Southern Seasons at University Mall.
On Away games, from the WCHL studios on Weaver Dairy Road.

OK, we know what you’re thinking…. will these guys be “muzzled”?  Will they be given pre-approved scripts extolling The Carolina Way to be read while guzzling “the Kool Aid”?   Anyone who thinks that doesn’t know BobLee & Art.

Art and BobLee will be exactly what they’ve been for many years – two men with a combined 100 years of experience following and reporting on Carolina and ACC sports.  Their own astute observations and their personal relationships with high profile guests will make The Good Sports an instant Gameday – Tailgate tradition in Chapel Hill.

WCHL 1360 AM has been a Chapel Hill media staple “forever”.  Maybe older than The Old Well.
Now WCHL has a brand new FM band – 97.9.    The show will be simulcast on both the AM and FM bands.

BobLee’s legion of fans outside WCHL’s AM / FM signal footprint can listen via on-line streaming thru or the WCHL “app”.   Download the “app” to your smartphone.  Even BobLee’s fans in Thailand and Brisbane can listen in.  Perhaps even Julius Nyang’oro trekking across the Serengheti will be tuning in.

Q: What about Butcher and Dickie?  What about’em?  They can tune in too.  Marvin?  Peppers?  Deborah Crowder?  Jennifer Wiley?   Heck yeah!

Each week’s show will be archived and available for listening at your leisure thru links on and .


Will BobLee’s buddy AgentPierce be involved?  NO …. NO …. NO!  Homeland Security says it does not have an ALERT Level high enough to cover AgentPierce setting foot in Orange County.   Probably best for all concerned.

Thursday BobLee had lunch with NCState FB legend and “color guy” Johnny Evans“After going 0-5 versus TO’B I knew Carolina was desperate…. but BobLee with a live mic is beyond desperation.” noted the usually unflappable Evans.  “This must be another Swofford trick.”
When Matt Doherty heard the news he quickly noted “I don’t know BobLee but I bet he is very very smart… maybe even as smart as Julius Peppers.”
Can Listeners call in?  Sure, but no one will answer.  E-mails, Facebook and Texting questions will be available.  Will the show be simulcast in Swahili…. no, just Portugese.
BobLee & Art’s special guest for Show #1 will be Larry Fedora’s Former AD – Richard Giannini.  Bob Kennel was their back-up choice.  Luckily Richard accepted.   Chances of either Deborah Crowder or Jennifer The Tutor ever being a guest on the show are statistically ZERO.


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