“You People vs “We People”

May04/ 2012

Some of you cannot outgrow the foolishness of debating liberals. At least allow me to arm you efficiently as you pursue your silly habit….. I used to do “it” but thru Corinthian evolution I “outgrew childish things”. You can too but it requires self-discipline and a sincere desire to “get a freakin’ life”.

“Debating liberals” as a hobby ranks well below pretty much anything you dabbled in during extended adolescence. But, some addictions ARE addictive. At least do what ya gotta do as efficiently as possible.

Liberals are inherently lazy.

“Ambition” to a liberal is summoning the “uumph” to go to the mailbox for his/her latest entitlement from Father Government.

Time between mailbox trips is empty and easily filled “playing solitaire with decks of 51” aka pointlessly debating with any ideological opponent. …. if no opponent is handy, they will argue with a foot stool or a salad fork.

Forgo all the in-depth individual issue dissecting. “They” haven’t read the Constitution and can’t quote it if their empty lives depended on it. Their knowledge of anything comes from their self-annointed “intellectualism”: “I know what I’m talking about because I say I do.”

Cast out the following to these empty-suited hairballs. They will give themselves migraines trying to interpret it while you go “get a freakin’ life”.


Use that for your next ten pointless descents into debate masochism. Then check back here for your next rehab session.

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