Rimshots 04/26/12

April26/ 2012

Meet Me In St Louiee, Louie
….. TeamBobLee is in St Louis this week checking in on “Kid”, Mom-in-law Nancy and The Midwest in general.  Had some dry-rub ribs last night that mighta been “best evers”.  St Louis suburbs of Clayton and Ladue seemed to have more than their share of beautiful neighborhoods and mostly very friendly folks.  Cardinals on the road so will miss’em this trip.

Norwood Is A Gopher
…… Our very favorite AD (not named Bubba or Ron) – Norwood Teague – is now a Golden Gopher aka Univ of Minnesota.  Indeed, “Phineus” is leaving VCU for the Land O’ Lakes.   Norwood will do well as is his custom, and we shall be following him with interest.

Has Conan O’Brien EVER….
…… Has Conan O’Brien EVER said anything at all amusing?  He seems incapable of doing so.  I bet the waiting room for Hell has his show on a continuous loop.

Literate QBs
…… Watching the Jon Gruden QB Camp shows, I’m struck by how “literate” QBs seem to be.  All the top 4-5 draftable QBs , certainly including “Russell”, are incredibly well-spoken and well-mannered.  Huddles must get lonely for them with no one to talk to.

Two Guys Named Larry SAID WHAT !!!
….. It was “Larry Said” Week for those who follow area sports.

Q: What do Michael Jordan and NC State Football now have in common?
A: Both were boinked this week by UNC-associated guys named Larry.

Larry Brown, searching desperately for any sprig of personal relevance, lashed out at MJ #23 as an incompetent team owner who “surrounds himself with yes men”.  Then Larry got nasty.
Jordan refuted Brown’s accusations and declared he is too a fine executive.  When asked their opinions….. all of Jordan’s staff immediately echoed “Yes, he certainly is”. 
It must be noted that Michael fired Larry a few years ago.  Also noted that Michael’s Bobcats are on the brink of being the most pathetic sports franchise in history.  When Charlotteans refer to George Shinn’s era as the “good old days” there is a problem.

But that’s NOT the “what Larry said” you really want to talk about, is it?

I thought what Larry Fedora said was PERFECT – the part about the State-Carolina game being 184 days from now.   Excellent line.  That “other part” he said about “legitimize their program”….. not so perfect.   To quote Lewis Grizzard – Brother Fedora, I don’t believe I’da told that one.”  At least not in April.
Speaking to a Charlotte-area Rams Club rubber chicken thingy this week, Larry gulped down one too many Red Bulls and dropped a load of high-octane trash talk napalm on The Brickyard.
Maybe it was sharing a dais with Ol’ Roy Two Rings that caused Larry’s Torrette’s Moment.   Maybe Roy “went Roy” and Larry felt he had to keep up???
If he’da asked me, I’da said go with the “184 days until” line and see how TO’B responds.  Then decide whether or not to take the rubber tips off the arrows.  Too late for that now.  Ya think !!

What Fedora Said…

I’m an hour behind out here in St Louis.  Before I had both eyes open and booted up my Mac to the world, the Hell Hounds of Hillsborough St had already been set loose.
The really really super crazies kept locked deep in the sub-basement of William Neal Reynolds Coliseum were already foaming at the mouth and barking in unknown tongues.  That mini-faction of WuffNation has the IQ of mildew and, once set loose, can’t return to their subterranean lair until Bev “Dumplin” Perdue has a cogent thought.  Last time this happened it took two years to round’em back up.
The t-shirts and bumperstickers proclaiming “Hey Larry, 5-0 is pretty “legitimate” are already on sale in the NCSU Student store.
Again, I think it was being on stage with Ol’ Roy what caused Larry to “step in it” but step he did.   Not to worry.  It will be forgotten in, oh, 20-25 years or so.

Wish You Well
…… Best Book Ever maybe.  Wish You Well by David Baldacci is sooooo good I’m at a loss for words.  NOT your usual Baldacci covert ops story AT ALL.  It’s a coming of age semi biographical story set in the Virginia mountains in the 1940s.  I’ve given Kid a copy and ordered her to read it.  I can’t give all of you copies, but I am ordering you to read Wish You Well by David Baldacci.

Steve Robinson to VT ??
….. Will Roy assistant Steve Robinson get a call for the VT BkB gig?  He’s from Roanoke and would be interested.  Probably a dead-end job but what the heck.  He wins 20 and gets a dance bid and he’s a hero.


THE AgentPierce is In The House…. Holy Smokes!!! ….., THE AgentPierce is now “on the web” with a freakin’ Facebook page and everything.  AP and BobLee go “waaaaay back”.  We are pleased to be chosen to host The Official AgentPierce Announcement Party.  The fabled cyber-commando will still be wrecking havoc on The N&O on-line as he has for several years; but now has a kick-butt web presence.  Bookmark his site….. and LIKE him on Facebook.  You’ll be glad you did…. well, some of you will for sure.

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