Wayward Johnson Strikes Again!

April27/ 2012

A character from an O Henry short story ?…. A member of Hedley Lamar’s posse in Blazing Saddles? …… Or a third possibility. “Wayward Johnson” is one of a man’s Jiminy Cricket consciences – the one that resides in his crotch. When a guy starts taking “Wayward’s” advice, he is heading for a train wreck for sure. A top Repub aide in the NC General Assembly just crashed and burned. “Wayward Johnson” strikes again! ……

Charles Thomas “was” House Speaker Thom Tillis’ Chief of Staff. “Was” as of yesterday when ‘twas revealed that “hubby & daddy” Charles has been playing “giggle & tickle” with a wifey & lobbyist named Jessica Hayes. Hubby Charles and Wifey Jessica are not each others’ hubby&wifey. There in lies the most embarrassing rub.

Thomas has resigned. Hayes likely will soon resign or be fired from her position as lobbyist for the NC Home Builders Assoc. Both dismissals are appropriate as both parties were incredibly stupid. Stupidity has Consequences…. or should have.

Charles Thomas and Jessica Hayes have been having a not-all-that clandestine extra-marital affair for “awhile”. A private investigator hired, no doubt, by either a spouse or a political opponent caught the affairees in semi-PDAs. That be semi-public displays of overt affection.

For the record and by obvious comparison to another recent local sexual shenanigan of a political nature….. the PI report does not mention “his penis” or “caressed thighs”.

This is a very embarrassing situation for Speaker Tillis’ office and will be played to maximum advantage by his political opponents….. including the hypocritical nabobs still semi-employed by McClatchy newspapers.

The hypocritical nabobs still semi-employed by McClatchy would have no ammo to fire if Charles Thomas had not listened to “Wayward Johnson”.

Another For The Record: The afore-mentioned nabobs at McClatchy were MUCHO quicker to report THIS than they were the “penis & thigh” situation that has been going on with Jay and David/Dwight for months at NCDemHQ. Much much much quicker….

The Charles Thomas Scandal – CLICK

This is 100% Charles & Jessica’s fault but will, by association, reflect on Speaker Tillis and every Repub on the face of the Earth ….. BECAUSE that’s how this ruthless game is played.


Two families are now in upheaval. Thom Tillis must engage in crisis management which is not his forte….. Repubs are put on the defensive.

….. and “Wayward Johnson” is laffing his butt off. Damn you “Wayward”!

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