Rimshots 02/16/12

February16/ 2012

Like a case o’ the herp
…… Like a case o’ herpes, Butch Davis’ stink never really “goes away”.   We learned this week that The Butch(er) of Kenan is leaving his Meadowmont penthouse to be “an advisor” to his former assistant Greg Schiano at Tampa Bay.  Since his new title is “advisor” and not “coach” UNC still owes Butch another $1,700,000.  The “good news” is if his new title had been “provost” or “consigliere” then UNC would probably owe him $2,000,000.  Ouch!

That Butch and his bag man – Jimmy Sexton – have outfoxed UNC yet AGAIN is no surprise to anyone.   Since Bob Winston, Paul Fulton and John Ellison were dazzled by Butch’s rings in that Chicago hotel room six years ago, Butch has had UNC “by the short hairs”. Butch & Jimmy knew those Three Fat Cat Stooges plus Little Dickie were doofuses from the get-go.  It was “that nerd Chancellor” that pissed in Butchie’s punch bowl.
As of today, The N&O still hasn’t managed to get an interview with BOTBob.  “BOTBob” Winston is a very busy boy don’t you know.
FWIW…. The “job title” clause was intended to allow Davis to be an ESPN analyst (like every other fired coach in America!) and still scam the university.   Jimmy Sexton created that “advisor” scam on the fly.
FWIW#2… Little Dickie has not received any more stoopid plaques, cruises, rocking chairs, or honorary namings in the past week.  The sycophants in the UNC AthDept have shifted their focus to Bubba.  Bubba will be much harder to fool than Little Dickie was.  Duh!
FWIW#3…. BobLee’s Butch-bashing buddy – Art Chansky – lambasts this whole ridiculous Monty Python Nightmare in his recent column CLICK

Backwash over Bev Booing
…… To no one’s surprise, backwash continues over “the booing of Bev” in Dean’s Dome a few weeks ago.  Also known as Dumpin’ on Dumplin in The Dome.  Even ABCers who despise Guv-ette Dumplin’ are trashing TarHeelNation as an entity.  What was, at most,  “a smattering” of boos is being exaggerated (duh!) to “a rude crescendo that rattled the rafters”.
BobLee gives his take on this latest absurdity in this week’s chapelboro.com column – CLICK.

Current ACC players & coaches
….. Several weeks ago I noted that I can not name ONE player on any current ACC BB roster other than a handful on UNC, NCState and Duke.   I am not much better with current ACC BB coaches.   I know the three in The Triangle plus Hamilton at FlaState.  The UVa guy is “named after a famous singer” – Mel Torme maybe.  That’s it.

Kid enters Upscale Retail
….. My very favorite seminary student is now dabbling in “upscale fashion retail” as a sales associate w/ J Crew at Frontenac Fashion Mall in St Louis.  Another valuable learning experience to add to her quiver of valuable learning experiences.

Kid loves “fashion and style” so that’s a positive.  She has never worked for “a big corporate entity with a mysterious home office that is always issuing ‘directives’ to the troops in the field”.   She will likely find THAT as frustratingly bizarre as we all have over the years.
My research shows that we all have “one boss” along the way that we actually respect and learn valuable lessons from.  The rest of’em not so much.  We shall see if this is “that one” for Kid.  Mine was a man named Jim Durham from 1976-78 in Kansas City.  Do you remember your “good boss”?

GREAT New Author & Character
….. Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy…. I have discovered a GREAT new author – John Maberry – and his literary hero – Joe Ledger.  This is the standard “special ops team” headed by “cynical no-nonsense kick-butt hero” going up against “sinister Islamo-fascist terrorists”.  The twist with Maberry and his hero – Capt. Joe Ledger – is that these terrorists have created ………. an army of flesh-eating zombies.
I’m usually not a vampire, zombie, occult kinda audio-reader.  My political dabblings involves jousting with real-life blood-thirsty freaks.   But this is cool stuff.  It’s a three book series so far.  The first one is Patient Zero.  CHECK IT OUT… CHECK IT OUT!

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