Rimshots 01/05/12

January04/ 2012

UNBROKEN….. is the true story of Louis Zamperini’s ordeal as an army airman in the Pacific in WWII.  It is a riveting story but NOT for everyone.  Zamperini was adrift in a raft for 40+ days then spent 2+ years in a Japanese POW camp.  He survives to tell his story in gory detail.  One particular twist at the end may really disturb you.  It did me.  I recommend it with caution – may be hard for some to handle…. The author is the woman who wrote Seabiscuit.   I am following Unbroken with Confederacy Of Dunces.  As opposite in tone as humanly possible.


Meanwhile Amid The Lofty Pines….    
Fedora Announces New Staff
…..  Local Real Estate Agents Delighted!!  All New!  No ButchBoyz retained except S&C Coach.  IMO, assistants are over-rated.   Only so many Xs & so many Os.  Only so many ways to block & tackle.  It comes down to the Head Coach being an effective CEO in managing his peers; and being accountable for what is happening within his program.

Bitter Butch Bunch Bitching
….. Numerous reports of public whining (and sabotage threats!) by Bitter Butch Bunch.   Bitterness at being terminated is natural.  High volume whining is “Butch’s Way”.  Nobody knew nuthin’ about nuthin’ ergo all are innocent victims !!!  Multi-malfeasancy was rampant but t’weren’t nobody’s fault.  Zero Accountability!
It all started in a hotel suite in Chicago.  Three fat cats – BOT3 – desperate for bragging rights and a clueless AD staring at a pair of Super Bowl rings.

“Gal Friday” Reassigned
….. Butch’s long-time “Gal Friday” – Pamela Higley – has been reassigned within UNCAthD as AdmAsst to Swimming Coach (huh?).  A very nice lady I met on several occasions.  She needs to be far far away from KFC.
This shrewd corporate strategem reflects astute BubbaThink.  Previous AD woulda given her a raise and a parking upgrade i.e. the Compliance Officer!

Adios Paige-Moss
….. Dante Paige-Moss inherited Marv’s role as “DOT” – Designated Outrageous Tweeter; and typified the thug-aletes recruited to Kenan in recent years. Good riddance dude.  Addition by subtraction.
Certainly not all the current roster are thugs or slugs by any means.  The vast majority are just kids trying to live out a dream.  VERY IMPORTANT to keep that in mind.  But flush out the malcontents, Coach Fedora.

John Shoop’s wife’s blogs
…… Marcia (Mrs John) Shoop is a minister at a Chapel Hill church.  She has been blogging about the trauma of The Great Unpleasantness on her family.
 I’ve read her last few pieces.  “Losing a job” is very traumatic for any family.  Shoop has been fired before.  Odds are he will be again.  It’s the nature of his chosen profession.  Some say John Shoop did complain to Butch about all the shenanigans going on but Butch ignored his concerns.
Being fired was also traumatic for John Bunting’s staff and Carl Torbush’s staff and Matt Doherty’s staff.  Some of them were nice Christian families too.  Tough bizness.


NFL Playoffs
…… I like Drew Brees & The Saints but can they escape “the frozen tundra of Lambeau….”?   Rodgers v Brady in The Super Bowl would be a marquee match-up for sure.

Smilin’ Jon Staying In Brickyard?!?
…… Peripatetic defensive genius Jon “Suitcase” Tenuta has reneged on Chief Illiniweck to stay with TO’B’s staff.  A sandwich named for Jon at Amedeo’s apparently caused him to reconsider.

It’s Official…..
….. ACC has worst Bowl Record in History of Planet Earth.  Miami opted out so as not to be included in this woeful conference showing.  Somebody invoke the 10-run / 50 pt rule. ….. Oh Me – Oh My!  France has a better record in world wars than the ACC does in bowl games this season…. Worse defeat EVER for a coach named Dabo.  Can’t blame this on Spurrier.

Coaches Banning Tweeting ???
….. Did or didn’t Urban Meyer ban tweeting by his Buckeyes.  No one seems sure.  Don’t “ban it” but simply say “if you say anything I judge to be stoopid, I will castrate you with a meat cleaver.”  And mean it.

Is It Worth It, Gamecocks?
…… Spurrier directs SoCar to first 11 W season ever.  Williams-Brice rocks to full houses as ‘Cocks are now among SEC Top 3-4….. and AD Eric Hyman deals weekly with NCAA goon squads.  Is it worth it?  Most Gamecockers will say YES!  Many UNCers and Wuffs are jealous.  Are you?

A Good Year For Hokies??
….. Hokies go 11-3 and play in Big $$$$ Sugar Bowl; but was it “a good year” for Beamer Boyz in eyes of Hokie loyalists.  Probably not.  Tough Bizness!

NFL Coach firings
….. Five NFL coaching firings so far.  It’s all about WINNING.  Some teams have to be at the bottom every year.  Simple math and gravity.  Five or six more will be fired next year too.
Why Why Why…. would Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher even give a passing thought to getting back into that meat grinder.   They both “have rings”.  Now enjoy a comfortable life.

Missouri & Florida = Coachless
There are a total of five NFL franchises in Missouri and Florida.  As of this moment, ALL FIVE are Head Coach-Less.  Amazing Factoid…. NO?

800 miles & 96 books in 2011
…… Like eating an elephant bite by bite; my treaking and reistening has mounted up mile by mile and audiobook by book.  I don’t do it for any grand goal; I do it because each day it brings me enormous enjoyment.  The 800/96+ are not even a full 12 months total.  I started mid-Spring.  Santa brought me some UnderArmour gear for Winter treaking.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho ………


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