MON 08/29 – CLICK

August29/ 2011

Can you name three current LPGA players?

There are six divisions in Major League Baseball
…… do you know which teams are currently leading in any three of the six?

Outer Banks merchants are whining 
….. that Irene damage has ruined their Labor Day “big business”.  The “remoteness” they tout the rest of the year now bites them in the butt.  Can’t have it both ways guys.

The UNC AD Search
….. Is hiring a search firm a good idea?  It’s pretty much a necessity in order to make contact with the top tier of candidates.  A good recruiter can use back-channels that the university cannot.
….. Is using Todd Turner a wise choice?  At this point UNC cannot be a bigger laughingstock than it already is, so why not.  Hellfire ….. hire Larry Drew’s mamma.

Art Chansky On The AD Search – A MUST READ !!!

Hurricane Jose is abrewin’
….. in the Caribbean.  Blondie says she bets “it won’t head towards Arizona”.

Looks like Texas A&M is
….. going to bolt the Big 12.  If so, IT WILL change the ACC …. possibly drastically.

Nevin Shapiro offered a yacht and
….. hookers to Miami miscreants.  UNC isn’t South Beach.  A UNC fat cat was offering a canoe on University Lake and an inflatable Crystal Mangum doll

Today in 1966
….. The Beatles performed their last public concert.  I woulda guessed the early-mid 70s.

Who will go first
….. as Obama distances himself from everyone who might further embarrass him between now and next November, who goes first – his wife or his Vice Pres?

Unconfirmed Rumor
….. that UNC officials are offering a free funnel cake to any fan showing up Saturday wearing Groucho glasses and with a celery stalk in one ear.

If AlGore gets much crazier
…… will UNC offer him a faculty chair?

ESPN’s “If Michael Vick Was White?”
….. article sure stirred folks up.  What’s next – “If Tim Tebow Was An Atheist?”

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