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August24/ 2011

Sports, Education, Race and Politics
….. 94% of issues in Football or Basketball (major college or pro) beyond the box score level have “a racial component”.  Any discussion of issues in Education involves socio-cultural ideology aka “politics”.   If you are uncomfortable with those realities you should not visit this website.

The Nike – Nyang’oro Connection ?  Which 50%
….. 50% of Conspiracy Theories are bogus but which 50%?  A State fan board broke the TRUE story about McAdoo’s paper being completely bogus.  That same board is now saying Nike has funneled $$$ to a Foundation run by Julius Nyang’oro.  That may be True.  It may not be True.
Partisan fans see everything thru partisan eyes and often mistakenly define “truth” as what they want it to be.  The UNC Mess is so fluid these days that anything is possible.  But not everything is.

More bad news for UNC
….. New York Giants’ Marvin Austin has torn a pectoral muscle and will be out for the season.  Any circumstance that gives Marvin lots of free time bodes scary times ahead for UNC.

How Portuguese Came to UNC
….. “Portuguese” was introduced as a foreign language option at UNC in the early 70s because it did not require an afternoon “lab”.  Bill Dooley wanted his players on the practice field not in some dumb language lab.   Did you know that Portuguese is the official language of Brazil?  – Just more wonderful stuff you can learn here.

Best Earthquake Joke
….. The eastern seaboard was still shaking Tuesday afternoon when Obama called a press conference to declare it was “The Bush Fault”. ……. or was it The Founding Fathers all turning over in their graves over Obama’s ham-fisted policies?

What to do about Nyang’oro???
….. Is Nyang’oro “running a grade mill for black athletes” actually illegal?  It IS unethical and a total affront to “academic integrity” but is it illegal?  Justifying African American Studies as a curriculum “because North Carolina was in the Confederacy” is as hilarious a line as “Roman did great things for society”. (See below).
I’m not sure what should be done re: Julius Nyang’oro but “Hope it will just go away” rarely works for crabgrass, acne, obnoxious neighbors….. or anything threatening The Carolina Way.

Dr Gerald Unks
….. A discussion of jock-friendly UNC professors must include Dr Gerald Unks from the 70-80s.  Dr Unks enjoyed entertaining UNC basketballers with his “famous lasagna”.
Dean had a black professor (whose name escapes me) that he used to “close” black recruits.  Matt Doherty took away that guy’s primo seats, which caused a stir.

Clive Cussler’s Oregon Files
….. I’ve been a Clive Cussler fan for years.  He has created several offshoots to Dirk Pitt and NUMA.  My favorite offshoot is The Oregon Files w/ the one-legged Juan Cabrillo.  I just finished Juan’s latest adventure – The Jungle.  It’s a good’un.

“Roman did great things for society”
…. Reader “Big Al” (and BK) objected to my including NC State QB Roman Gabriel among fabled area athletes who knew which professors favored athletes.  We also included Choo Choo Justice, Ace Parker and Len Chappell.  EVERY athlete learns such info.
“Big Al” figures Roman did not know because “Roman did great things for society after football”.   Great things for society = that one movie with Merlin Olson where he played an Indian? ….  Julius Caesar, Trajan, and Pliny The Elder were “Romans” who did some pretty good things for society.   Caligula did bad things.
FWIW – Fans of Choo Choo, Ace and Len were not nearly so sensitive.

The “Everybody does it” Gambit
….. Frustrated UNCers are crying the “everybody does it” excuse these days.  Certainly “a lot” do “do it”.   Any degree of that excuse totally explodes The Carolina Way Myth.  Can’t have it both ways.
FWIW: I cannot get confirmation that UNC officials intend to replace the ram with an ostrich as the Carolina mascot.

“….. That’s All Folks”

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