August29/ 2011

Q: What do the following have in common – The Amish …. The Cathoilic Church …. High Academia?   A: All three steadfastly believe they operate independently of mainstream society.  Live by their own codes of conduct.  Resolve all their conflicts internally not bound by the ticy tac laws and expectations of the common man.

The Catholic Church and High Academia do however like it very much when that outside world showers them with its money.  Those contributions buy not one whit of influence but please give generously.

NO TRESPASSING: But Send Us Your Money!

The cockeyed circus known as The Great Unpleasantness moved right along this week creating a for-real celebrity in Julius Nyang’oro.  You may recall Ol’ Jules from last week.

A few weeks ago Julius Nyang’oro was simply “the Swahili professor” that allowed Michael McAdoo to plagiaries an entire paper.  Michael McAdoo – one of a dozen or so UNC footballers who had committed assorted acts of academic mayhem.  The Second Prong in the sit-com known as The Carolina Way Becomes A Punch Line.

Who paid for McAdoo’s legal representation?  Safe bet it wasn’t McAdoo.

Julius Nyang’oro – THE Most Infamous African American Studies Professor since Harvard’s Henry Louis “Skip” Gates of “The Beer Summit” infamy.

Last week we learned that Julius had enabled Marv The Mad Tweeter to magically become eligible his freshman year via a slick grade flim flam.

This week’s chapter of The Nyang’oro Chronicles revealed Julius had hired a sports agent to teach a summer school course.  A WHO to do WHAT ????

What’s next?  Will we learn that Julius is godfather to John Blake’s children ….

Think we’ve reached the bottom of Mess De’ Nyang’oro?  Then you seriously underestimate these resourceful critters.   Does anyone inside Fortress Carolina much care what Julius was up to?   Who knows?  Which brings us to a Two Worlds Stand-Off.  A public institution refusing to be answerable to the public.

This mess is reminding me more and more of those pedophilic priests that The Catholic Church “dealt with internally”.  High Academia holds itself above answering to “the outside world”.   It has designed it’s own “how we do things” set of rules.

Julius Nyang’oro might sing the Ugandan National Anthem prior to the James Madison game.  Who knows?  Time Out might name a freakin’ biscuit after this bozo.  Hellfire – rename Franklin Street –Nyang’oro Avenue.

We’re talking Chapel Hill & UNC.  List all the likely, probable, normal, common-sense ways to handle this mess.  Bet the milk money that nothing on such a list is gonna be close to what happens.

Michael Hooker has been the only UNC Chancellor since Reconstruction to require tenured faculty squirrels to behave like responsible adults.  Michael Hooker is dead and so is any likelihood of Julius Nyang’oro even having his wrist slapped over his ever-growing list of “do whatever I want to because ______”.  And Julius knows it.

Julius Nyang’oro is (1) tenured and (2) black.  Two of the three golden tickets for “untouchability” at UNC.  The third golden ticket being any sexual persuasion other than hetero.  If Julius prefers sex with muslim marsupials he may qualify for a statue or “a place” named in his honor.

In The Moeser Era Julius would certainly merit his own candlelight vigil.  Budgets cuts eliminated votive candles.

Holden may be incredibly naïve about how corrupt college football is, but he is 110% up-to-speed on every dotted “i” and crossed “t” in the Handbook For Academic Absurdum.  Keep this up and he can borrow Nero’s fiddle while UNC implodes.

BobLee, do you think Nyang’oro is part of some complicated conspiracy of corruption at UNC?  No, I’ve never bitten on that apple.  Nyang’oro is simply an obscure arrogant jackass who knew he could do whatever he wanted to “because”.  And apparently he was correct.

Bullied by Bob Winston for a year, the Chancellor now appears frozen into inaction by rules that Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts would envy.  All UNC lacks now is for Lemuel Gulliver to wash up on it’s shore.

ABCers can scream from their comment boards.   Totally fed-up UNCers can throw up their hands in abject frustration.  All that does is empower these pseudo-intellectual loonies to dig in their heels. They thrive on tormenting “outsiders”.  It’s what they do best.  Some might say it’s about all they do.  Hide in their ivory towers, drop trou and moon the outside world.

To those who decried a few weeks ago that “things could not get any worse” for the Chancellor.  You lose!

The Butch-lovin’ Holden-haters STILL hate him.

The Butch had to go-But Why Now crowd watches Ol’ Julius strut around like he’s untouchable which apparently he is.

The Football is out-of-control faction is proven right all along with this flim flam crap.  But as out-of-control as football is ….. the faculty is even more out-of-control.

The General Assembly is totally justified for removing real money and sharp-pointed scissors from these “inmates”.   In fact lets cut these clowns some more.

UNC System President Tom Ross recalls how nice he had it at Davidson.  UNC BOG members have all gotten un-listed numbers and grown beards.

Can it get any worse?  Absolutely. …..  Lose to James Madison next Saturday and these will be “the good ol’ days.

The camera pulls back.  We see This Man standing by a signpost on Hwy 54 and saying…. “Submitted for your approval.  You have now crossed over into ………

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