Rimshots 08/04 – CLICK

August04/ 2011

REVEALED: “Firing Butch” is A HOAX! …… 
Yes, I admit “getting Holden to Fire Butch” was all my idea to hype views to BLSays – and IT WORKED!  And, I had Deems bloviate just to introduce this new”insights” feature. I feel so dirty, so ashamed. But I’m still not telling you where D.B. Cooper is hiding.

Is for Holden to get a new AD hired and on-site. It WILL NOT be anyone currently employed by UNC. It WILL be someone with legitimate Big Time Cred.  That will calm down a significant % of the screeching crazies. Anyone have Lee Fowler’s # at Lake Gaston? Just kiddin’ …. 🙂

firethorp.com ….yawn.  Where’s HITLER? …..
Duh! Some beady-eyed goober has started a firethorp.com website. Everyone who didn’t see THAT coming raise their hand. Websites, petitions, t-shirts and bumper stickers blah blah blah? ….. it’s been a whole week and NO HITLER YouTube YET!
I was counting on one of those within 48 hours.

Move over Stan The Man & Bob …..  
Stan Musial & Bob Costas look out! Your days as top dogs in St Louis are over. A new Arch Angel is in town. “Kid” officially took residence on Tuesday. Her Masters program at Covenant Seminary begins in three weeks.  Full Speed Ahead!  The Cycle of Life rolls on …..

UNC Former Players Knew ….  
A “lot” of UNC Former FBers knew from the get-go the SEC-Flim Flam Butch was installing. Deems and his ilk knew it too but didn’t care so long as they were in Butch’s memory dial (on that 216 phone, of course).

I realize but REALLY! …..
I do realize that Libs get all froggy about Sarah and Michelle and Rush et al but compared to their clowns: Bozo Biden, Sheila Jackson Lee and Cynthia McKinney
….. I mean there’s “quirky” and then there’s Rabid Bat Crazy.

He never said such a thing……  
I had a legitimate adult UNC FB-lover call me on Monday.  Really good guy who simply “wants to go to an Orange Bowl” before he dies.  He starts in on “…. Thorp says he’s de-emphasizing football.” I stopped him.  “No, he didn’t. He simply fired Butch.” ….”Oh,” he replied, “then nevermind.” I get a lot of those.
I was there plus I’ve listened to the tape numerous times backwards and forwards.  Holden NEVER said “de-emphasize” or “do away with” or “cut back”
or any such terms.   Not one such term. He said “I have fired Butch Davis”…… But any excuse for rabble to rouse is a good one, Right?

A Holden-hater Downeast wrote a letter…..
to his local paper, all pissin’ and moanin’that life had no meaning for him without his “Butch”.   He starts carryin’ on that he’s gonna have his State Representative introduce a bill to fire the bad ol’ Chancellor.   Now that’s a fun story right there, it gets better. ….. His State Rep is a cuzzin of mine who’s about the biggest no-count pure fool there is.   A Holden-hatin’ hairshirt linking up with my pure fool of a cuzzin. ….. Lordy Lordy Lordy!

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