August07/ 2011

Fans are entitled “to want” but ….. 
Our friend AgentPierce had this comment in The N&O. We agree –  “Butch is no different from 10-15 big time coaches hired “to just win …. and we don’t really care how you do it”.  He did at UNC what he would do wherever he was.  Had he and Blake gone to Arkansas it would have been a good move for all concerned.
Not everyone around Chapel Hill agreed with “…. and we don’t care how you do it.”  The faction that DID agree can be identified by their current outrage.  Fans can want what they want.  University administrators, however, are not obligated to provide “what some fans want”  – AgentPierce

Cockroaches & dust bunnies ….. 
Rimshots goes to many people not consumed by Triangle Tribulations.  To them I say – “Loonies and goobers are universal like cockroaches and dust bunnies”.  Every part of America has it’s witless yahoos.

Martyr or Mr Big ? …..
Angry Birds paint “poor Butch” as a victim – a Martyr; I proffer that Butch, a notorious micro-manager, was aware of EVERYTHING going on in HIS program …. All put in place to create an atmosphere of “come and play hard for ME – and there will be rewards”.   The question is NOT “Did Butch know what Blake was doing”  BUT “Did Blake know everything that Butch was doing?”
  The Era of Cover-up is over.  The Era of Revelations is upon us.  Exposes of the level of corruption under Butch will vindicate The Chancellor’s decision albeit the “why wait until now?” issue will linger.  Peeling the Butch onion will bring tears to Butch’s fans…. many tears.

The Help ….. 
I finished Prince Of Tides – MAHVELOUS.  I almost cried when Luke died. Now reistening to The Help by Kathryn Stockett about Southern belles and colored women in the 60s.  A MUST READ for anyone who grew up in the South in the 60s.

Holden’s gravitas deficiency ……  
Holden’s “gravitas deficiency” is dragging him down.  125% of college chancellors have “a gravitas deficiency” when discussing athletics.  Holden, Erskine, Moeser, Dickie –  Not exactly The Fearsome Foursome.  The Meez “clapped like a gay seal”.  Some have suggested Holden rough up a bit….. a few tatts…. some “stubble”.  One suggestion was an Eminem look.  You got any ideas?

Re: The Angry Blue Zone Whiners ……
If you haven’t heard yet, you soon will.  A cabal of angry Charlotte-area blue zone “investors” are coming after Holden with blood in their eyes and free lawyers in their pockets.  Totally predictable.  Anyone who would invest $50,000 for end zone seats with cup holders (!) is capable of other irrational acts TOO.  Huffin’ & Puffin’ & Rompin’ & Stompin’ …. some self-important yahoo named DON BROWN is spokesbozo for this bunch. …. All this circus lacks is a midget on a unicycle.

The Son Drew Fiasco
The Drew Fiasco is Butch assuming he was entitled to do whatever he pleased with BOTBob covering for him.  Son Drew’s talent level has been described by one evaluator as “a back-up QB at Lenoir-Rhyne”.
Holden Thorp’s “advisors” – Steve Kirschner & Dickie primarily – are a weak support team that is either disloyal or incompetent.  The Chanc did NOT initiate the Drew discussion.  He was gotcha-ed by The N&O (not The N&O’s fault).  Yes, “the buck stop on his desk” blah blah….

REMINDER:  Holden Never Said …..
Holden Thorp has NEVER said or even implied “I want to, or I intend to, de-emphasize football at UNC.  Anyone saying otherwise is lying to suit his own purpose.  Scream a lie loud enough and it becomes a very loud lie.

“…. a roadside produce vendor selling butta beans.”
A reader asked “when did Deems Maye ever matter in UNC FB?”  In any high profile scandal, Andy Warhol sells “fame minutes” like a roadside produce vendor peddling butta beans.  aka The Kato Kaelin Effect.

Enough UNC crap.  Whatabout …..
Should Kim Kardashian “wear white” at her upcoming nuptials?

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