“Hey Charlotte. It’s Raining!”

February14/ 2011

/ BobLee / The Lib/Dems announced this week that they will invade Charlotte in the summer of 2012. That’s more warning than the crazy muslims gave Cairo but the wanton destruction and mayhem will be about the same.

….. You ever heard the term “p*ssed on my leg and told me it was raining”? The DNC just left Charlotte a voice mail:

“Hey Charlotte. It’s raining.”

…. you think a NASCAR crowd is scary JUST WAIT ! The ’12 NatDemoConv will attract more freaks, oddballs, weirdos and rainbow-colored nutjobs than Mardi Gras @ Talladega under a full moon.

A Given: Rielle Hunter will be Official Hostess & Videographer

….. There will be more species of insane squirrels rompin’ and stompin at Tryon & Trade than Darwin ever imagined.

…. More fruitcakes roaming “Uptown” than Claxton bakes in a decade.

….. For long-suffering locals who think the Panthers and Bobcats are “terminal losers” – JUST WAIT! I-77 & I-85 will be gridlocked with human hairballs driving rented Priuses with I (heart) Joe Biden bumperstickers.

….. The Billy Graham Museum will be ordered to close for the duration lest visitors think Charlotteans are into radical religious extremism of the Christian kind.

…. Charlotte’s renown proliferation of Gentlemen’s Clubs and escort services are already advertising for Monica lookalikes ….. “must supply own kneepads”.

…. More constipated clowns packed in per square inch than in those itty bitty cars at the circus

The McClatchy Corporation which owns the local red-ink hemorrhaging fishwrap – The Charlotte Observer – will certainly host a lavish fete for their ideological soulmates. Such expense will necessitate a bunch more pink slips for their ever-dwindling news-staff but what the heck. When have journo-libs cared about the unemployed if their guy is in the White House!.

Remember every “after” pictures of Lib/Democ mob gatherings on the Mall in Washington? Garbage will be piled higher than the BS in an Obama State-Of-The-Union screed. You’ll still be stepping in freak feces and used condums for six months after Weirdo Woodstock has long gone.

Whatever those pathological liars are telling you that this riotous wingding will cost your city – multiply it by a factor of 10 and hope you get off THAT easy. These worldclass Gimmee Gimmees don’t intend to pay retail, wholesale or anything at all. This is a smash and grab mob of freeloading freaks. That idiot brother-in-law at Thanksgiving ….. times 20,000.

I’ll be 180 miles away ….. and hopefully upwind.

PS: St Louis hasn’t been so fortunate to lose something since Bill Bidwell took his football team to Phoenix.

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