Above The Largest Mob

February14/ 2011

All this yadda yadda over whether BHO is “a Muslim” is as silly as “where was he born”. Both issues are irrelevant to taking down this guy. Many of you send out “birther” info every day. I know ’cause I get it every day and lately “he’s a freakin’ muslim” info ….. meanwhile Obama grins like a possum and continues moving towards the real objective.

“Misdirection” is all it is. Like a 3-card monte dealer.

Born in a Kenyan mud hut …. in a Jakarta mid-wifery ….. in the back of a VW bus in a Honolulu parking lot ….. in a basement laboratory of a Transylvanian castle ….. Wherever! That’s all moot now. Like Frankenstein’s monster – HE IS ALIVE …. & living at 1600 Pennsyl Avenue!

Do I believe this galoot is scamming us on the birth issue? Absolutely, of course he is. If you can prove it beyond any doubt (which you cannot under the current media bias distrust) then he will simply turn loose the black gangs & union thugs …. and there won’t be a plate glass window safe in America. His base could care less if he was hatched, brewed in a test tube or formed out of clay by a Druid wizard.

What’s Obama’s religion of choice? Pick one. Baptist, A.M.E. Zion, HateWhitey Disciples of Jeremiah, Muslim, Satanist, Wicket ?? He’s whatever suits his purpose in the moment. He has redefined Freedom of Religion to mean “I’m whatever you want me to be…. or not.”

Reminds me of eligibility wars we used to have in Church League Softball back home. The Ewell Brothers, Wayne & Randy, were on three different rosters in two different leagues and never set foot in any sanctuary that didn’t have a juke box and a Pabst Blue Ribbon neon sign in the window. Back in those days, a $25 donation could get a church secretary to sign an affadavit that Beelezebub hisownself sang tenor in our choir and was on the Board of Deacons.

$25 doesn’t go as far these days but you pick any religious group with at least 50 possible registered voters and Barack will swear allegiance to it and backdate his confirmation to whatever date satisfies you.

Barack Hussein Obama is The Annointed One Destined To Lead Mankind To Wherever He Wants To Lead It. In his mind he has extracted Excalibur from its stone and simply is assuming a destiny that is his and his alone. Credit Sol Alinsky, George Soros, Karl Marx, Jeremiah Wright, Idi Amin, or P Diddy. Whosoever assembled this manform out of the purest of socialist dust ….. he is now here on The Big Stage.

Lets stay away from Antichrist stuff. I’ll lose too many of you if we go there. Napoleon, Hitler and Brett Favre make that one a crowded roster. But Obama is no more a Muslim than he is a Mormon, a Presbyterian, a Buddhist, a Baptist, or a Blood or a Crip. His gambit is simple: Always Be Front & Center Above The Largest Mob.

It was Groucho Marx’ cousin Karl that said: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness……”. You or I may not buy that, but Barack does.

Bill Clinton carried that big ol’ family Bible for show. Barack doesn’t even bother to do that. Credit the guy with having nuthin’ to do with any of whitey’s opiate.

“Angry Mobs” equal votes in some countries but “mobs” always mean “lots of angry humanity that can be directed at taking over governments” and getting the keys to munitions lockers and missile silos. He who controls the missile silos and uranium refinerys controls the world. The trick is to be front & center above the largest mob with control over the loudspeakers. Castro, Mao, Stalin, Chavez ….. control the mob ….. control the media ….. control the banks …. control the food supply.

In America, “the largest and angriest mobs” are black. The poorer and uneducatedier the better for his purpose. Barack is their messiah. That part was easy. In The Middle East (and increasingly Europe) the largest angriest mobs are Muslims ergo say what Musl;ims want to hear. Manufacture an evil villainous infidel and pretend it’s not him.

As I have suggested on several occasions….. rent The Man Who Would Be King with Sean Connery and Michael Caine. Getting control of an angry mob is not that difficult. There are numerous How To’s in PDF form. Know & Control their hot buttons.

Appear to be one of’em ….. but somehow anointed as special. Appear to be black …. appear to be a union guy ….. appear to be a Muslim ….. appear to be a Democrat ….. appear to be a limo liberal ….. appear to be ______ ! The mob is quick to trust you because “the mob” knows it’s just “an angry mob”. After all the molotav cocktail slinging and climbing up light poles to scream and rage, they need a messiah to follow. A Che. A Fidel. An Ayatollah.

Mobs, geese, and lemming all follow a leader. The same emotion that makes them an angry mob makes them dependent upon a messianic leader to direct them.

And it doesn’t matter if his birth certificate is written on a three dollar bill in pig latin and Bernie Madoof notarized it.

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